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Redwall Book Cover

Nardek's story is below.

Saberclaw Edit

Summary: One stormy night, Martin (not Martin the Warrior or Mattimeo's son) is out on the battlements, when he sees a bedraggled creature approaching on the road. He alerts Abbot Jeram, who accompanies him outside. There, they find the animal, a wildcat, unconcious and suffering from a terrible wound. They take him to the infirmaries, where they manage to keep him from death. When he wakes up, days later, he tells them that he is the son of Lord Saberclaw, a great wildcat who ruled in the northlands. His family was different from most wildcats in that they were mostly peaceful and usually bartyred with surrounding kingdoms rather than attack. One day their city was attacked by an army of vermin, led by his uncle, Shadowfur. His father was killed and he barely escaped alive. He has journeyed a long ways. Now he desires revenge and to take back the throne of Saberclaw. The Redwallers, along with a squadron of hares from the Long Patrol, set out with him to the northlands to destroy the evil Shadowfur and restore the rightful ruler.

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