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Rathe - The Law of ForeverEdit

The End and BeginningEdit

Down comes the mallet, from the only government that can make rule among the land. Down it came with thunderous might, that shook the earth and that scattered the skies, bringing judgment with ferocity to the people of Rathe. Rathe sat distant in the galaxy, far from any other existence of dna. This land was governed by one force and one force only. Oliti Sphyr spoken in the ancient tongue was the name of this force. Its only desire was to bring together beauty, peace and nature. The only enemy was wrapped in this tiny genetic code that was given to Rathe by the magnificent one. This code was perfect, but embedded within it was the ability for Rathinians to choose their destiny. The fate of this world is now Grey and now Its peace and magnificent is lying in the hands of the corrupt and spiritually disconnected.

The now problematic planet ruled by anarchy, misfortune, and destruction. Within this torn planet wars were strewn across the land because of one thing; The ultimate control and distribution of the gift that Oliti Sphyr gave to every man (not only the powerful), Water. Within this planet there was one vital body of water; the Enjeon sea. It was located in the north hemisphere, East of Tatu Sesnited, and only ran off into 3 rivers. Tatu was the center for unrighteous government and the land that was feared by most. The dedication of the corrupt people of Tatu allowed them to finally control most of the Enjeon Sea. A nuclear war had started because of this resource, and most regions of Rathe are now uninhabitable. Only two young boys can find a solution to the great drought of Rathe, and restore the post-apocalyptic world to it’s former greatness.

Blood DustEdit

The war was just beginning and many nations were being drawn into the battle front. Many threats of nuclear war spread throughout every nation. What people didn't know was that all countries were serious. Only one land mass was outside of the realm of nuclear holocaust. This small barely habital country was in the southern hemisphere. This countries population was meaningless in size compared to the 6 billion people of the Northen Hemisphere.

This country was filled with wandering nomadic fisherman, a kingdom of earthen warriors, and the thuggish Order of Kranos. The fishermen controlled the element of water, distributing it over the nation. The kingdom used earth to build up a capital of immense size, Clayutous. The order of Kranos kept society in check using guerilla tactics to stop the citizens of the Earth Kingdom from becoming inactive, by creating a certain level of chaos. Kranos had control of fire, and would use it to scare citizens into staying active. There was anothe oder. This order was specifically put together to control the ecosystem and the powers of these people were emense and not fully known. With these four organizations, the land mass stayed in perfect balance. Then, the first blood was drawn on the border of the Northern Hemisphere. Nations trying to get away from the holocaust were escaping into the Southern Hemisphere. All of the elements worked together to bring down this enemy. However, when four elementalists attacked the same target, the target was eliminated, but so was their elements. It all turned into one thing — Blood Dust.

Blood dust was the first found piece of the unknown element; Death. The nation had never experienced a single war in such magnitude. Bombs were being dopped and the heavens were beginning to shred apart the very fabic of the world.They had no idea that such a powerful element Blood Dust existed, or how to harness it's energy. The Dust was starting to spread throughout the Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere was vastly over produced and technologically advanced compared to the Nation of Balance. The Nation of Balance still used swords and axes as it's weapons, other than the elements. All other Nothern nations have developed nuclear weaponry, guns, and electric vehicles. In other words, the Balance was completely over powered. They could control the elements, but the elements were stating to fade, due to the overwellming blood dust.

Oliti Sphyr did not intend for the world to become so technologically advanced that it could destroy the planet itself. The loss of technology may have derived from Oliti Sphyr, but only time will let the Rathians discover what powers they should possess and use.

The Zergik SeperationEdit

Two teenage boys sit on the boundaries separating their two families land. These boys have been secret friends for 10 years. Xavior was older than Zalcior, but both were as wise as each other. Xavior lived with his mother because his father was gone and Zalcior lived with his Father due to his mother leaving when he was very young. The two boys lived a secret life because they came from two separate tribes that weren't supposed to interact. Xavior belonged to the fishermen order and Zalcior was in the Kranos order. The boys could only meet so often because both of their parents would constantly travel. If their parents ever found of their involvement of each other they should not only be cast out of the tribes, but would probably be killed.

Even though they knew the consequences they continued to be friends because they felt drawn to each other. The boys knew that one day they would be called for Balance duties. And when this day came they would be trained in their perspective positions.

One night the boys needed to start a fire to keep themselves warm. Zalcior stated, "I wished I was trained now so that we could have fire at the snap of my fingers." Xavior exclaimed, "If you were trained that means we would be forced to leave each other." Xavior with hesitation said, "I have received my sign to leave." When someone is called to serve the Balance, they received certain signs from the heavens. For Xavior he thought he received his because there was a storm that produced a pond near his house. You could see that Zalcior was hurt and was scared to be without his friend. Both boys tried to forget what happened and began to finish the fire that they set up to build. Xavior mocking Zalcior snapped his fingers to try and start the fire. At that moment lightning struck the ground and fire was in the pile of sticks they created. Both boys jumped back and almost crapped themselves. Zalcior stood up and brushed off his clothes. He shook his head and stated, "That was way too much of a coincident to be real." Xavior nodded in agreement. They both sat beside the fire speechless for some time. Xavior was thinking to himself that maybe he actually did control the lighting. Zalcior sat thinking that he wished he had the power to control something. He reached his hand towards the dish on his plate so maybe he could start a fire on his plate. He felt power emerging from his hand but he didn't see anything happen. Xavior replied, "What were you trying to do, make your dinner jump up and dance?" Zalcior feeling that his friend was making a remark to hurt him stood up and stormed away, knocking his cup that sat next to his dish onto the floor. Instead of his drink splashing everywhere it was frozen to the glass. Xavio cought up to his dear companion and apologized for his remark. The boys went on talking about the taining that they would have in store for them.

New Chapter

Xavior and and Zalcior awoke from an almost endless night of sleep frantically breathing and clinching their pillows. Why both of them were doing this would be discovered in a very startaling way. Zalcior crying out for his father saw Xavior and grabbed him as though he hadnt seen him before. Xavior confused and tired pulled his friend in close and told him to ,"Calm Down, my good Friend. The world may be in chaos but you can overcome your fears. Your father will come back and you will be whole again. Dont worry about the dream. Nothing can harm you in your sleep." Zalcior gathering himself cried out to his friend, "You dont know what I saw, the

The RoseEdit

Blood dust is a mixture of the four elements and human blood. How it is created is unknown. All that is known of it is that in a large enough quantity it can be extremely dangerous. Even the smallest amount of blood dust is very toxic, one molecule being able to destroy the life of a rose. All of these things were noted by the dictator of one of the warring countries. He was a very smart man. His only fault in the war was hiring an assassin, who's name she would not divulge to him. She was the most skilled of her kind, being able to kill from a distance unreachable by that of any gun or vehicle with a knife. How she did it was unknown. All she would tell him is her abilities. "Lass, what is your name?" demanded Rleiht. She walked away, then with a snap of her fingers a single rose grew out of the cold concrete. A shiver went down the spine of the most hardened man in Rathe. She re-entered the room, which surprised him. With her was the corpse of an assassin sent to kill him. She dropped it on the floor and left, once more leaving her call-sign. He remembered something from a history book he had once read. He muttered the word "Rose", and a strange presence filled his mind. He could sense her waiting for his command. Rleiht laughed with enjoyment.

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