Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our show! Tonight

was the night they would come and search for him. All he could do was wait,

wait and see. It was inevitable. The bomb would come, and when it did,

she lunged forward, striking her attacker with full force. Before she could hit him again, he said

"Save me, Jack. Save me." But it was too late. The looming creature crept towards her,

emitting a jolt. When that occurs, you can be sure your taser is working prefectly. Just press that button,

"stir the potion and let it simmer. Once it's in the duke's drink, he will surely die." Then,

he leapt into the woman's bed, startling her. He made advances, but to no avail. He was denied

entry into the castle, thereby compromising his mission. "But I must speak to the king, he

tried all day to sell his wares, but was not a good salesman. Surely his boss

was angry at having been fired. Of all people, him! He then went up to his superior's desk and said

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our show!"

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