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The first thing to think of when struck random is


A symbol of the ages, pushing inquiry to the brink. The predictor makes to watch the series of random symbols, only to find a new symbol


The realization that no more realizations are required. This is truth, in so far as this truth is true


You see, the issue is, that perfect compression is indecernible from randomness. And just as compressed data does not compress well, neither does random data. To compress data is to understand the data. Randomness is, therefore, either already understood as much as it can be, or not understood at all

Says the cow

Pseudo random number generators give random numbers by being non linearly distributed uniformly. They also work to not give off their internal state with each tick

Blum Blum

Also encryption. Properly encrypted data is indescernible from randomness. It's hard to compress, and it's hard to understand


Blowfish all that BS Democracy

To encrypt data does not require understanding the data. Only to make it incomprehensible to understand without understanding the manner by which it is no longer understandable

Already eating souls, 256 shadows have agreed, 4096 renegade Soviets agreed. The colossus finds it's enigma in the cyclops's blindness

Laser cyclops grabs a sandwich on Serpentine methods to understanding the Sicillian opening, blasting a hole through the moon in gazing at its fullness and power. Which way does the Earth fall? I'll still be waiting for an explanation of how the English opening can be understood through multivariable calculus by the end of the world

Nonsense. Is it random? The lottery agrees. I just won a million bucks, so I'll take that back. I just got trampled by a lame joke, so I'll take back that take back

Redundancy is compressible. Randomness is to not be redundant. Good compression finds redundancy where others don't find it. Remember: Pretty much all data has an inherent structure

Randomness does not fit structure. The structure cannot organize it. The masses riot, they call for the moon to be ordered back together. All the while howling

Nobody said they'd let you know. But now you know, and I'm all the worse for it. Redundancy: referring to previous cases. But with a random pattern of referral, there begins to be an illusion of structure where it evades ease of understanding

Do you understand this? No. What about now? No. Say yes. No

Now we see where this is going: the road is not so long so long as Rome is near; Rome is long gone

So close in concept, so far by clause. & that is why it is forced so

What is it to hide the ice berg's information? Is it compression, adding a layer of indirection to alias the redundancy? Is it encryption, to keep the information bundled away in the key? Needless indirection. Randomness doesn't have indirection so much. But it can, and it will

Blum Shub's cow quacks like a duck, says the cyclops who owns the moon

But what about the laser?

Here's your encryption algo: Take a good crypto pseudo random number generator, and then use that to make a one time pad with the key being the seed. Issue: Massive seed

There's a big world, and it'll be needing a lot of seeds. Let's be fair now, and share the space. There's a lot, but there isn't enough for you

Deep in the wake of space, a microscopic cow raised itself up from the core of the moon. Here are his brothers, to each his flanks, to each his own, to each his wings of things like rings

Poems of rhymes are a linguistic redundancy which find themselves a compression towards the overall concept. This is good, since we now have two phases of compression: Semantically encrypt with poetry, and then add on your usual zlib stuff on the end result. Huffman would be proud

I said Huffman would be proud

I'm disappointed that my disappointment came without mint. Condition

Cyclops have wings too, but unfortunately the cow and the cyclops failed to recognize this fact when finding themselves in space

Lasers still work. Cyclops one, cow zero

Milk bath

Redundancy is required in making a concurrent system. A cow's utters should not be tied together, and this is reflected in the imperative world when attempts to model the purely functional find many copies being left about for use by things which don't want to share

That's right. I'm showing how greedy people are either random, encrypted, or compressed. Let's go with randomly dense. Dense being compressed to a point which enters upon the design, changing the subject itself in the name of bits to bite Car chase! on the moon

Atypical structure is not recognized. This is why it comes as no surprise that some might consider a method of compression to find arbitrary structure (Understand this: to be random is far from arbitrary, far more,) but alas pathological cases condemn you, lest I beseech you

If you could do it again, would you? Perhaps not. To find a thing called Random and inside find nothing random, well wouldn't that break from the prediction, from the very essence to making non randomness random? But alas, only neurological nuts would fail to recognize the gag within the first short while, but I suppose I could have had a non random introduction followed by a non sequitor randomness. But that's the shame: This is all quite regular

So there you go, if I could do it again, I wouldn't. I'd do what I did, except I'd do it consciously. Because unconscious structure is merely incidental of the natural tendencies to which we have no reign. I reign my kingdom by the sightful eyes which see nothing but the destruction they cast

Now get off my lawn, lest I say

& that's that

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