In the world of Aldria, the Cael lords have finally conquered the western lands and defeated the Tuath God, Morrig. The age has changed into an age of peace. After the destruction of Toari Mount, the small valley of Bhlyn has now become the centre of commerce in the Westfold of the Taylba, a large region of the Shattered coast. Buchall, a stable boy was working on the horses early in the morning as he always does. He was also waiting for news on his father, the High Tiarna of the Valley. After fourteenth hour, the news bearer travelled to the city and was near death. Buchall came to the village square where the rider was and heard on his dying breath, Eagla tar éis glacadh leis an gleann. Buchall didn't know what it meant, but he knew something was wrong. He went back to the stable to work, but heard the men in the pub near by talking about what it meant. He was then scared, feeling that his father might be dead. He then was taken out of the city in the middle of the night by his mother and taken to the capital of Bhyln, Ioynd. there he confronted the Cael lord of the region, Cael Cumhacht and learned that the city his father was in was burned to the ground by an unknown group. Buchall then spent at least three years there with the Cael lord and his mother.

Meanwhile in the northern lands, the Seer Shlyar has seen a desolate future not decided by the gods. He had also knew that the north was suffering. The Blight seasons have continued too long and the winters have grown harsher. The Crops were dying and water was scarce, even scarcer was clean water. The Seer was able to get by on illusions for so long, but lost all hopes in it. He finally decided to travel south. He went ahead to say goodbye to his family and found himself travelling south. He travelled as far as 500 leagues from the original location and the blight was still there. He travelled even further and found it extended from the far north down 900 leagues. He travelled all the way to the city of light, Aedrum. At Aedrum he found the High priests of the god, Diachn and discovered that the Treoyi, the high one of the church saw visions of fire, the cities all burned in flames and buried in ashes. The land was poisoned and the great tree, Ilgrych has fallen to the Tuath. The iron mask has risen and the People have fallen. Then, they witnessed something that chilled them to the bones.

The Aeirn, the Raven Lords have finally found out that things are actually the worst they have ever been. They have already held their council and decided to call upon the Laochrai, the warriors of old. Seven warriors have assembled and are all prepared for the dangers that face them. The Raven Lords have asked them to first investigate the Dagda Mountain range on the disappearance of the Teaichan, a race of powerful mechanics. The Seven warriors have travelled deep into the Dagda, into the chambers of the Teaich Lord, Cae Carai. The Seven then discovers that the Teaichan have been eliminated by the Zertstoni, a tribe of fallen men who have transformed into devillish creatures. The clear sign was the Flag left by them. Soon, they found the greatest adventure of their life. They would face the first of the many terrors that the world will behold.

A prophecy has been confessed by the Seer in the Towering city of Meachas that soon, the Dragonfaer would rise and claim the legendary sword of Rithos, the sword of kings. The Dragonfaer would strike down the Zertstoni and defeat the new enemy that would become known as the Verghes, the Forgotten one. He also said in order for his time to rise, he must meet certain conditions that would grant him the power to Call the Dragons, the Ancient children of the god, Draig. He also saw the Fallen Star rising from the mountains and giving birth to a new sun, the sun of Nuaire. The mask will fall and mankind will prevail. The gods will once again be at peace and the Aeirn will once again fall into slumber in their hallowed halls.

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