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Morning is nice with talk, which I wait for by observing the mirroring of my thumbs' wrinkles, which does not translate to the rest of the fingers. Christine is wearing a dark short dress, though quite the thicket of black leg tights. She complains of warm hair causing skin to look warmer than need be. I ask of my own hair, she states it to be cold. She mentions liking Dianna. I mention my sister disliking. She mumbles. I mention that the actor who plays Data dislikes the actress who plays Dianna. She mentions how those characters aren't allowed to be played by people, giving exception to Data being the mad scientist from Independence Day. There is talk of lacking breakfast and coffee and water. In going to networking, I cross nods with Sarah

Braided hair with wires. Cary answers that Tom would be sexy with blue wire hair. Tom is nice with blue hair. He removes the wires. Christina removes the green from her hair. It takes awhile before I remove the wires from my hair. Substitute is a cranky old lady. I stand in the light of the door as the anthem plays, after a teacher spots my break to escape into the darkness. Tom confesses to being a narcissist. I note him being an ass to everyone else when depressed, but not being self hating. He apologizes for his behavior year prior, stating that he's never hated me. Jordan mentions such being the nicest thing he's ever said. He states the nicest is telling another that they make his existence tolerable. I ask if he's ever said such, he states perhaps only in jest. Harddrive makes crazy high pitch noises. It is dead. I mention chess with him lacking in Physics, he assures again that it will be done. Talk is had of his scarce, though relatively proper, chess play. Nate arrives, I follow. Nate wears the metal frame as a necklace. I recall being cut by it, and plans being had to make it design a picture with Michelle to frame with it due to its snapping habits. I'm told Michelle is building the gramophone I drew. I rationalize donating blood as thinning the blood, causing one to need less alchohol, allowing one to save money. Nate agrees, though in its telling debates against my mumbles with comparisons to blood letting, which I admit fancy of. I find that he never uses fopen. I throw the sharp metal frame above him, hitting his head. I obey the command to get the fuck out and go to French. French is a bore, I return after drawing a face dressed to the nines and a chess architecture

Nate's handling libexpect half well. Blue Green Alien is being played outside while we search man poll, smiling after since I'd previously mentioned that he could climb a poll and make money and he was confused saying he can't climb a poll, stopping half way in realization. We leave a tad early, I hand him headphones to flush Blue Green Alien. Faking the Books is playing. He continues listening, enjoys Brothersport. Surprised that it is Animal Collective, concludes African. Talk of not staring at passers by, for common decency. Of no one noticing us as they pass, unless we happen to be talking. Lunch is pleasent with talk of dolphins dying in oil spills, dolphin whale porn, micropenises, and excessive laughter at Christine's being the binge drinker of her group after stating that the statistics of empty lives for one in four being too high, Christine declaring I hate you to Chris. Shortly after, after laughter, she notes being able to live with him, as she spends most of her time with him. This being from a magazine article about the empty lives of teenage girls, which he explains in brief with asking Christine if she cuts herself. He notes Alicia, Christine deems tie. I'm left recalling her talk of living in my parent's basement, and when she spoke of whether we'd be able to live together with respect to finicky habits and peeves, and how even when we were meeting often, ten hours was had rather than fifteen. Talk of wall walking has Chris conclude he'd do such if given a styrophome helmet. It ends on an unpleasent note when I half consciously agree that Christine dresses like a low level goth, and that month late walks must be further delayed. I ask when, she states when the weather suits

Library is found to view weather and conclude whether Saturday could entail callings forth, found not. Sarah was present. Sat with her as she worked on random work. She asked what I'd done since we met. I note morning pass, thinking therefore nothing had happened of note. She shrugs as I recall drawing in French, which she then raises to view. I mention morning musing of mirrored wrinkles. She finds that her thumbs don't mirror. Drew a vertical picture which proved unwanting to grow, only end. Attendence asks where someone is, I hear He's on call, Sarah hears He's on parole. Talk of whether parole is a valid reason to not be at school. She mentioned like of sketch. She didn't like hair out of head. Asked if the sketch book she offered months ago was still in offer. She noted forget, wrote reminder for herself on herself. Talk of remembering in head, of pleasent thoughts being reserved for head by using hand to remember, of pleasent pictures taking place of memory on hand while mind remembers. Asked of forgetfulness in general. She noted high. Noted Emily having offered walk between November and December. She noted that Emily had been talking of finding me day prior. Talk of Beal tradition of scripts having the word muskrat slipped in for final show. Talk of hair, and show of her with long down hair, rather than short up hair. Talk of jazz music treehouse restaurent planned with classical singer friend. Of education at McGill, and Emre's wanting to go there. Pens were dismantled and found dismantled, she asked if I wanted to go see Emily. I nodded in raising

Hall walking lead to conclusion that Sarah would look best with a beard. Nate disagreed. I vetoed him, on account of his lacking beard. Emily was thinking of not attending class, thus Writer's Craft would best be circumvented and Art met directly. She noted Emily's teacher being a grouch, misering surplus ribbon. There is talk of the bare foot walk and rain. Jake is crossed, talking of people not going to class and who will be where. He notices me, realizing that I won't be in class. He asks of quantum lessons, I inform quantum with light bulbs. He professes anger, being that he stayed throughout the day solely for a quantum lesson. That he'll show up to class to kill Harwood. In passing paintings, Sarah states like of tongue. I note preference towards over vaginas, and go on to explain the principal having such behind him ignorantly at Shaela's graduation. Silly friends are found, they begin talk with Sarah of seeing Fame as she explains not being able to go so easily due to filming eight to eleven. I remain wordless. Emily is seen from the door, returning to her desk out of view. Sarah approaches the door to signal Emily. Emily comes out, I recount talk earlier of forget and her offering walk, she recalls and apologizes, noting Komoka. Sarah mentions recent attendence at Komoka. I ask for a description of the place, there are mangled words that note trees and hills. I jeer a tad at her taking Writer's Craft. I recount sentiment for a time past when places reported their purpose, such as Gropecunt Lane. Such is not the case for Komoka. Only later does she include it to be a place where one runs into deer skeletons. We talked of tree planting and French and my liking of hairy women, others were met, Physics was noted gone, Emily talked of missing the bus to New York and needing to travel solo and rendez vous, stripped umbrellas, Writer's Craft was quickly visited to surround the teacher and speak with Michelle of gramophones and exchange nods with Sasha and confess lost intention to Chris, bags were gotten from the office. Emily bid the secretary a good day, I noted such a profession being poor for days. Talk of dreams and decay arose. Of highlight being in being offered bag

Met with people whom I had walked with in getting butterfly clips. They were quickly left. I explained it as a non verbal form of communication, to walk faster to escape groups of hassles. That it wasn't evasive, since lack of communication is the root of all problems. It was only my seeking to communicate at maximum non verbally. I noted 102. I looked again upon the mail sent for Maitland 434 being at King 434, now with an addition of Fuck off beside This is King, not Maitland. I stated we were to redirect it. They stated untimeliness, and so it was left. Stated curiosity received urgent reply to never open another's mail. Emily talks of having received a second bed, and having jested with her mother that the second was for the cats. There is discussion of bare foot walk lacking people. Of hiking bare foot in half cold. Of walking in straight circles, fearing beavers

Victoria was walked to Williams. Talk of talking in circles in thinking aloud. Of not recalling words, thus not recalling offers to walk. I mention not minding ranting, noting that most don't rant to me because I don't give off a welcoming aura like Chris. Emily assures that I don't actually not like them. Fat friends were met. Talk of Fame, cast parties, filming eight to eleven. Mention of wisdom removal mentions Sarah being scheduled for such on Thursday. I go on to joke of the unknowns with general anaestheisic, which Sarah demands I talk of after Thursday. I show her the two drawings I'd done over the day, and my Networking learning sheet. She looked at it longer than I expected, talking of my talking of Québec. I realize she hasn't read my writing before, thus perhaps the extended analysis. Talk of bear shootings. An eigth of a pickle was table dived. The ugliness of scribble art and singly packaged apples in styrophome with tin foil packaged potatos was discussed. I detag an apple, noting the uselessness. That apples needn't be branded, as one does not have apple brand loyalty. That nobody ever reads the tag. One of the fat friends state they do. As does the random skinny person whom I didn't pay attention to much. She likes macintoshes. That I note the apple selling itself, not needing advertisement. Include note that prostitution doesn't need advertisement, because nobody needs to be convinced they'll get fucked in a brothel. Emily and I have a game of chess, d4d5 c3e6 g4c5 f3f5. She fumbles her queen. She's no longer carrying a chess board; she switched to a smaller bag, which is decaying, and which has an end of the zipper coming out at times. She states that it isn't a problem, only annoying. I state that to be problem enough. I give her my dud lighter to tie to the end under flap. Leave was made to meet the lesser fat's boyfriend

He shook hands, I didn't shake. I left to look at junk mail, Emily chased after in noting that I shouldn't be glancing others' mail. Leave was made, talk of old ladies calling cops and having rifles to ward mail snoops, of how I'd die in America, good byes were had. Sarah noted dinner with fat friends being, thus being unable to walk Emily home. I noticed being where I was last lost during March break, before being left to walk rail and leak rivers. I note nearness of Gibbons. She thought I was lost, offered to show me Dundas. I declined. She seemed to be voicing enjoyment of day in a à plus tard manner, but I continued walking along with. Talked of preference for speculative lighting to ambient lighting of clouds and walks post poned. Of cloudy days being boring. I noted her talking in circles. I note such inspiring to do crazy, she states it inspires to do nothing. I ask if she's bored, she denies. Ended up where Christine and I finally sat upon benchs when seeking Sasha. Noted, replied noted before. Noted such being here. She noted like of how serial stickers were on most planks of the bridge. The boards were placed in a zigzag manner. Left was taken across bridge, a path I'dn't noticed prior. I stop at the turn to look at a goose's unmovingness, Emily notes it normal by way that I am doing the same, I note that showing it odd in how people find such odd. Walked along, speaking of hidden parks hiding twice four leaf clovers, and liking the texture of the bricks and painted red accents. Of robbins, and talking aloud with people who speak of private matters in public. Ended up at a green house painted blue shortly after she joked of beavers in seeing a broken branch on a shrub which held a rock like kink in its branch. I asked why there were so many different kinds of flowers. Of blue footed boobies. She walked to the door, I stood beside the lawn. I considered making way for home, she paused. Stated I could meet her cats. I entered through the yellow door

House seemed to curl into itself. I took off my shoes. She left to get a cat: Zelda. I dropped my bag and took Zelda, petting her. Zelda is talked of as fat, her fat seeming to focus to a single ball within her stomach. Emily left to get the other: Bijou. I put down Zelda, didn't take Bijou. Talk of Bijou being jealous; being suitably on off bitchy for a French name; biting if petting Zelda, and then petting Bijou, after being glared at, and being bitten thus. Bijou has more fluff. She had a third, it died. Her father had several cats, kittens. They're all gone, now he only has a dog and two mice. I find the pairing of dogs and mice odd, am asked if cats and mice are less. I think they are. I'm asked of Pixel, explaining the Cat Who Walked Through Walls was too stupid to know it couldn't. Talk of talkative cats, Zelda being one such. Of Christine's prolonged talk with Pixel. Zelda isn't currently talkative. I ask of her cats' nameing, she states such of older siblings. An older brother and sister, a younger brother. She asks of other pets I've had, I list the turtle; snapping turtle, noting that it had to be gotten rid of once it grew to bully the other, she asked why it didn't get displaced to another case, I sarcastically stated the idea presumptious; hamster, noting that it died within a month; gerbil; guinea pig, noting her to be nice for a rodent. She mentions having rats, and that one of them became senile as they grew older. I imagined a senile rat to act without mind, but she went on to explain the rat to exit it's cage, approach her while she held food, and attack her with teeth while running off with the food. She left to collect her collection of rotten fruit. Strawberry, crab apple, potato, watermelon, manderin, cherry tomato. Peach and pear failed. The potato looked like it could be sold as a souvenir wood carving. I outline selling it as woodwork, explaining it to be less lying than those who sell cow penises as tiger. The cherry tomato was white from sun exposure, it looked plastic. Laughter of crab apples looking like a human stomach, implying evolution from crab apples. She summed it as What came first, the crab apple or the world. I spoke of the overly thought out circular chicken egg puzzle from Kindergarten. I laugh over how most would not assume her to be the type to collect rotting fruit. I ask of French, she notes both parents but lacking in self. I begin outlining the method by which I would rear a child, such as the requirement to always lie so to encourage critical thinking. Rotten seeded fruit are marrachas. Talk is had of taking a year off, volunteering for six months. Mention of ambiguity, fun, and pay being five hundred though that not being to note. Talk of her eldest brother picking up gibberish as a first language as a child due to too much baby talk

Her brother arrives. I ask if he would be impressed by people reading without moving their lips, a feat deemed impressive by Saint Augustine. She introduces, noting an ambiguous He's good with computers, noting after such being applied to both. Within a short time, he notes the oddity of how similar I am to his sister. She asks that I explain my rearing to her brother. I note a few, adding further note that geniuses tend to have overly developed visualization, thus why I'd aid a child's visualization by teaching them to naturaly play chess with algebraic chess notation. Emily concludes that the reasoning would have been useful to know in the first mentioning. She leaves to collect more fruit. He laughs again over how similar she and I are. Conversation is silent for a moment, she breaks by asking how his day was at school. He notes boring. I ask why he went to school. He states he has to. I note my wishing I'd not been so punctual in the earlier grades. Emily shares manderins. I tell him the potato is wood when he asks what it is. He does not agree that he'd buy it for two dollars, though does agree that souvenir shops would sell similar wood for more. There is talk that he'd fail if he didn't attend enough school. I state that parents have to agree to hold their children back in public school. Emily states that he'd be held back; their mother is a teacher. Talk of ancestry in South Africa lending French, and their eldest brother learning gibberish, then French, then English. I talk of David from South Africa and his being a grammar nazi who texts. Of how I enjoy the company of arrogant folk, albeit their tending to speak to me as an equal

Her mother arrives. Her mother hassles Augustine for having not finished cleaning dishes. I ask of his nick, since Emily refers to him as Auggy, and her mother seems to refer to him as Toby. She notes that her mother is saying Auggy, though that she at times states Aug. Talk of the names Augustus and Augusta. There are bags, I go to help put away. I walk in circles muttering. I am asked of muttering. I answer that I began thinking of how I could walk in circles, and so did. That I kept walking and thinking such, until watch noted in which I began to think of how I should stop walking in circles so I stopped. She responded in stating that walking in circles generally causes one to be happy. I mention knight walking. She begins talking of measuring people as knight moves after playing too much chess. I quietly note that that implies she's still inefficiently marking out the knight move, being that it's only eight direct jumps to memorize. Her mother notes making humus. Talk of butter covers, I conclude the bowl is superfluous, note it'd be more suitable to have a perfect half sphere; glazes and crackle; fat cats. There's a hair in the almond bag. She talks of it throughout. I'm shown the green light, note fluorescent core. She notes that she enjoys that genre of ambient light. Eyes widen when I suggest peeling a banana to find hair. She states hair worse than finding a moth in cereal. The hair is measured to be a couple feet. A connection to a human who will never be met. She grits her teeth when I toss it aside, losing it to some corner of the house. Imagining of a banana filled with hair, which reminds me of the teeth found in the leaves in Life of Pi. Her mother states like for; I also state like, and confusion at beginning while thinking it was the author talking about why he wrote the book. Her mother mentions movie being created for, I note such plans being cancelled and that the creator was the same as the creator of Amélie. Emily mentions like of Amélie, especially the scene with the arrows. I note Christine's noting Amélie to be a female version of me; and watching his first work, Delicatessen. Talk of garlic leaving scent upon fingers and taste upon lips for days. Conclusion being that Emily is overly sensitive to garlic, and therefore part vampire. Asked of if I've felt a burnt tongue, I mention kiwi overdosage and pretzel salt. Rotten fruit are put away, peels are composted. Mention of my lacking visualization, though still I saw layers while high with Shaela. Talk of playing with candles, as there is a small candle in a gravy boat. The bananas are from Columbia. Not China. I'm asked the regular questions of jobs and education. Of graduation and going to, my replies being of being more wanting to be gone than of the graduation, to which I'm ambivalent. That I saw the bore with my sister's, and saw the crowded cafeteria then. Of if I live with only my father. Of native descent, her mother being a substitute teacher entangled with the reserve. I observe the lack of shine at the bottom of the spoon, and recognize the handle to be similar, though different, to some of my own. I talk of talking of four corner spoon ends looking sharper, yet not having turns as sharp. Augustine is hassled for eating in my manner. He talks of fat children at leadership camps being large mouthed failures. He hassles their mother for double dipping. The table's base is a flat raise, no carvings. My feet protrude too far at one point and strike Emily's, I withdraw and look under so that my eyes may feed the curiosity of my feet while stating What the heck

I'm invited to her room, so to see where the rotten strawberry had been kept in her doll house. I'm shown the rest of her collection; her doll house, which she notes being redesigned; her two beds centered in the room. Bijou is sleeping on her bed. There are diagonals on both sides of the ceiling. I lean in with my head on one diagonal, begin talk of how Nate enjoys such of my own room. She leans on the other diagonal, agrees to the comfort. In leaving, her brother is across the hall. His room is dark. I note electric lights, referencing the LEDs of computers and consoles

Mention of cartigan top button falling out of hole, she suggests sew. Note of glitter around the eyes. Her mother wishes a fire alarm in her room. She hassles on how to open with her brother. I wear the clamshell package as a hat. Augustine suggests I wear such outside. I explain such is a poor idea. He leaves to join his father for the weekend. His mother complains of his not taking an extra coat. She opens the battery latch. There's a spring to disable it from closing without a battery. Inside, there's a warning sticker stating that there is no battery, visible only if void of a battery. There's a yellow tape, I conclude it to be useless. I put the battery in, press test. Nothing. I wonder how to take the battery out, Emily quickly snatches to pull the yellow strip to release the battery. I hassle over it, put it back in, hold test. Beeps. I release. I hold test. Beeps. I do not release for some time. We return to her room, remove the pillow from the air duct, place the fire alarm in the duct. I notice a paper in the floor's air vent. I conclude it should be burnt, then notice the carpetting everywhere. There is talk of talking fire alarms, being that they're suggested for hall alarms. She states to her mother that they should have a talking fire alarm. Her mother rejects; talking fire alarms scream. There is talk of hysterical fire alarms, of how it'd stimulate the maternal instinct to respond to screaming young. Her mother talks of how high pitch noises stimulate the body to produce milk. She is half embarrased of her mother, stating that her mother says random oddities. I state that her mother states random odd truths. I turn off the light, Emily turns it back on in stating like

Magic tricks. Dried banana, brocoli, shrimp, and cards are found under the table after I talk of wanting to live in the little hole in the top of the sugar bowl cover. The shrimp is originally declared tomato, but concluded unsanitary and disposed of once identified. Little places of a house nobody ever sees. I invite to count cards. We remove faces and forget suits after having a Jack come up and noticing that we'dn't paid attention to faces, get the first count right next and never thereafter. I'm asked if I like rap. I state recent interest in hip hop, but of rather refined taste. Some relation to some rap CD. I ask of violins, she mishears and thinks I stated violence and mentions some swearing. It sounded like country rap. Emily demands silence in counting cards. She shows a trick by which the Kings are backed with duds so to allow dud insertion and king draw. She shows a second, in which the ace of hearts is masqueraded as the ace of diamonds. I fail to explain in a similar line of thought to the king back dud. Talk of how there was pause before agreeing, the cards being flashed so fast. She thinks of if flash should be slower, I agree that the flash is the magic, fast is the pivot. I mention dropped marks over January and depression, she notes data management hassles and post semester ISP handin. An ambulance goes by, I mention the comedy in ambulance suicide, though that trains are an easier matter. She portrays horror

I decline dinner, not being hungry. I'm told that one must eat for their brain; I shrug. I'm asked if I've seen Emily's bike, I ask if it is the blue one in the back. The blue is her mother's, Emily's is the red with an old basket in the front. I talk of feeling violent against my bike in riding, Emily talks of how it's nice to feel like walking on air while riding standing. I talk of the aesthetic which caused me to remove the light of my bike, preferring strike. Tickets are on the piano. Dinner looks like my father's style: lemon spinach panzarati, tabouli on lettuce, corn. I mention the sight of food lessening appetite. Dinner games involve guessing the number being guessed by the other. Estimates are rather accurate until she decides to try 1 and 15, and chooses every number besides the number I'd thought of. Her mother states thirteen. Her mother noted the randomness, the lacking of a game in the game. I noted that where she noted, she held some mistake. It wasn't random that Emily chose one for a number between one and three, because I'd chosen two the first time, then three the subsequent time. Because people strive to distribute, I chose one. I'm asked if I enjoy writing. I mention having written quite some, though most recent writing being in emails. Her mother mentions such being invalid, demanding paper. I mention writing a letter to my sister, including with it a play I wrote with Sasha. Of archiving emails in Europe. Questions of diet begin talk of yogurt, lead to note of eating cereal with yogurt. Emily suggests soggy cereal for not eating cereal with milk, I correct in stating that such was the originator's reason, for which I do not care so, but that I held an irrational fear of being judged. That I am not exempt from such foolery. I'm asked of my Pixel's size, as Zelda squirms through the hole in the door. I state larger than Zelda, but of similar size. Talk of burning tomatoes leads to her mother talking of crop circles on the tongue. Emily is rather embarrased by it all, but we get into the topic with quite some depth. She talks a tad with Zelda. I turn off the kitchen light. I note kiwis and lemonade causing sores at back of mouth, causing this summer's hassling with doctors and dentists. I talk of walls, she tries walking into the bathroom's door frame. She notes fear of hitting head. Her mother asks of who shut the light, glaring. I admit, she turns on in turning off the other. Her mother rushes for time, Fame starting at 730. She thanks me for the two extra bits of banana I found under the table

Ride back, having hitched, as they were to watch Fame, her mother hassles fuck over poorly parked cars due to fire hydrants. I mention denial to volunteer, curling in a corner during orientation. Of tree planting being planned. She responds that she went tree planting herself. Emily notes having not heard such, only of tabaco planting. Recall of Christine's mother confessing living in Guelph, Christine noting having not heard such. Emily points out the grill she's employed at. In pulling into the Beal driveway, I recall thinking her mother looked much shorter and fatter when she was hurrying to New York. I quickly exit the vehicle and bike home. I point out my bike, which I'd explained earlier to be the kind of bike which one feels classy riding with gloves. Rain begins to pour, the wind against me