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Race to Paris is the second installment of the Carson Rodke Adventure Series. In this one, Carson has to race to paris for money.


I would like to dedicate this story to Mrs. Yost, again, for assighning us to wright a half page story using the words Fire, Salboat, Whale, Pickle, and Eifle Tower.

Race to Paris By Pirakafreak24Edit

Fire! Fire covered the sailboat as I raced accross the Ocean. I was in a pickle. My name? Carson Rodke. My reason for this? Money. I signed up to race a sailboat all the way to France. Just like the pudding incident, this was my first time driving a sailboat. So far, things weren't going too well. I was 10 minutes away from Paris when my boat caught on fire. How? I don't know. I just wanted a whale to swallow me up. End my misery. I'm only 13! No sight of one. Darn! I continued as fast as I can, hoping the wind or water would put the fire out. Once I finally got to france, I jumped off of the boat, right as it exploded. This'll be a great story to tell my kids, if I have any! I finally got to the Eifle Tower. Thank gosh! I won the 10 million dollar prize. Again. Now I have two homes. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland, and the Grizzley River Run in California Adventure. Good thing I don't have to pay for electricity! The End

Notes from the AuthorEdit

What would I do without Mrs. Yost? I'd like to thank her for inspiring this.

The Entire Carson Rodke SeriesEdit

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