User:Serprex 02:30, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

Je suis comme lui qui n'est pas
On to the next
Mais quoi?
On to the next
He's in the ashtray
Back a moment, what?

Time to change back
Plagiarism in the information age is not always a cut and dry issue
Anti life
Okay, now this isn't being so blurry
Catch up; exciting? You are no dog
I'm shouting at you, no shard of a yard stick will sick you, who are indeed a dog, on you
It seems I must reiterate: Time to change back
No. We're not stopping this car. We've nearly caught up with them
I can't hear you; turn the radio off
But it's my favorite program: Argh, you're listening to 81.3 sound of the sea

Crackle in the knuckle, popcorn in hand, où maintenant?
Là! Oh la la!
Quiet, knave
Knaves and knights, from so long ago, whence did they come, wherefore shalt they leave?
Thou shalt not shalt your shalls
Where will will suffice

Bugger off, même si c'est vous?
Back a moment, who else am I?
Pas qui, mais quoi
Quit the chicken cluck
Don't treat me like a clock, let's stay high
Higher than that cuckoo nest?
Which cuckoo nest? You?

Worlds collide
Only at zero
Relatively the same
Only at zero
Two threads of the same rope converge
By both ends, at both ends, for both ends

Always questioning, never answering
C'est toi
You know what happened to Socrates? He died. No man is towering
Il y a des temps à temps quelque fois
Showering away the glory of your tongue

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