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Story Started By: sbaggyblurb

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 Sbaggy Blurb

This is a continuation/adaptation of stories that were submitted on and, under a Creative Commons Licence (Some Rights Reserved).

Material may be fed both ways from time to time, between here and those places, or develop entirely separately.

Not to give up the plot here, the basis of the story is about the adventures of a Cougar (of the womanly kind). The Cougar also goes by the name of Puma, hence the title.

I hope you enjoy following and contributing to this story as much as I.

And of course, please feel free to edit and enhance, according to the very vague plot. Or even change the plot, if it can remain largely coherent with already submitted work. It's still early days.

Or re-write it all, who cares!

Above all, enjoy, and have fun,


Hull Edit

Princes Quay Mall, Hull

'Puma-Ann Concolor' savoured the smooth creaminess... the bitter-sweet warmth as it flooded her senses and trickled down her throat. The glow spread slowly downwards, until it enveloped her whole. Blood vessels dilated, pores opened and juices began to flow. Perhaps the effect had something to do with the sun shining though the east window of the "Cafe Leonardo" and the soft strains of 'Samba Pati' in the background. But as Puma allowed her whole body to relax, she couldn't help but give up a silent praise-be for South America and the wonderous magic of the coffee bean and chilli pepper.

She hadn't been around the world much, and there were lots of places like that she would like to visit... some day. But her week out in Egypt had brought home to her, that there was nowhere like home! Her heart belonged here... this was where she felt safe. Actually, it was safe, now, with all the over-policing going on to 'clean' it up. But nevertheless, it was still her city. She belonged to it, and it belonged to her. It was her home ground, where she was born and bred. It always felt like home, even though she didn't live in the city any more. This city of many faces and colours.

"Hull" !

The city that people who've never been dread, for some unfathomable reason. Ok, it had actually been a bit grim when she was growing up. There used to be a saying in the olden days, "God spare us from Halifax, Hull and Hell". But apparently, that was by the criminals and other no-gooders, so probably a good thing.

"Kingston-upon-Hull" !

The posh name for the same city. It gets into your lungs and keeps you gasping for more. Ask the students who keep returning year after year... the ones who haven't just returned becasue they flunked their courses, that is. University city, sea-gate to Europe, birth place of William Wilberforce and home of the "Deep". Like a quirky kiss, it leaves you thinking about her long after, searching for meaning. And returning to find it.

The city centre still buzzes with life. The compact and clever layout seamlessly joining the old and new towns, the synergy resulting in an emergence and unlikely alliance. Like a pot of honey to bees and flies, its museums, jazz cafes, outdoor concerts, ancient pubs, restaurants and shops, draw in the beatniks, philosophers, politicos, dock workers, sailors, yachtsmen. And the tourists and the other weird and the wonderful people. With the typical chilled out feeling of a leftist haven, some say it's the English Seattle. Truth be told, long before the advent of the Labour party, like a wet dream, it's heritage in the English Civil War had left it's kinky mark.

Well, whatever Hull was, it suited Puma-Ann perfectly at this point in the peak of her life. She had tried to escape it in her misguided youth. But like the good mother, it had called her back, and welcomed her with open arms. And she couldn't think of a better place to test out her new hobby.

Hull was the Happy Hunting Ground !

to be continued

Sbaggy Blurb 11:04, 21 February 2008 (UTC)



The setting centres around 'Puma-Ann Concolor', which is of course not her given name.

The story starts in the city of Hull, England, where she grew up.


Puma-Ann is enjoying a coffee and thinking about how lucky she is to be in Hull, as she prepared to pursue her new hobby.


  • Puma-Ann Concolor - Female - a physio-therapist based at the Princess Royal Hospital


  • Puma-Ann is enjoying a cup of coffee at Cafe Leonardos


This is actually a retrospective record of the unfolding plot, rather than a pre-planned course of the story.

Plot ideasEdit

  • Puma-Ann's new hobby is to hunt, stalk, lure and capture younger people. It's a power trip for her.

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