Prophetess is the name given to the unnamed female Prophet aiding the Jiralhanae Imperial Admiral and the Jiralhanae Special Operations Commander of The Covenant.

  • Biographical Information
    • Homeworld: Unknown
    • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Physical Description


Originally supposed to replace the High Prophet of Truth upon his death, the Covenant took a rather unexpected turn. The Brutes gained the upper hand in the command arm of The Covenant, and soon, were three leaders combatting for control of the Covenant. Sometimes the SpecOps Commander would have the upper hand, sometimes the Imperial Admiral, but always squished in the middle was the Prophetess. Both Brutes had a large amount of respect for her, but they wouldn't allow her to be de-facto ruler of the Covenant, which went against tradition.

Eventually, The Prophetess agreed to allow the Imperial Admiral an upper hand in the Covenanat Hierarchy, IF he would teach her the art of combat. The Imperial Admiral agreed, and the Prophetess was taught the ways of combat. Soon, she was ready, and after the SpecOps Commander's death, the Imperial Admiral was given de-facto control over not just the air forces, but ground forces as well. The Prophetess took a liking to sniping.

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