Cobra Organisation Edit

21st October 2011 Edit

London 8:20am

Jack walked out of Waterloo station into the pouring rain. He stood to one side as he fished into his pocket and pulled out a large cigar. He looked around at the commuters heading to work and then pulled out a lighter. As he put the cigar in his mouth he went over his MI6 bosses briefing in his head, "Do not risk this operation by doing one of your fancy tricks. He needs to be brought in alive for questioning. The details he has about his organisation is vital. You are my best agent. Don't let me down." As he lit it he remembered that he had a date tonight. "Damn." he thought to himself. "I may have to cancel. But if this takes a long as I think it will, I will get there in time."

As the cigar tip finally ignited, he closed the lighter and replaced it into his pocket. As he placed the cigar in his mouth, the taste of the strong tobacco hit his tongue. He remembered having a cigar taste like it back in Cuba on a similar assignment to this one. That time, his friend and colleague Lee Black, had been killed when a demolition job on the boat he was targeting went wrong and cost him his life. Jack knew that he could still see it in front of his eyes every time he fell asleep. But he realised, was the past. He had to get moving.

He started to walk down the main road with people heading to work. He peeled off down a back alley that led to the targets safehouse. He took the cigar out of his mouth and extinguished it on the wall next to him. He then turned away and placed the half smoked cigar in his pocket and approached the targets safehouse. As he approached, a man jumped out behind him carrying a knife. The attacker lunged at Jack but he was struck by Jack's right hand which knocked the knife out of his hand. As the attacker fell, Jack pulled out a 9mm SIG-Sauer P-229 pistol from his jacket and fired the whole 12 round magazine into him. Screams from the main street echoed down the alleyway. Jack quickly and calmly reloaded, then walked towards the now dead man and began to quickly search through his pockets.

Searching in the man's left pocket he soon found several documents relating to the "Cobra Organisation". He suddenly realised that he had killed the person he needed to question. Concern went through his mind. Then he realised, "no we have these documents, we may not have needed to bring him in." At that, he turned to the box sitting on the nearby doorstep of the mans house. Inside the box was a bottle of Whiskey. He opened the bottle and took a long swig from it. He then threw the bottle to one side which smashed. Jack then looked to his right looking for witnesses and hearing approaching sirens, walked back down the alleyway. The knife lay on the ground forgotten.

Probing Leads Edit

7:00pm Soho

Jack had come out of the MI6 headquarters with a smile on his face. His boss had been happy with his progress and a lead had come up on a backstreet nightclub in Soho that was the suspected headquarters of an operation called 'Project OMEGA'. This name had came up several times before but had been discounted because of no evidence to prove it exists. The documents that he had found had been useful after all. He walked down the side alley leading to the back door. He knocked 3 times and waited for the door to open. He removed his pistol from the holster and screwed on a suppressor. He wanted no-one to hear any shots this time. He did not want the police coming and scaring the gang members inside the club into running.

The door opened and a thin man wearing sunglasses opened the door. As he opened his mouth to speak, the barrel of Jack's silenced P-229 pistol was shoved into his mouth. "Inside." Jack hissed. Jack removed the gun from the guy's mouth and made him turn round. He then placed the gun on the back of now trembling guys head and pushed him against the wall as he shut the door. "Now tell me where Mark Wright is. Otherwise i will spray your brains over this decorated wall." "Ok please don't shoot!!" came the reply. "He is in his office upstairs." "Thanks." Jack pulled the trigger. Blood and matter sprayed the wall as the 9mm bullet passed through the guy's brain and exited in the middle of his forehead. Jack let go and pushed him to the floor. He then turned and opened a door to a corridor leading to the stairwell. He glanced back, then went through the door closing it behind him.

Meeting Mr Wright Edit

The third floor stairwell was empty as Jack held his pistol in front of him. He could hear two voices. A woman and a man in conversation. The door stopped as a slim brunette wearing a costume walked out of the office. Jack cleared the stairs then watched as she got into the lift and went down to the ground floor. Jack quickly moved to the dor and counted 3 seconds. One....... two ........ three!

Jack smashed through the door and aimed at the target. Mark Wright stared in disbelief at the sight of Jack and the pistol now aimed at his head. "Hi, my name is Jack. I believe you have information i need about the 'Project OMEGA'. Don't do that!! " Jack spotted Wright's attempt to press an alarm button. "Bad mistake" he thought. Jack shifted his aim quickly and fired at his right arm. The bullet smashed the forearm and it fell limp at his side. "You cocky prick!" Wright shouted. "I will have you killed for this. How dare you walk in here and break my arm!" "Yeah whatever." Jack retorted. "Thats if you ever leave this room. Now tell me where i can find a warehouse that houses the 'Project OMEGA' data." "I will never tell." Wright spat. "You will have to do better than that." "Okay then." Jack aimed for Wrights left shoulder and fired. The bullet collided with Wright's shoulder plate and struck the wall behind him. A scream erupted from his throat. "Shut up or i will shoot something you'll miss."

Wright's screams stopped. His eyes looked at Jack with fear. He knew Jack wasn't bluffing. He nodded to a filing cabinet and whispered. "They will kill me for this but the files that contain the data are in that filling cabinet. Jack walked over and found that the cabinet was unlocked. After sifting through the contents inside, he found what he was looking for. "Thanks for the info." He raised the pistol and took aim at Wright's heart. "Wait." he pleaded. "I can help, just let me.." Jack fired three times. The bullets raced towards him and impacted in his chest.He slumped forward and his head hit the desk. He was obviously dead. As Jack walked over to the doorway, he turned and looked at the now silent Mark Wright. "Thats now taken care of. I need to get out of here before he is discovered. Jack turned around and spotted the fire escape. He walked over to the door and punched the fire alarm. As the alarm sounded, he opened the doors and walked down the stairs that ran on the outside of the building. He then turned right and walked down the road. He had got to a set of traffic lights when two fire engines sped past towards the nightclub. "Good" he thought. "No-one in the 'Cobra Organisation' will ever know that i killed one of their enforcers. He looked at his watch. It was nine pm. He suddenly realised he had missed his date. "Damn. Doesn't matter, she's not important right now. Must concentrate on this assignment."

As he approached the offices that had the second part of the data, he noticed that a door was left open. "Hmm, what a break." he thought. He looked around the door and watched a man at looked like he had something in his arms. He crept through the door and into a dark room to his right. The man then walked past carrying a bag of rubbish. As he returned, Jack unsheathed a combat knife and walked up behind him. As the guy turned, Jack grabbed him and slashed his throat. He dragged the body into the dark room and then slipped quietly up the staircase.

New leads Edit

Jack pointed his silenced P229 through an open doorway on his right. A man appeared who Jack immediately dispatched with 3 rounds through his left temple. "Damn, i am leaving so much mess for the cleaners to remove." he mused to himself. He could hear a woman speaking, with as he got closer, he realised that the voice was familar. "I can't believe that my supposed date last night is working for the Cobra Organisation." he thought. Jack steadied himself as he approached the door to the room the two women were talking.

He composed himself, then kicked the door down. "Good evening Lisa. I never thought of would see you here of all places." Jack pointed the P229 at her. Lisa looked round startled to see Jack standing there pointing his gun at her. She hesitated before speaking. "Wow, Jack nice to see you. What are you doing here???" "Thats exacly what i want to ask you. Jack replied. "No wonder you didn't call tonight. Who were you talking to?" "I was busy on the phone." Lisa suddenly goes to activate an alarm, but Jack steps towards her and whacks her with the butt of his gun. She fell to the ground.

"Now tell me. What are you doing here. Tell me now or you won't see the sunrise ever again." "Ok Jack you have made your point!!" Lisa screamed. There was an awkward pause. Jack took the moment to relight his unfinshed cigar. "Now, tell me all you know about the Cobra Organisation." Lisa hesitated before finally nodding. "I have been working for the Cobra Organisation for two years. 'Project OMEGA' is an operation that will give the Cobra Organisation the means to take on a government. I have files if you want them. They are in that cabinet over there" she lied.

She pointed to a filing cabinet similar to the one in Mark Wright's office. "Thank you. As he turned, Lisa pulled a .44 Mangum Colt Anaconda Revolver, aimed it at Jack and fired. But due to her inexperience, the recoil forced her left arm upwards and the bullet passed over Jack's left shoulder, making a hole in the wall. Jack turned towards Lisa. "You stupid bitch. You can't do anything right can you?" Before Lisa could respond, he aimed at her and fired five times. The bullets entered her chest and neck killing her instantly. He removed his cigar from his mouth and threw it onto a table full of paper. The pile ignited as Jack made his way out through the way he came. As he made his way back down the fire escape, he wondered where he could find some food at one in the morning.

Mida House Edit

22nd October 2011 Edit


Jack approached "Mida House", a building which had been mentioned in the files that he had on 'Operation OMEGA'. He walked down the alley that led down the western side of the building, which was next to a bar that he had visited frequently when he first visited London. He approached the service door and picked the lock before slowly opening it.

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