Chase had gone back to Andrew’s to do more than collect his tickets. There was still a piece of the puzzle that did not fit.

“I’m glad that you did not kill them.” Andrew said. “Then you would not have been much better than they were.”

“I thought so too.” Chase said.

“And what about Natalie?”

“She was a part of the whole deal.”

“I thought so. It was rather weird that she called you for a job on the same day that General Knox was looking for recruits.” Andrew explained. “I just wish that you would’ve told me about the job offer before you accepted.”

“Who are you?” Chase asked.

“What do you mean?” Andrew inquired, but there was a note in his voice that said that he was expecting such a question.

“According to what I remember, I had never gone to school.” Chase said. “So I would’ve never met you before the hurricane.” Chase paused.

“Is that all?”

“Well no.” Chase continued. “You said that you were unafraid of either of the companies, while still telling me that they own everything on this island. When I used your phone to call the General, he was unsure of whom it was; but he always knows me when I call from my own. You are always sure that no one would be eavesdropping on our conversation, and no one ever follows me whenever I come here.”

“I suppose it doesn’t matter now, since my mission is completed.” Andrew said. “I was a child agent, sent here by my agency to protect you after we learnt what happened just before the hurricane. Our story was a little flawed, what would two fourteen-year-olds be doing riding just minutes before a hurricane was about to strike?

“It didn’t matter though, you believed. I was sent here to protect you from being used. I was here to make sure that the battle between those two companies didn’t mount to anything beyond this island. The General and the Doctor knew about me, and they knew that I was untouchable, yet they continued along with their weird plot to use you.”

“So what is to happen now?”

“You should flee, as you planned. My agency will move in and dissolve the remainder of those companies.”

“By dissolve, you mean?”

“I mean that we’d take over. But rest assured, we would not allow this island to be run into such a state as when they owned everything.”

Chase never really found out if what Andrew told him was true, he simply accepted as that. He took his ticket and his money, along with a few more given to him by Andrew, and fled the island.

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