The Presamble to the Sabin Constitution is the brief introductory statement of the Constitution of Sabin Middle School, basically detailing the basic objectives and goals of the Constitution.


"WE THE PEOPLE of Sabin Middle School, in order to form a highly perfect School, establish Discipline, insure schoolwide Tranquility, provide for the Common Administration, promote the general Educational Welfare of the Students, allot Student Resources, institute School Programs, and secure the Blessings of our Liberties, to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for Sabin Middle School."


The meaning of the preseamble shall be broken down by each goal or objective, or statement:

  • "We the People of Sabin Middle School"-This basically means all of the people at Sabin Middle School, including the Students, the Staff, the Teachers, as well as volunteers, sponsors, teacher assistants, etc.
  • "in order to form a highly perfect School"-This means to establish a school or educational institution which operates efficently without any challenges.
  • "establish Discipline"-this means to establish, insure, and maintain the proper conduct and Behavior of both the Students and the Teachers, and to take such measures to maintain such Conduct.
  • "insure schoolwide Tranquility"-this means to insure a school-wide peace and stability, with no disputes or arguments and all Students and Staff acting in a calm manner towards eachother.
  • "provide for the Common Administration"-this means to provide for the Administration and governing body of the School, and to provide for the Main and Counseling Offices, responsible for the school's orderly daily operations.
  • "promote the general Educational Welfare of the Students"-this means to provide for the educational Progress, Achievement, and development of the Students; basically to promote their learning and their daily education.
  • "allot Student resources"-this means to allocate and divide the proper resources which are necessary for the continuing Educational Progresss of the Students and the resources for their daily Learning.
  • "institute School Programs"-this means to establish those Programs which also assist and encourage the Education and Learning of the Students, and which work for the Benefit of the School.
  • "and secure the Blessings of our Liberties, to ourselves and our Posterity"-this means to secure those Rights and Responsibilites which are necessary in a proper School Environment, for both the Students and the Staff, as well as to future generations of both.

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