User:Serprex 02:02, February 16, 2015 (UTC)

You enter through the side entrance, take a double take, but no steps back. You're not going to get personal, this is what you're made for, it's been awhile, but it's still easy, possible that it's easier than riding a bike

Change scene. You're facing away, saying "For once, tell me," to nobody listening, "where else?" We're all growing cold, even if things are warming up. Icicles melt. Facing away as I turn away, heading into the complex. All well, you're your own. Head out to find out where the action's at, ask some person where they're headed, they're all going nowhere

Time passes quickly in the night. So the night passes

I never wanted to stay so long, but that'd be too easy. Not like it'd be too hard otherwise. This is why sometimes you like climbing stairs by twos even if it's a little icy. Little tunnels in the snow, enough room for a person, sort of. White field, so easy to get lost, same horizon either way, you face whichever sort of suits you. The grey horizon is lacking in clouds. They got too cold, came down in directionless icy chunks, but what do you know

Eventually trees break the horizon. You're aiming for the path, unseen now, but as you come towards it the way becomes clear. A branch gets the better of you, for what can be better than falling in the snow. White snow, you prefer red wine to white, tastes more like when you fell in the summer, or maybe it's some tangible reason with respect to sweet flavors that aren't there, rather than some memory you can't remember

You rise, continue, pursue a destination, somewhere that's not this cold place

Perpetual motion. Forever pursued. For some reason impossibility makes a thing beautiful. Thus you break free. Cross the river, it's iced over, fireflies aren't out anymore. Part way across, stop, glance aside along the river's parallel, branches along the banks giving life to the scene. Sun's going down, trees are going black, a happy memory eclipses the moment before you continue on across

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