KinslUser:Serprex 15:46, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

Fsh helden, dular simet. Fsh simet, dular helden

Nil helden si, fenmar umil trau bou bsh mau usil tau. Lo, vien chau tant qsh fus. Uit dular, sil simet tan qit vit vsh vec fsh vec

En tau vien trau dular fsh simet propos nuit fuit mau fau. Pau pau par frq vec nou. Frq vec anq, par tou len par chan pou nou

Tou sui par vit tou. Fsh pri lai helden vsh vec qit trau nil. Sau dif qan san sen. Trau mau sil sinqu

& fai toi fsh mai fai fsh moi


Asinorum. La jetée. Slap the face and scream

Sense, do you speak it?

Huffman coding is a great term for referring to any frequency coding

Precision, do you speak it?

Precisely nonsense


The lighting isn't right under this moon cast shadow. The paint's still wet on the bench. This graffiti is too clean

Oh the bother. What chance might I owe? Breathe in a little out of time

Skip the footnotes in rehearsal. They'll only tell you all the lies you've lied. Here the perspective round abouts again

Set the pitch! Check the glare! Get that ladder out of here!

Hold fast. I'll cross this pons. If I do, I swear it won't be the last time


Not even my heroine will save me now that I failed crossing her pons asinorium

It's Saturday. They close earlier on Saturdays. Everybody?

I believe I have explained it before. I believe I have explained it before. I believe I have explained it before

Threshold surpassment exceeds expectations. Where marginal improvement results in drastic improvement. Discrete behavior in continuous phenomena

What? Well stop it. We'll stop it


Flip upside down. Upside town. This town ain't got a downtown

So say the busses. They say a lot of things. Like 9 Hamilton

Or is it 12? I screwed up in the past on remembering what the busses say. It gave some time to stand around downtown watching freaks watch us like we're freaks

Busses are closed. Get out, we're closed. Locked in

Alright, give it a last chance: There's the bus stop and the waiting around and the moon cast shadow isn't so good with lighting but atmosphere is all we're going for tonight when the bus stops and shouts out "We're closed why don't you know?" but the patient patient doesn't react because they don't speak bus & do you speak it?

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