This work is featured fiction.

Police Cat is the story of a black moggie who was born with a special power: he had an unusual dog-like sense of smell.



"Oh, they're so sweet!" Kate cried as she burst in through the front door. Mittens, her cat, had given birth to four tiny kittens while Kate had been at school. The kittens were tiny and pink; their eyes were closed and their ears were stuck back. They didn't look at all like their mother, who has bright green emerald eyes, pointed ears, and the silkiest black fur Kate had ever known a cat to have. Mittens was licking some sticky gooey stuff off the newest kitten. Kate thought it must have tasted horrible, but then reminded herself that cats also licked parts of themselves that she wouldn't want to do in a million years.
Kate reached towards one of the kittens. Mittens meowed in protest and flicked her tail.
"Oops, sorry, Mittens," Kate apologised. "I forgot that cats are protective of their new babies."
Mittens purred and rubbed her head against Kate's outstretched hand.
Just then, Kate's mum wandered into the room. "Kate?" she said. Then she smiled. "Oh, I see you've met the new arrivals."
"Yeah. It's a shame Mittens won't let me stroke them."
"I'm sure she will in a few days. Besides, they probably wouldn't be too nice to stroke right now anyway, with their fur not growing yet."
Mittens flicked her tail accusingly, as if she understood what they were saying. Kate and her mother laughed at Mittens' display of emotion; it almost looked as if she was frowning at them.
"Let's hope the kittens are at least half as smart as their mother!" Kate's mum joked.


"Katie, have you seen my purse?" mum called from the parent's bedroom.
"Why? Has it gone missing?" Kate asked.
"Yes. And we can't leave without it because the keys are in there."
One of Mitten's kittens- a boy with mainly black fur but a white patch on his nose- was sitting outside the bedroom door. Kate and her mum had no idea that he could actually understand what they were saying.
"Where did you last have it?" Kate's dad asked, looking in one of the draws and rumadging through a pile of pairs of socks.
"I'm not sure. Kate, help us look, would you, dear?"

Kate and her parents began searching the house. The little kitten wandered around too, but Kate knew he wasn't really helping; he wouldn't have known they were looking for something in the first place. The little kitten suddenly realised he could smell something. It reminded him of Kate's mum. But she was looking through a cupboard in the bathroom on the other side of the house. He sniffed again. Yep, the smell got stronger as he came close to the cupboard in the living room. The smell was very strong now. He looked underneath, and there it was. A small brown thing with a cobweb ontop of it. He crawled underneath avoiding the dead woodlice, and picked up this mysterious object. It was a little big for him to carry so he dragged it out. Maybe this was what everyone was looking for? He decided to bring it to Kate and see.

Kate was amazed. Mum was amazed. Even dad was amazed, and he was never usually amazed at anything apart from Kate doing a backflip on the trampoline.
"I think that kitten has picked up intelligence from it's mother" mum said to Kate in the car while taking her to school. "Remember that time Mittens found your favourite cuddly toy that had slid down the back of your bed?"
Kate wasn't listening. She was thinking about the kitten. She was certain there was something special about him; she would love to keep him, but she knew that if she asked her mum she'd say having mittens around was enough. In fact, they hadn't planned for their cat to have kittens in the first place. Mum had said that after the kittens had been born, she was going to get Mittens neutured so that they wouldn't end up with any more kittens.

It was soon twelve weeks since the kittens were first born. Kate had been dreading this time. She wished she could keep all of the kittens, or one at least. And she knew exactly which one. But she didn't dare ask her mum about keeping him. She knew what would happen; her mum would say no, and then Kate would be upset about it for days. She tried to forget all about it. Besides, she might be able to see the kittens for a few weeks yet. Maybe people wouldn't be interested in buying kittens? She truly hoped so, but the kittens were so cute, she doubted that it would happen.

All too soon, people were coming to look at the kittens. One time there was a four-year-old girl and her mother. The girl was not who Kate would have wanted to take one of the kittens. She grabbed one of them by the tail and pulled it into her arms, where she started rocking it back and forth like a baby, only rougher. The kitten meowed in protest and, like it's mother had taught it too if it was being attacked, lashed out it's claws. The girl screamed and started crying as she saw the bleeding cut on her arm.
"You should train those kittens better" shouted the angry mother as she carried her screaming daughter out the door. "I can't imagine what would have happened if we'd bought one. We'd all be attacked!"
Kate waited until the door was closed. "Well she should train her daughter better," she complained. "If a kitten was brought up with a girl like that it would scratch everyone for sure!"

Many other people came to look at the kittens, but most of them had kids who had never even stroked a cat before, let alone looked after one. Eventually a twelve year old boy came with his grandmother, and they bought two of the kittens. The boy was very gentle with them and he seemed like the perfect owner.

The kittens were growing up. They were getting too big for the house and there were two left. A woman with a shy young child came to see them; the child hid behind her mothers legs when they arrived, but once she saw the kittens she was soon sitting by the basket and stroking them gently. Her favourite one seemed to be a kitten with a tuxedo fur pattern. They decided to buy that one; the woman apologised that they could only take one cat.

That left the black kitten with the white nose. There were no more visitors.
"I'll have to call the animal shelters and see if anyone can have him. Otherwise..." she paused. "Otherwise, we'll have to take him to the vet and have him put to sleep."
Kate waited patiently, stroking the kitten who was sitting on her lap. Her mum came back into the room ten minutes later. At first she was quiet. Then she spoke.
"Katie, I'm afraid all the shelters nearby are full up," she told her daughter as gently as she could.
"We have to put him down?" Kate gasped with tears in her eyes.
"I'm afraid so."
"But... why can't we keep him? Please, mum! You saw how he found your purse!"
"We can only cope with one cat, Katie. Mittens eats too much as it is."
Kate was quiet for a moment, but then she got mad. "You're saying that we either keep that kitten or we kill it. It's not fair! Why should he have to die for no reason? You won't let me keep him and you're just going to kill him!"
"It's not fair. And Toby believes me."
"The kitten, his name's toby."
"Katie, now you've given him a name you've become attached to him. I'm sorry, but we cannot keep another cat in the house! And that's final!"
"Well I won't let you kill Toby!" Kate shouted, picking up the kitten. "You'll have to kill me first!"


That night, Kate slept with "Toby" on her pillow. It had taken Kate ages to get to sleep because she was so worried about what would happen to the kitten- though when she thought about it, he wasn't really a kitten anymore. Loads of people she knew had two cats- none of them were actually a cat and it's mother, but lots of people had two cats from the same litter. Maybe she could try and talk it over with her mum? She decided to try that tomorrow- she doubted she would win, but what other choice was there? If she didn't do anything, then Toby would be killed! But perhaps if she just cared for Toby and didn't talk about it, her mum would see how much she loved him, and let her keep him? She thought that seemed a better option. With her head full of positiveness, she fell asleep.

It was exactly 2 AM when Toby woke up. He hadn't actually learnt to tell the time, but his deep instincts knew what time it was. His ear flickered. Was there a noise in the house? Was someone here? Was there an intruder in his house? He opened one eye. He didn't think he saw anything. As he closed it again he thought he spotted a moonlit shadow moving acros the landing. Both his eyes shot open again. There was nothing there. He closed his eyes again. He'd imagined it- yes, that was it: his imagination playing tricks on him. It was so quiet, you could hear a pencil drop. Infact, Toby was sure he did.

There was the destinctive clicking suond of a pencil falling on the floor. Toby's eyes automatically opened wide and his tail bristled. It waved back and forth and rubbed against Kate's face, waking her up. She saw that Toby seemed to be staring down the hallway. Was something wrong? She went to check it out. Toby decided that Kate was going to make sure everything was OK- so he went to sleep, knowing that if it was anything, Kate would surely deal with it. She was his person, and she had sworn to him that she would protect him- and he trusted her.

Toby was woken up the next morning by Kate's mum.
"Kate! Breakfast is ready!" Kare's alarm clock wasn't very loud, and never usually woke Kate up, but with her mum called for breakfast every morning they didn't even need an alarm clock. Toby stood up on the pillow and stretched his legs in front of him. What was for breakfast? He looked back at Kate.
She wasn't there.

Maybe she's gone to have breakfast? No, then her mum wouldn't have been calling for her. Was this linked to what happened last night? Perhaps it was. Or maybe Kate was hiding. He looked under the bed. Nothing. Kate's mum came into the room.
"Kate? It's time for breakfast," she said.
"Silly woman," Toby replied. "Can't you see Kate's not here?"
"She is not here! Can't you get it through your thick head, lady? Are you blind? You don't look blind. It's very clear that Kate isn't in this room. Go look somewhere else. And didn't you say it was time for breakfast?"
"Kate? You're going to be late for school if you don't get up soon!" Kate's mum said, and pulled back the duvet. There was no Kate. "Trevor?" she called to Kate's dad. "Have you seen Kate this morning?"
"No," dad replied. "She's probably gone to the toilet." He was too busy reading about a football match in the newspaper.

After a quick inspection of the house, Kate's mum couldn't find Kate. All the bathroom doors were open, and Kate wasn't inside. She wasn't watching TV, or geting ready for school, or using the computer- she wasn't anywhere.
"I can't find Kate anywhere," Kate's mum said to dad.
"Maybe she went to school-" Kate's dad said, though he stopped when he spotted something in the Newspaper. "Wait- you'd better take a look at this."

Police on search of kidnapper

It is advisable that parents keep a close eye on their children, as there have been two kidnappings around the area. The first, Lucy Hander, was kidnapped from a playground. It is said that she was seen with no one else there, and people who lived in the neighbouring houses heard a faint scream, but didn't see anything. The second child, Georgina Russett, was kidnapped from a McDonalds carpark, where she had been waiting for her mum to get food to eat at home. When her mother came back to the car, her daughter had gone.

Kate's mum gasped. She read on.

The police have found only one clue. In the sandpit of the playground, there were large footprints. They have checked the car for fingerprints, however it appears that the kidnapper was wearing gloves as to hide his identity. No other evidence has been found.

Toby sat slurping from his waterbowl, but sat up as Kate's mum put the newspaper down on the table and it slid off the side onto the carpet. Toby slunk underneith the table, pulling the newspaper after him. He scanned the newspaper.
"Kidnappings!?" he gasped. His person had been kidnapped! Oh, why didn't he go and check out that noise last night? Then he could've given the kidnapper a piece of his mind- and claws. His person had been trying to protect him, and had sworn she's never let anything happen to him. He didn't want anything to happen to her. He had made up his mind. He was going to save Kate.
"Mary, have you seen my newspaper?" Kate's dad asked.
"Trevor, that is the last thing on my mind right now! We'd better call the police."
Kate's dad looked under the table. His newspaper was laid out on the floor perfectly. "There is is!" he said. How did it get here? he thought. He noticed very tiny scratch marks on the paper. He looked over at Toby, who was drinking from his water bowl again. No. It's just a cat. Cats don't read newspapers.


Toby tried pushing open the catflap. It was locked. So he stepped over to the other side of the room, put his head down and ran at it. BONK!

Toby staggered around the room dizzily. There had to be another way out. The letterbox! Maybe he could fit through there? He lifted up the first flap. He's never looked inside the letterbox before. Fortunately, it didn't have a brush in it. He stuck his head into the letterbox and pushed open the flap leading outside. Now he just needed to get the rest of his body through. It was a bit of a struggle, but he managed to get through.

He ran down the driveway and sniffed. Left or right? he wondered. He could smell a faint trail that led to the side of the road, and then the smell of rubber as a van had sped away. He ran down the road in the direction the van had taken. He soon came to a busy road. There were exhaust fumes mingling with the smell of the truck, but he could still pick it out. The smell of the dirty tyres stood out among the other smells. Padding along the pavement, he went uphill.

The scent lead him to a country path. It veered off the road and headed for a farm. He crept along the grassy verge at the side and followed it. Soon he came to the farmhouse. There was a van parked outside with the same smell that he had been follownig. This was where Kate had been taken alright.

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