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17-year-old Miles Westin lives a normal life in Hyde's Park, Rhode Island. He's smart, but he always lives in the shadow of his older brother Chuck. At least he has his best friend Allison Dreary with him. Everything changes, however, when a shift in the Earth's magnetic field is discovered leading to an unprecedented amount of natural disasters that will end life as we know it in about one year. All seems lost until Allison hits a man with her car. The man slips into a coma but not before implying there is a way to reverse the shift. With everything going against him, Miles is stuck with a problem he really doesn't want to fix.

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Chapter 1 - Miles just wants to get through the school day as normal, but his overzealous best friend Allison Dreary has plans to find this "really cute left side of the back of his head I saw yesterday." Meanwhile, Chuck Westin and his coworker Dennis stay overtime--with no overtime pay--discovering that weather abnormalities will end life as we know it an about a year.

Chapter 2 - Miles accepts the end of the world as inevitable especially since Ashley Brock became a lesbian, but fate has other plans. Allison skips school and hits a man with her car. He slips into a coma, but not before implying a solution to the Polar Shift. Meanwhile, Chuck returns home to his apartment with news that he got fired (he actually quit) to his fiancee Jamie Reese, asking the city girl if she'd be okay with moving back to Hyde's Park "for a while".

Chapter 3 - Allison and Miles take the coma guy to the hospital, where they meet the hardly qualified Drake Sarkassian, the dean of medicine, who hasn't finished medical school yet. Allison wants to keep in contact with Drake, but Miles couldn't care less until Drake seemingly predicts the future and pushes Allison away from an oncoming lightning strike. Meanwhile, Hyde's Park High School principal Mary Ling issues an order to close all other schools in Rhode Island and have all the students and teachers to transfer to Hyde's Park. Also, Chuck and Jamie arrive at the Westin house to find that his mother Andrea has been missing for 72 hours.

Chapter 4 - Drake finds a phone number in the coma guy's wallet which turns out to belong to his sister. She confirms for him and Allison that he was investigating the Polar Shift. Meanwhile, Miles' bravado at school earns him a new enemy: Michael David "The Devil" Ross. Also, Chuck meets with the private investigator, Donna Murphy.

Chapter 5 - Miles tries to keep Allison is school but she continues to skip more and more and the new coy history teacher Larry Burke is no exception. Donna Murphy "just missed Andrea" in Cancun, much to Chuck's dismay. Donna agreed to find a who Carmen Cortez, whose worker's visa was in the coma guys wallet, for Allison and Miles. Meanwhile Gary Derceto agrees to keep quiet about Hyde's Park General Hospital's gross code violations as long as Drake reports everything Allison and Miles do directly to him.

Chapter 6 - Per Chuck's request, Jamie agrees to get a temporary job, which she finds a a secretary at the hospital thanks to Drake. Gary rejects a partnership with The Devil and Donna explains her intentions to meet up with Andrea Westin in two weeks. Until then, Chuck invited her to stay in his old room which, surprisingly, doesn't bother the usually jealous Jamie. The next day, Allison and Miles go to see their new Assistant Principal, Carmen Cortez, to question him on the Polar Shift.

Chapter 7 - While Drake celebrates Jamie's first few days at work, Miles and Allison proceed in the investigation. Before his accident, the coma guy contacted Cortez because his mother owns a nail salon in Providence that a man named Steven Alley frequents. He'll be back soon and Miles and Allison plan to be there to meet him, but not before Miles prepares for a group project with Ashley Brock. Meanwhile, Chuck disapproves of Donna's late night activities and decides to lay down ground rules that she must follow while living in the Westin house.

Chapter 8 - Miles, Allison, and Tony head for Providence to meet up with Steven Alley, which brings back memories for Miles of his previous trip to Providence, which ended badly. Things turn worse when Ashley Brock insists on coming, claiming that she learned everything about the investigation form a loudmouth Gary Derceto and wants to videotape it for Mr. James' class project. Meanwhile, Jamie learns that Drake is feeding Gary information and offers to help him fix the violation codes to free him from his obligations, and Chuck learns what Donna has been doing every night at the cost of an important ally.

Chapter 9 - Miles, Ashley, and Gary interrogate Steven Alley for information regarding the Polar Shift. Steven remains silent before his wife Natalie gives him an ultimatum. Steven reveals that he was hired by an organization knows as CATS to create a an illegal security grid, which was modified by one of their six agents, Ms. Peacock. Meanwhile, Chuck, in an effort to apologize to Donna, finds out a larger scathing truth about her, and Drake yells at Allison for intruding in his privacy.

Chapter 10 - Miles and Allison receive a call from Drake explaining that Larry Burke was seen at the hospital and knows more than he says. Allison decides to surveillance him while Miles tries to figure out how Ashley learned of the investigation and why. Meanwhile, Chuck had a heart-to-heart conversation with Donna and Drake decides to learn how to control his life-saving visions.

Chapter 11 - Miles and Allison pressure Larry Burke for information. He finally relents and explains that he and the coma guy were agents for CATS. The coma guy, Professor Plum, tried to back out of the project. Larry Burke, Mr. Green, worked as a double agent. Larry urges the teens to drop the investigation. Meanwhile, Jamie finds that Drake has become too obsessed with trying to control his powers.

Chapter 12 - Mr. Boddy puts a bounty on Larry Burke, but Miles Westin has him arrested. With help from Doug Danson, Larry's arrest is made public news and Miles hopes the publicity will draw CATS into the open. Instead they send Mrs. White to quiet the riot. Meanwhile, Michael Ross assures Ashley Brock that he's given up trying to interfere in the investigation.

Chapter 13 - The world knows that an investigation is underway and CATS has become a household name. Mrs. White continues her mission to get CATS out of the spotlight, and offers Larry Burke incentive to get him to cooperate. In Hyde's Park, Gary Derceto is kicked out of his house, and Miles offers for him to move into the Westin House. Finally, Donna Murphy returns.

Chapter 14 - Miles Westin find himself playing babysitter when Gary Derceto insist on returning to school. Miles takes him, but Principal Ling makes it abundantly clear that he can not return to school after dropping out. Meanwhile, Chuck is still upset at Jamie for voting against Donna Murphy, who is being secretive about her trip to Vienna. Meredith blackmails Steven Alley, and the surprise return of a former administrator spells doom for Drake Sarkassian.

Chapter 15 - Donna Murphy leaves for Egypt a day early, and Miles takes an interest in her sudden new bright outlook on life. He contacts Michael Ross to snoop through her luggage at the airport, where he finds a picture of a man taken in Vienna. Colonel Mustard? Meanwhile, Coretta Smith succeeds in getting the gag order, and Robert Talsteed reveals that the coma guy will be transferred to another hospital in the next few days.

Chapter 16 - The trial begins and there is confusion all around. Miles Westin, Drake Sarkassian, and Larry Burke all take the stand to defend themselves against Coretta Smith. Miles Westin proves to be a good lawyer up until he tries to get Larry Burke to identify the man in the photo. Michael Ross arrives with Plan B.

Chapter 17 - Thanks to Gary's quick thinking, the investigation team captures Miss Peacock for information. She's hesitant, but she accidentally reveals that Colonel Mustard is in Egypt, and so is Donna Murphy. Miles, Chuck, Michael Ross, and Peacock head for Egypt. Unfortunately, however, Drake is arrested after managing placing a tracer on the coma guy's body.

Chapter 18 - Drake is in jail, but that doesn't deter him. Allison isn't deterred in trying to get Mary Ling to testify, and Ashley Brock shows off her intelligence against Talsteed while the group in Cairo lose two people, but gain someone else in the process.

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