Take-out 1Edit

So don’t get confused

“Let’s give a standing ovation to green trainer Duplica of Celadon City, who has proven three times already that superior tactics means much more than whether a pokemon is real or not!

And let us also give it to red trainer Misty, whose skill as water-dancer extraordinaire may just be surpassed by her pokemon training abilities!” Everyone cheered.

“I’ll show you! Go, Starmie!” said Misty, throwing out her pokeball the moment the referee lowered both flags. The ten-legged starfish materialized, keeping perfect balance on the ruined platform that Misty was required to stand on.

On the other side of the arena, Duplica’s gelatinous, amoeboid Ditto assumed Starmie’s shape before balancing perfectly on the still well-defined platform. “This’ll be easy. Environment makes a big difference, you know.”

“We know!” Misty shouted back, quite irritated.

Both sides voiced their orders simultaneously. “LIGHTNING!”

Twin bolts of lightning creased through the darkened sky, striking with pinpoint precision at both Starmies and the platforms they were on. Everyone glanced away or closed their eyes as the brilliant intensity of it all filled the arena.

When the turned back to look, Duplica and her pokemon were still on the hand-rail, and uninjured. Evidently the metallic hand-rail had acted as a ground, rendering the attack ineffective. The same, however, couldn’t be said of Misty’s side: she was unconscious, head cracked on the ground and losing blood profusely; her hands were a twisted mess. Her Starmie was in even worse shape, much of the exterior skin completely vaporized.

The commentator for once could not find any words for the spectacle, so he didn’t say anything.

Several nurses immediately ran out on the field, laden with packs of regenerative potions which they immediately poured over Misty and her pokemon. There was about two minutes’ waiting, before a fully recovered Misty, as beautiful a redhead as before, awoke and solemnly recalled her likewise-healed Starmie back into her pokeball. With a single nod to Duplica, she left the field.

“And the winner of this round is Duplica…”

Ash was taken aback by this episode. How can the real one lose to the fake? It… It just shouldn’t happen! Never mind that for Duplica she won against all the other very real pokemon the other trainers had thrown at her, but this… this means trouble. I wonder how Gary will fare against Duplica in the final…

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