The Quest: An Original New-Trainer Story

(aka. A Novel Novel-Novice Novel )

This is my own rewrite of the Pokemon “gotta be the best”-type storyline and universe. It will be a significantly more realistic and hence darker version of the high fantasy that is Pokemon. This will NOT include simplistic battle scenes like that found in the game, just like the anime isn’t. To make it more understandable, Pokemon are able to speak as well as think (this is a 3rd person omniscient work).

Type advantages are different from that of Pokemon canon. Some important ones are:

Fire over Dark over Psychic over Fighting over Normal over Ghost over Psychic

Electric over Steel over Rock, Ground over Electric over Water over Fire over Plant, Bug over Psychic, Dark

Ice over Ice, Rock over Normal over Water over Ground under Flying under Electric


this is thinking to oneself.

((this)) is telepathic communication.

-- -- --

Part 1: Trainer

  1. Chapter 1: Getting Started
  2. Chapter 2: Fire and Water
  3. Chapter 3: A Lily in Distress
  4. Chapter 4: Birth of a Power
  5. Chapter 5: To Be the Best
  6. Chapter 6: Money Matters
  7. Chapter 7: The Celadon Gym
  8. Chapter 8: The Secret Weapon
  9. Chapter 9: Battle of Celadon Gym
  10. Chapter 10: Ash's First Tournament
  11. Chapter 11: Saffron Tournament Part 1
  12. Chapter 12: Saffron Tournament Part 2
  13. Chapter 13: Saffron Tournament Part 3
  14. Chapter 14: Saffron Tournament Part 4
  15. Chapter 15: A Psychics' Showdown

Part 2: Challenger

  1. Chapter 16: To Be a Trainer
  2. Chapter 17: Sylphs and Demons
  3. Chapter 18: The Silph Corporation
  4. Chapter 19: Interception Atop Silph Co Part 1
  5. Chapter 20: Interception Atop Silph Co Part 2
  6. Chapter 21: Bye Bye BlueChip
  7. Chapter 22: The Truth About Team Rocket
  8. Chapter 23: Back in the High Life Again
  9. Chapter 24: Diametrically Opposed
  10. Chapter 25: Not a Match Part 1
  11. Chapter 26: Not a Match Part 2
  12. Chapter 27: Not a Match Part 3
  13. Chapter 28: Not a Match Part 4



General Disclaimer

I don't own Pokemon; this fanfic is not for commercial purposes.

However, I own this story, and the storylines and character interpretations therein.

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