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"Pokémon" and all of its characters and situations are the creation and property of Satoshi Tajiri and owned by Nintendo). Novelas and its users make use of these characters and situations without permission. It is used strictly for purposes of entertainment and appreciation, without monetary gain. Should the license-holders object to this, it will be removed.

Pokemon logo

Pokémon Logo

Pokemon Quest Edit

Watch Ash mature as he progresses from newbie trainer to worldly adventurer to gym challenger to leader of a party of trainers waging a lonely war on Team Rocket. In-depth interpretation of the world of Pokemon and the creatures' abilities.

Gamz Edit

Adam Duseman, a former Pokémon fanatic and video game addict, knows nearly everything about his favorite Nintendo-branded games. When offered a mysterious trip to the Pokémon World via airplane flight, his gullibility gets the better of him and he invites his cousins, Mindy and Josh Quantum, to come along for the ride. Not surprisingly, the whole thing is a hoax by the nefarious Team Rocket in an attempt to kidnap people and turn them into more of their cronies. They manage to escape the plane, however they land in the dense woods of Viridian Forest, where they meet Link of Hyrule (who arrived by unknown means), thus beginning their long adventures together.

The stories are based off of both anime and video game events and plots and are broken into different episodes.

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