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  1. Plain White T's (1997)
  2. Plain White T's II: Mimicing the Demons (1999)
  3. Plain White T's III: Kill 'Em All (2000)
  4. Plain White T's IV: Savager (2002)
  5. Plain White T's V: Destroy (2003)
  6. Plain White T's VI: Decimate (2004)
  7. Plain White T's VII: Dark Worlds (2005)
  8. Plain White T's VIII: Havoc (2006)
  9. Plain White T's IX: Disturbed by the Light (2007)
  10. Plain White T's X: Cruelty (2008)
  11. Plain White T's XI: Murder is Slaughter (2010)

Plain White T'sEdit

Plain White T's are a very gayish band about they suck so much Geary(Vocals, Guitar) said and then when at a live concert they live when they were drunk "F**k you all and we love crap!" and them Joey Jordison came and abused Geary and "Shut the f**k you f**king gay bi**h" then the Aang came by and said "H**l, a what a great gay day for all sexy sluts whom my wife with is having strap on sex with her ugly dead mom" Aang couldn't be happier even though that Plain White T's are man-whores for transgender men they kill Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus then a superhero came out of know here and then Erik "Monster" Frillery came and killed Geary but Geary came back to life and then the bassist Johnny "Gay Lord" Barrison gets slaughtered with a machete with his head removed by the machete after he was captured by Jigsaw then Jigsaw said to his husband Joey Gay "I wanna play a game you gay b*****d" he told him he was in the Reverse Bear Trap then seven minutes past and then he died John Reinhart from the second Saw film came and chopped off his new family up with a bunch of torture tools then Sokka and fights John in a dramatic battle then Geary trys killing EriK but is insuccessful and then Briana Evigan cause then EriK and her are having a very hardcore sex video they out it on YouTube they categorized it as pornography for children then some 6 year-olds parents buy the video and then watch it as a family movie and the they work on the sequel called "Great, Hot, Sexxxy, and Pornish Movie 2: Hotter Sexxx" then Geary trys to kill Superman with his huge dick which it measures up to 30 acres long and then John comes and cuts it off as Geary is turned on then he has boobs and turns into a transgender and f**k the president with a strap on and then the drummer Karen Allen the only female member of the band is under attack by Geary then EriK comes and blows his head and then he eats the remains then the credits roll right after he says "I'm a cannibal" and then Briana Evigan comes and they make there third sex video.

  • This is my way of saying "I hate the Plain White T's so much!!!!!!!!!!! they f**king suck!!!!!! I HATE THEM AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

II: Mimicing the DemonsEdit

While the band comes back to life as zombies they start a zombie raid and well its up to twelve un-brave people name: EriK "Monster" Frillery, Briana Evigan, Karen Allen, Joey Jordison, Vanessa Hudgens, Sela Ward, John A. Russo, Azula, Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Big Bird In the middle of October only surviver of Sesame Street survived the zombies that ate everyone including the cast and crew and well only thing he didn't know is that one other member survived his formerly named Jiggley the Clown but now Giggles the Vigilante Clown of Satan he heads down to a house and murders everyone there is number one fan says "Why? Why have you done this?" he said "It is my destiny, I going to mimic the seven demons of the Seven Deadly Sins" and then he was heading to the Leyan church of Satan and is almost killed by John Leyan and he is killed by Giggles and then he grins and says "bi**h!" then a bunch of zombies which are the old fans which have forgotten The Plain White T's right after they died Karen Allen kills her mom cause she has a bite mark on her arm and then burns her house down so that her mom won't turn into a zombie then her wife comes as a zombie and blows her head off then kills her boyfriend and then Sokka then uses his boomerang to kill Katara but Katara drowns him then uses a pentagram to resurrect him then take to the world of Warcraft where they find them self in different again called the Polaris Galaxy then the Star Wars Galaxy they are on Planet Felucia then a bunch of Flying Bisons are seen then killed by the Śãŗîîş Tribe a killer tribe of gay men who hate women they think there Bison and they hate Bison they try killing Katara and Katara kills them with water but one survives and Batman kills him the Bat Tank and BBQing him and then kills a flying Bison by blowing it up then back on earth the zombies consume The Beattles and then they need help they head down to Crystal Lake, Elm Street and to Willamette to find three psycho like killers: Freddy, Jason, and Ash Williams they kill the Firebenders when they are attacked right they find them and then Geary turned into a big lemon and was so sour he was the most sourest thing ever! then as Katara finds a portal with Batamn then as they get back to earth Batman is slaughtered and then he turns into a zombie then Briana Evigan and EriK make the fourteenth sex film and then release it its even more popular to zombies to humans any zombie on earth bought the film and then they are working on the fifteen, sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth film then it ends with Obi-Wan Kenobi soming to earth to f**k his dog on video.

III: Kill 'Em All Edit

This film starts off where Joey Jordison is about to have sex with Hannah Montana then Geary comes and then try's to kill Joey saying "Bye bye" Then Terminator comes and kills him with a rocket launcher but, Terminator didn't know he survived then Three Fingers appeared at Geary's ex-husband house and tortures him to death then Karen Allen shot the The Jonas Brothers vocals then they have a duel The Jonas Brothers parents don't want them to slaughter anybody so they do a match where when it hits twelve the quickest one wins Karen Allen reaches the third round and wins then she kills they're parents then she rapes Brooke Skye and then she goes to destroy a beauty queen contest and kills everybody that style is preppy then Freddy and Jason storm back and kill the President then Jason kills his wife and his daughters then EriK Frillery stomps in and kills Geary's recently divorced husband and kills his mom and dad then kills his sister and then he kills 1,000 people and then kills every police officer in America then kills a bunch of military soldiers then kills a bunch people from Pakistan then kills Geary's boyfriends then kills several other people then he kills Ash Williams, Jason, and Freddy then Briana Evigan comes and stops his killing spree forever she stabbed him in the heart then Three Fingers, Brother, Ma, and Sister comes and eat what is left of him then Geary says on live television "Now that monster that was killed many lives and saved nobody, he is now dead forever" (He did save many people) then EriK came back to life and killed Hannah Montana and a Rich Guy then the credits start to role

IV: Savager Edit

The fourth film in the series goes all the way back to the beginning of the stone age and that The Plain White T's have found great money made out of stone, and had a great future.

The main character is EriK Frillery trying to kill The Plain White T's and The Jonas Brothers, he is able to kill them all one-by-one, soon they enter the end of that age, a comet comes and kills EriK Frillery and the surviver of The Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas, he is burning, and his skin is able to ripped off easily, then his skin on his face taken off, they both died

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