The rain depressed Clemence. It wasn't the fact that it made everything look grim. It wasn't that it never stopped. It wasn't that he couldn't go outside. It was that it reminded him of another time, a time when everything was better, a time that didn't exist anymore.

The oft spoken-of liberties of being out of employment were not recognised by Clemence. It had been seven years since he last peered out his downtown office window onto the network of grimy, dilapidated buildings occupying the commercial district. As a private investigator, Clemence had spent as much time in the office as he did out on a case, and so was accustomed to this perspective of the city. He never was quite sure if the dirty windows or his knowledge of the injustices ingrained into the society he was a part of were to blame for the jaded nature of the skyline he mused over between all too familiar crime reports.

The last case Clemence took on board before departing from his sleuthing career was exactly that - a final attempt to rectify some of the wrongdoings he faced every day, his own personal blaze of glory. His motivation to solve the crime and then flee his job, the criminals and victims dealt with daily and the bindings of such a fast paced life was such: the crime involved his wife...

and a pile of sheep. An awful, deceitful, criminal pile of sheep. How his wife had gotten involved with them he didn't know. But he had worked day and night, searching for clues, to be able to put the case at rest. It wasn't an easy case either, the crime had been carefully planned out by the cunning sheep. The crime? ....

Clemence wasn't particularly sure of it. He had been searching for clues as to this crime that surely was unfolding beneath his very nose, and yet the only lead he had had told him nothing more than the sinister way those sheep had invited his wife to join their flock. It had to be drugs. Surely it was drugs.

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