Peterson is a Corporal in the UNSCMC and ODST Drop Team 215 during the Third battle of Earth, and is more commonly known by his nick-name of Knight. His skills lie in explosives, heavy weapons, and has a knack for getting angry, and using it against his enemies


Knight as he is known by his squad members, was framed for the murder of a close friend of his, Ivy, and sent to a correctional facility where he was abused and beaten everyday he was there. The wardens gave the inmates the option to join the UNSCMC, Peterson chose this option, and found out he had only traded one hell for another.

Early HistoryEdit

Peterson grew up under the care of his mother. He never knew his father, who left them when he was very young. Peterson and McNair practically shared the same mother, as Peterson often stayed with her. He lived down the street from Stephens, whom often visited and they would have boxing tournaments. Eventually Stephens moved away and soon so did McNair, Peterson was alone with his mom for a time until he met Ivy Miller. The two ran off together and lived happily in the woods for time...

Eventually, Peterson came home one day to find out Ivy had been murdered, the police then arrived at his house to find him leaning over her body soaked in her blood, he had been framed. From there Peterson was taken to Wartworth Correctional Facility.

Life in PrisonEdit

Peterson had no life left. So many times he attempted to commit suicide, and so many times he failed. Peterson began to accept that bad things just happened to good people and that nothing could be dealt about it... until finally he found a way out. First chance he got, Peterson signed up for recruitment training in the UNSCMC.

Life in the MarinesEdit

The young Corporal Andrews applied for a job training new recruits, in an attempt to get away from the front-lines of battle. He was given the reputation of being one of the toughest, meanest, strictest ones there, and one of the youngest. He got the respect of his associates and recruits and privates under his command. Although he got off to a rocky start at first, he eventually befriended Peterson, a Private at the time, and soon the two were best friends. With the battle coming to an all-time-stand still, the Corporal was pulled along with Peterson and place in Fire Team Zephyr bound for Installation 00 with the Master Chief and Commander Keyes.

Battle of Installation 00Edit

It was during this battle that Andrews, and his new ODST partner, Peterson, were dropped together, that they adapted the nickname 'The Bishop and The Knight', due to their skill when working together by their Marine allies. Although the never got to work with Spartan-117 during his spearhead assault on the Cartographer building, they did cover his assault on the Citadel. By now Zephyr was almost completely KIA, save Andrews and Peterson, now known as "Bishop" and "Knight". Once the Prophet was killed by The Arbiter, the duo managed to hijack a Phantom and head back to Earth through the portal.

2nd Human Civil WarEdit

One major confrontation after the assault on Installation 00, was the resurrection of the Insurrections, which supposedly represented the freedom of the Outer Colonies from UNSC rule, and the right to study Covenant specimens. The declination of the UN sparked the second major human civil war, the formation of the Colonial Insurrectionist Front (CIF), and the starting of a 3rd class of Spartan-II's. Bishop and Knight would then come together to form the ODST drop team 215, a small strike team of 6 marines including McNair and Stephens, who would join after being re-united with Knight, an old childhood friend of their's that they joined the UNSC to find in the first place. Although ODST Drop Team 215 would get off to a rocky start among the ranks of the elite Helljumpers, the close-knit group of warriors would eventually become one of the more famous teams of the war as the Helljumpers would become the main infantry once the CIF get their hands on seperatist Spartan-II's, which almost cost the UNSC the war had it not been for their elite Helljumper units. It is this point in time Knight would develop a hatred for the Spartans, claiming they could not be trusted. By the end of the war, over 20 Spartans would be listed as MIA for both the UNSC and CIF forces, which is alot considering there were only 30 for the Class III, the majority of Spartan casualities lying with the CIF, and over 120 Helljumper deaths, the main cause of the end of the war, being the return of The Covenant.

The Covenant's Second ComingEdit

Little did Peterson know, his small team would become a focal point of the war, and would be responsible for the victories at Arusha and countless other battles, but would ultimately cost him two of his newest recruits, and the bond between Knight and Rebel, but would most of all, re-unite him with a common enemy.


Being in the oddball of the ODST teams doesn't get you bad rep for nothing. Knight's anger issues are well known throughout the UNSC. He always takes things the wrong way or too seriously, and because of this, he has rage, where he will go completely berserk on his enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • The source of Andrews' hatred could be the source of working with Private Jihad, brother to the ODST that was one of the three that attacked Master Chief. He was killed, and Jihad had no respect for the SPARTANs. Andrews must've had some of the hatred rub off on him.
  • Andrews is described as being the shortest in his class, and the most physically insufficient, yet the most disciplined.

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