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Episode 1Edit

It was only 8am and the sun had only just risen above Stantham but the Incident Response Vehicle, was already accelerating out of the gates of Finnity Road Police Station en route to Marley's Café, a Jamaican themed café that had been the subject of a complaint by a neighbour, inside it PC Jeff Wilson and PC Lydia Stockwell were discussing their previous experiences with Marley's Café. For PC Wilson, Jeff Brango, the owner Inside the station Superintendent Steven Clyde was familiarising himself with his new office that was situated inside the administration block. Assistant Chief Constable Paula Lloyd, a tough officer who’d worked within Stantham Constabulary all her life, was approaching his office. She knocked twice. Clyde called out and Lloyd entered. Clyde seeing his superior, put his feet down from the desk. Lloyd smiled. 'Steven, how are you settling in?'


The following are all Officers or Civillian Staff working in the Police that are featured in Patrol and are listed by rank.

Ian AthertonEdit

Ian Atherton

Name Ian Atherton
Age 45
Rank Chief Inspector (CI)
Unit Head of Uniform

Atherton first wanted to become an officer at age 15 after a recruitment drive from his local constabulary. His dream came ture at age 19 when he joined as a constable. He questioned whether to joined CID but instead chose to stay with uniform and eventually became a Sergeant. After several spells as Acting Inspector, Atherton recieved a full-time Inspector post at Finnity Road. He recieved a promotion to Chief Inspector upon the opening of the new Finnity Road.

Atherton ia well liked by his colleagues and often relied on by Clyde during tough situations.

Ian BroomeEdit

Ian Broome

Name Ian Richard Broome
Age 27
Rank Detective Constable
Unit CID

DC Broome was always a very aspirtational officer. He graduated from London's Metropolitan University with a first-class degree in Criminology and subsequently suspected to be graciouslly recieved by all at Stantham Constabulary, however, he was treated very ordinarily and this annoyed him. However, a place opened up in CID and he was chosen for the job by DCI Marshall someone who noticed his potential.

Broome is quick to voice his opninions even at sometimes, the wrong time.

Matthew ChadwickEdit

Matthew Chadwick

Name Matthew Chadwick
Age 41
Rank Sergeant (Sgt)
Unit Uniform

Sergeant Matthew Chadwick began work with Stantham Constabulary aged 19. Having grown up in Stantham and gone to school at Stantham Grammar his local knowledge made him an immediate hot-shot. Chadwick has however had one notable clash with Sgt. Julia Vandler over opinions on community policing. Chadwick's opinion that PCSOs should be less involved in policing caused Vandler to speak out for them, having started her job as one herself, this caused a clash.

Although having been in the force for only three years Sgt. Chadwick has made a large impression including a quick promotion. However once at the rank of Sergeant he found it a good way of voicing his opinion on many things including policing and politics. He quickly became a mentor to Ryan Nicholson a young officer who showed conservative views.

Edward ChaseEdit

Edward Chase

Name Edward Tony Chase
Age 49
Rank Chief Superintendent (ChSupt)
Unit Head of SFCU

Eddie Chase started off as a Constable in East London. He was a very good officer getting a promotion to Sergeant having only completed his probation period 6 months before. Once at the rank of Sergeant at age 25 he joined CO19, the Met's armed police unit, as an SFO. After successfully planning and executing a siege that saw a large yardie gang eliminated from London he continued climbing the success ladder gaining a promotion to Inspector aged just 28. Once at the rank of Inspector his superiors wished for him to continue rising in rank, one claiming he could be Met Commissioner by age 40. However, a promotion would mean he would no longer be an operational firearms officer. Something he loved. By age 33, he decided firearms were no longer for him instead electing to take a senior job as a Superintendent of a police station in Bristol. After 2 years in Bristol he felt firearms withdrawl symptons missing the tactical and planning aspect of missions, something he was missing in Bristol. At age 35 however, he was applied for a position that seemed perfect for him, head of the SFCU. A high ranking firearms job. He was accepted due to his advanced firearms knowledge and joined Stantham Constabulary.

Steven ClydeEdit

Steven Clyde

Name Steven Clyde
Age 43
Rank Superintendent (Superintendent)
Unit Uniform/Head of Station

When in school Steven Clyde was never intent on becoming a police officer. As an intelligent person he was pushed to follow a high-earning career path such as a doctor or a lawyer but when he was 15, as part of a recruitment drive an officer came into his school to discuss careers in the police and from then on he knew what he wanted to do. He studied for a BTEC in Public Services which he passed before joining the police at age 19. As a constable he tried many areas of policing. He joined the traffic division before becoming a trained dog handler until h finally found what was right for him at age 28, CID. He'd been considered for a promotion anyway and as a result got promoted to Detective Sergeant upon finishing CID training. He served as a DS for 4 years before a station down the road from his, Finnity Road. Clyde spent a brief time as a DI and worked well and recieved a lot of respect from his colleagues. When DCI Angus Flack died in a hit and run, Clyde was immediately given the position despite only having been a DI for 6 months. After serving as a DCI for 5 years a high-profile murder case saw him secure a promotion and a change of scenery. He became a Uniform Superintendent.

Harriet DouglasEdit

Harriet Douglas

Name Harriet Douglas
Age 34
Rank Detective Constable (DC)
Unit CID

Harriet joined the police as a single mother looking for a secure job when she was 25. She quickly found that she didn't like uniform instead preferring the behind-the-scenes work. As a result she opted for a transfer to CID at the earliest possible point. She was denied it however, when the next opportunity arose she immediately applied and got the post. She trained for 2 years before becoming a DC.

Robert GrayEdit

Robert Gray

Name Robert Gray
Age 37
Rank Sergeant (Sgt)
Unit Unit Leader of FC11 (SFO Team 2)
Station The Grange

Gray joined the Police after serving with 3rd Regiment RMP for seven years. After being posted to Afghanistan for the second time he felt it was time to leave the military and join the civilian police force. His local constabulary was Stantham and as a result he joined them. After a probation period his weapon skills were put to good use with him training to become an AFO. Once he'd manned an ARV for 3 years he did the advanced training and became an SFO. Upon completion of his training he served for a 5 month trial period before becoming a full SFO and also gaining a promotion. He became the unit leader of The 2nd SFO team after the departure of the previous leader.

Ravi GundrahEdit

Ravi Gundrah

Name Ravi Gundrah
Age 24
Rank Police Constable (PC)
Unit Uniform

PC Ravi Gundrah joined Stantham Police after wanting to make a difference in his community having witnessed, first-hand, the racial tension in the area. He had been bullied in school and as a result had a natural determination to stop it happening to others, he did so by joining the police.

Natasha KnightEdit

Natasha Knight

Name Natasha Knight
Age 29
Rank Detective Constable
Unit CID

DC Knight is very computer literate and as a result specialises in locating various sources and researching information online.

Sam MarshallEdit

Sam Marshall

Name Sam Marshall
Age 35
Rank Detective Chief Inspector (DCI)
Unit CID

Sam Marshall is a fairly young DCI. He made the most of a fast-track scheme that allowed him to use his 1st Class Degree in Psycology to get him entering the force as an Inspector. However, he found it hard to get the respect of his colleagues who believed he'd cheated his way into the force and didn't have enough police experience to command them. However, he fought past the critics and showed he was good enough for the force. He trained for CID at age 28 and became a DI at age 30. His promotion came about as a result of the previous DCI, Liz Walshe's decision to leave the force and become a teacher.

Ryan NicholsonEdit

A young officer who was unsure of what he wanted to do at age 18 and as a result joined the police. He quickly came under the wing of Sgt. Chadwick who influenced his policing and political views. Nicholson has been shown to aspire to join the Stantham Traffic Unit

Jerry SaxbyEdit

Detective Inspector Jerry Saxby is the most experienced officer in CID having served in various constbularies over a career span of 30 years. He strongly believes that CID is superior to uniform and serves a catalyst during a feud between the two units.

Saxby joined Leicestershire Police at age 18 following in his father's footsteps. After six years in uniform he decided to commence training for CID, the division his father often referred to as the 'superior ones'. After completing the training he became a Detective Constable, a position he held for 8 years. After 8 years he joined nearby Nottinghamshire Police as a Detective Sergeant, during this time he was successfully involved in a high-profile rape investigation. His superiors were extremely impressed with his performance during the case and as a result offered him a promotion in another force, Durham Constabulary. He declined instead opting to stay as a DS in Leicestershire due to it's proximity to his ill mother. When his mother died, 2 years later, he decided he had no more attatchm

Julia VandlerEdit

Steven Clyde

Name Julia Vandler
Age 29
Rank Sergeant (Sgt)
Unit Uniform/Community Beat Manager

Sgt. Vandler became a PCSO at age 18 as a way of gaining extra credit for her Uniformed Service Diploma. Once she gained her diploma she joined the service full-time using the experience gained from being a PCSO to become a good officer. She quickly gained a promotion to Segeant where she recieved a lot of respect from many officers. She was very community-minded and soon became head of the five-man Stantham Neighbourhood Policing Team. This did however, cause her to recieve criticism from her counter-part Sgt. Chadwick who believed in more practical policing and especially disliked PCSOs.

Vandler has three children and a husband who works as a teacher in the nearby Stantham Grammar School.

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