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Early Paraguay was structured by Jesuit Monasteries (1). They had missions, containg native Indians, which were envied by the Spanish because of the military, political, and economic state structure. Spanish and Portuguese forced the Jesuits out in 1767 which caused missions and the land to be abandoned. They left the Indians without structure as economic activity dissolved. Paraguay became dependent on Buenos Aries, Argentina in 1776 through the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata (1). The idea of independence came to mind as Paraguay watched Buenos Aires prosper into a successful land. Once Argentina declared independence from Spain, they expected Paraguay to join as well (1). Paraguay even fought off the Buenos Aires military in a string of several battles. Paraguay denied and declared independence from Argentina on May 14, 1811. Jose Gasper Rodriguez de Francia took dictatorship in the follwing years (1). Francia isolated Paraguay from the outside world causing commerce to delcine and the wealthy class to fall. This new dictator supported the common people, and in doing so, took away power from the church, military officials, and merchants(3). Those who tried to leave Paraguay, includuing foreigners from another country, were executed(3).

Leading up to the revolution, people began to lose their loyalty to Spain. They wanted to become independent as well. There were many reasons for the people's dislike of Spain. The taxes and trade regulations put in place by Spain had those who worked in trade, angry (Source 7 from bibliography for gov. official.) Spain felt that they were in control of the land and that they had the right to place whatever taxes they needed or wanted. However, the people of Paraguay thought differently. Paraguayans believed they deserved to be more independent from Spain then they were being treated. This unrest between Spain, Buenos Aires, and Paraguay led to a revolution, known as the May Revolution, which later led to the Argentine War of Independence.

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Comparison to Brinton's Anatomy of a Revolution Edit

Paraguay's Steps for Independence

Paraguay's Steps for Independence! Information gathered from and


Comparing Elements from Paraguay's evolution to the Elements of Brinton's Anatomy of a Revolution

Timelines Edit

1810 Governor Velasco of the Junta of Buenos Ayres promoted a revolution in Paraguay and despatched an army to aid the rising.
1810-Manuel Belgrano was unsuccessful in carrying the Argentinean revolution against Spain into Paraguay, but the next year the colonial officials were overthrown
1810-Argentina tried taking over Paraguay after their revolution
May 25, 1810-The people of Paraguay revolted against them, and after much fighting drove the spanish troops from their shore.
December 4, 1810-The Junta of Buenos Ayres tried to create a revolution in Paraguay
May 1811-Yegros and Pedro Juan Caballero were the main military figures in the revolution of May 1811
May 1811-Paraguay defeated the Argentinean army at the battle of Paraguay
May 14, 1811-Paraguay declared its indepedence and carried it out with no bloodshed

May 14, 1811-Dr Rodriguez de Francia and Fulgencio Yegros were nominated First Consuls of the New Republic with a council of five
May 17, 1811-Paraguay got its independence


Map of Paraguay

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