Descending upon the valley, I felt the pain growing in my stomach. I still cannot believe I went up against the swordsman of Erendil! I still remember his face, rugged, has a beard that covers hi entire mouth and his eyes are deep red. Curse that man! I guess that was a battle I was destined to lose, but still he shouldn't have had a sword when I had only a knife. The lords of Erendil Decided to give to me seven books instead of the title of the brave man. Curse my infernal health! But at least I am a scholar. As I will grow from that, I fear its time. Its time to complete my novel, Descent into the World. As I travel onward, I hope the novel will be completed. My novel is based upon the tales of the world, built from short stories and folktales. My driving force is my dream to become a famous scholar and have my name posted every where: Matthew Cullan, Scholar of St, Pathrys. I can't wait! I just need some stories...

I've finally arrived in the village of Esseldil where they say the faery queen lives, but I have to find out more about it. I look around and I see a bunch of huts scattered across a small bunch of hills. I think this is a nice place to live. There is no filth in the streets and the huts have some space, but not too much. I believe it is time to go investigate. I'm at the door of the house of Ureil Gruliden, the mayor of this small town. I knock and shouted, "Ureil! Ureil Gruliden!" A man's head suddenly pops out of the window! I was surprised and jumped back. He shouted back angrily, "What? What is it?" "Do you know about the Faery Queen," I asked him, "the one who lives in the nearby woods here." Ureil was now looking at me like I was a moron. He then startts shouting, "Are you mad?! You wake up an old man because of a bloody stupid faery tale?! Oh my gods!" I give a small chuckle considering I did wake him up and it was roughly seven. Behind pillars of three, you shall seek. What was that? I thought I heard a voice say to me something about pillars. Behind pillars of three, you shall seek. Find the Faery Queen of whom I speak. There it is again! What the hell was that? It said something about three pillars and the Faery Queen. Its probably my imagination. I think its time to head inside. Wow, its a nice house! I've never seen a mayor's house like this before. Ureil suddenly pops out from behind the kitchen door. I was shocked again. "Why do you pop your head out of things?" I asked. Ureil then comes out and says to me, "why the heck did you come here in the first place?"

I'm going to write more for Pain and Sorrow: Into the Darkness soon, just give me several days to try and complete it. There are a total of four stories planned for the Pain and Sorrow Chronicles: Into the Darkness, Requiem of the wind, Tears of the Sun and Return to the Darkness. They all follow the story of Matthew Cullan of St. Pathrys. He is a scholar who studied the world, but wants more so he is writing a novel that is a compialation of short stories. As he continues his journey, he finds peril as a group called the Shadows try and conquer the world. Matthew is suddenly in the centre of a great war between the Shadows and the Saints. It is founded that Matthew has some ancestry.

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