This is an Experimental page where I try to experiment with writing. I'll be trying to improve by writing what I call "PRojekTs" (yes, I took a little from King Crimson, but it's not gonna publish for money). I will be making unfinished stories so that I may somehow learn from what I had and improve on it. I hope this will satisfy you to some extent as I experiment with both good and bad writing. I will be doing a bunch of things in the Genres of Science fiction and Fantasy, many different influences, many different Ideas. Hopefully this works out and I thank you very much for taking the time to read this Introduction. Please enjoy this and have a wonderful time reading. Thank You, Yugon.

PRojekT Story I: Fire From HeavenEdit

Je'Tieynal Mehdier was a tormented man and an excellent rider who rode as he made is way across the Deadlands. Not very many things were seen without him, but moreso that he was the one who had seen too much. Always keeping himself to his White horse Zajir as he galloped with the breathings of the ancient wind behind.

The Eisker Deadlands was no farther away from the Jiqara Sand Junction off the side and no closer to Tyr Najun. The trees were all extinct and rotting away on the dead surface without any water. The shrub remained the same in the desolate place as you couldn't even tell the night sky from the Land!

Curses! I'm a Fortnight late! Je'Tieynal thought to himself. Carefully thought, he knew he'd be hunted if he picked up pace as he was watched, so he kept his regular pace as he made his way to Tyr Najun. All That's left for me there is a broken welcome and a Dead man's home! And on top of that, I have Fifteen strong against me tonight! Gods, why do you curse me!?

He continued on in the silence of the night with the fear of his life at hand. His horse couldn't move its eyes off its goal, a small lit city in the distance as they make their way through. Even bleaker became the night as the mist set down. Je'Tienynal couldn't see what was exactly in front of him as he knew he was a goner. He stopped the horse dead in his track and immediately reached for his pen and parchment from the bag to the side of the horse. He scribbled in a flurry with the assassins breathing down his neck.

He finally finished and gave the note to the horse round his neck as he took from him a tie and tied the parchment round its neck. He then cracked a whip and the horse took a dash across the bleak deadlands.

PRojeKT Story II: AmbyrinEdit

The night was drifting slowly down on the Oakwood Forest. Ambyrin Tene'ial was not a happy person in her Mahogany Cabin with her high, fine and dandy acessories. She couldn't sleep a wink when she heard about the news of her cousin's death.

I don't Understand! She thought to herself. This shouldn't be happening at all! First it was Aunt Medyra, now it's cousin Zayerlin. Oh, Gods! Why does this always have to be? Why must there always be death when they're so healthy in life?

She paced her room as she felt infuriated at her own self. The very complexity of life confused her with words even she didn't fully understand! Coming to her senses, she stopped a moment and looked out her back window of her house. She saw there a forest abundant with life abound, but also saw the elderly passing away. Just then, she realized she was having a vision. The grass was gray and the skies were hard to tell as the pounding of the heartbeats in these living animals made their mark in the mind of Ambyrin.

Just a moment's rest she thought she had, but it was all a vision and rest was scarce in these visions. She stepped out of her house as the wall was gone. As she stepped out, the house simply vanished from sight and there she saw the forest as the elder woods it once was. The wondrous beauties of nature showed themselves to her as they stepped out of the shadowy caverns of fear. All was peaceful there with the wind blowing through the trees, the water did not roar and the sounds were heavenly.

"My! How beautiful!" Ambyrin whispered in awe as she saw the river sparkle from the gleaming sunlight of the enchantment that was. She had to look past that and find the purpose of this vision. Of course, she was too enchanted by the nature's beauty to take notice to her blood oath as a sister of the Ald'Tyrin Sisterhood.

She walked even further towards the river as the sparkles of sunbeams struck her with impressive movement in her shadowy hearts. Wandering alone in this shadow of beauty, she couldn't wait to find this river she heard of.

She continued along until she heard the voice of a sister speaking.

"Ambyrin! Forsaking your heritage? You should be ashamed of what you are doing!" The voice was Recognized by Ambyrin as a friend of hers, a great friend.

"Medyra! Is that you, aunt?" She asked in excitement.

"Be not afraid of what you are to find out because it is good. All I am is a life in the neverending cycles of Time. Continuing throughout the burdened Cycles to come. I am reborn now, but not as a sister. I am born a slave to atone for my sins of living an unclean life of foolishness. Do not make my mistakes and forsake your heritage or your just reward is unruly!"

"I won't make that mistake," Ambyrin shouted as she stepped forth in the darkness. "I promise you this! I won't make that mistake!"

She woke up from her vision and saw the same room she was in. The smell was damp as it rained the night before.

Have I slept the entire night? She thought to herself. Maybe I was asleep, or was I merely having a long vision? I have never in my life, taken to the thought of breaking the blood oath of my sisters! Why would such a thing come to mind in the first place?

She pondered as her thoughts drifted through the meanings of the Ald'Tyrin teachings of the Seeress Je'Altara Turvin. The very connections of her teachings with the lessons taught in the vision must've been the realization she was looking for! She stood up as she felt proud of what she had accomplished. She then reached under her bed and pulled out a thick leather-bound book. The title page told that this was her book of Visions.

Finally! How very fortunate of me for this connection between two things that come together! As she spoke of her words of understanding and humility, she taught us the dangers of life everlasting. She then finished her writing to put in her bag to take with her.

She walked out her doorway to find the road. There the clouds did sink lower than before. She raced across to the stable by there where she grabbed hold of the reins of a horse of hers. Her horse raced across the forest road down across the plains, over the Teld'Aduyi River to the rest of the winding path.

As she hurried on, the storm began to gather and the skies were blackened out. Soon a thunderclash was heard from the raging forces that wish to prevent her makings to the city. She felt a slight hint of the word pushing her, "Hurry!"

After a while of riding, she came to a crossroad with three travelers who looked lost as to where they were off to.

"You are need of direction?" She asked politely as she stopped there. They all looked up at her in surprise because It was very clear they weren't used to this kindness of people to another.

"We need some help finding Ceru Danen, can you tell us where it is?" The tall one asked. Broad shoulders moved backwards as he relaxed to the aura surrounding Ambyrin. The short one who looked ready to implode with the amount of width he had, was trying so hard to keep above the ground, but barely hung onto the air. The Female of the group was a fair lady who looked a soldier of her own. Wearing the Traditional Adehir of the Kael Knights, she was probably a Mercenary working for these two men.

"Sure, it's in the Westfold of the countryside." She pointed to the opposite of the sun. The horizon there showed the mountains in the distance that seperated the Kingdoms of Aurelia and Weiryn. Ambyrin was not sure as to their meaning to travel there, though she felt no threat from them. The Girl seemed to be a different one at that though.

"Thank you! Now we can find our way from there!" The tall one thanked her plenty. The short man moved a bit back and Ambyrin's horse prepared to leave.

"Have a safe journey, Ambyrin." The Girl said surprisingly. Ambyrin's head turned to her and didn't know how the girl knew her name. She stopped the horse to talk with the girl as the storm gusted onward.

"How did you know my name?" She asked the girl. The girl turned round and faced her.

"I've heard tales of the sisterhood of Al'dTyrin and one of such was a maiden in a crimson robe. You are Ambyrin, the Crimson Sorceress." A title that scorned the name of Ambyrin.

Ambyrin turned round to see the girl completely and saw that she truly knew who she was. She was feeling offended at the term of the Crimson Sorceress. "I prefer being called the Scarlet Sister or the High Priestess Ambyrin, but NOT the Crimson Sorceress."

"I am sorry, but you were always known as that, dear lady. It was my father's hatred for the Sisterhood that made my household so impure in its doings." She said humbly, meaning no offense. Her eyes sank low feeling so very unworthy of such a thing. Ambyrin looked down in pity and took it upon herself of this pity.

"No, I am sorry for being so misunderstanding. Please find it in your heart to forgive my Pride."She asked in mercy of the other.

"Very well, I forgive you my dear Seeress."

"And all is well then, perhaps?"

"Quite!" The mercenary said excited as she looked up to the clouds in worry. "Now we must get out of this terrible storm. Where are you off to?"

"I am off to the Tower of Ald'Tyrin, care to come for a change?" She asked eagerly awaiting an answer.

The Way and the WordEdit

Enchanting was the night as the mountainside road extended along the side. A couple of rowdy Teenagers have been drinking and driving in a car all night long, but finally were almost home. Eddy, who was driving the car was almost blind and Sarah, the girl behind was almost ready to pass out from exaustion. Mark, who was in the Passenger's seat was ready to vomit, but held it back. He didn't want to be thought as a wimp by his friends and felt a concious need to take this test with his two best of friends.

"This is exciting!" Edward said as he drived like a maniac on this narrow road with only the edge seperating them from death below.

"Yeah, it is." Mark lied as he held his head out of the car. It was very dangerous with the way they were driving and Sarah just passed out already. Eddy finally went blind and made a wrong turn. They hurled over a cliff and Mark vomited immediately as they fell off the cliff.

As they hurdled towards their death, Mark felt a sense of Shame and Disgrace by what he had done.

I killed myself and more importantly, my friend! I deserve to die then!

He closed his eyes as they about made contact, but all came to a calm. He waited with his last breath for death, but it didn't come. He opened up one eye and looked down. He saw the ground, but the car wasn't destroyed. He sat straight up with his eyes opened as he turned round to see his friends. They were gone.

Where are they? He thought to himself. He turned his head round to find them thinking they couldn't have gone far. He turned to get out of the car, but a thought hit him that wasn't even his.

Stay in the car! A voice in his head cried as he reached for the door. He paused and felt frozen. the hair on the back of his neck stood up as the voice proclaimed an order to him. It was unusual!

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