Outlier Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Thomas always had the talent of being in the wrong place at the right time. And he reflected on it, one early September morning. He had stopped off for coffee right across from the office building, even though he was running late. But the only thing on his task list today was to be arrested for fraud, and the FBI agents that were upstairs in his office going through his records could use the extra time finding even more evidence.

Thomas never thought this would happen to him, even though he did always happen to be at the wrong place at the right time. Taking a different route to work on days that speed traps were set up, missing meetings that turned into bitchfests, and even once being late for his own wedding and thus breaking the engagement only to meet his future wife and the woman of his dreams a month later.

Thomas felt he had a special kind of luck that only manifests itself in procrastination. So when he felt that he should sit down and pause for a while, he took a break. So even though he did logically thought that this problem could not be solved by simply postponing his arrival, he felt that he had to stop and wait a little while before he took the elevator to his office.

His luck didn't always always pan out. If it did he would have never met Tony and Tony would have never had got him involved with the Mob.

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