A man look up from his desk in his office, "looks more like a circle to me, wonder why they call of the Oval Office." Joseph Quinnson was 55 years old and president of the United States, he was a member of the rights party which is in first place followed by the Independent party with be Democrats and Republicans tied as usual, followed by the Libertarian party. In walked his vice president Robert Chorski from Alaska. "You wanted to know if COMB-5 is up and running, well NASA says there's a minor dent in one of the bolts but they can get it fixed in about two days." "And Souz 102 hasn't tried to ram it yet?" Nope the CIS hasn't even siad anything about our latest military satilte." "We really have to renew the treaty things are starting to get out of hand." Qunnron siad. "Well WW4 nearly went nuclear so there is no way well get anyones support, agter all who wants to get nuked is theres a 5th." "That was 40 years ago try the CIS President agian and point that out." "Ok then ,oh a reporter from NMA wans to inteview you about you service during the sencond civil war." Quinnron did not know reporters name qnd she introduced herself as Susan Lindas and got right to work. So Mr.president what are your memorys of the start of the war?" "Like most people I knew that radical groups were on the rise but did not know how much." When i heared that the home of the nazis head had been bombed I didn't think much of it." "And the "Ikesontown attack?" "I was outraged like everyone else, I mean those people had done nothing other than want worship as they pleased which is thier right, but didn't think things would exploded like they did." He cauight his breath, the president went on about his service in the coast gaurd and his many firefihgts to stop the flow of arms to the various factions. After the reporter left Quinnson sat down and thought about his first battle. He'd been given his own Cutter an Island class, USCGC Thimble. She was a catermarang

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