I request that nobody change the script while I'm still writing it. If you think that something should be in here, write it down somewhere and tell it to me when I'm finished.


Fade into title.

Fade into a scene of a dark city street. The only person is a man (Adam Welle) slowly walking down the sidewalk. He is breathing loudly. He slowly walks into an alley. Show scene of inside a very dark building. The door opens and Adam walks inside. No one is there. He cautiously looks around before closing the door again. A quiet rattling sounds echoes through the building. Adam nervously tiptoes up a staircase. He comes to an open door and walks inside an empty room. He turns and places his hand on the doorknob of another door.


Adam turns the knob and swings the door open. On the other side, there are two yellow gleaming eyes in the pitch black darkness. A large dark shape pounces out of the room and onto Adam with a screech.

Cut to scene of Adam suddenly waking up in an airplane seat. He is breathing heavily.

Fade into camera zooming through the air. The camera keeps flying through the air for about 5 seconds. An airplane flies over the camera. A city appears in the distance. The words “Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: the year 2011” appear on screen. The camera comes to rest on a building in the city. The building has the words “Proto Bioengineering” on it. Next to it is the University of Halifax.

Inside, a scientist (Jimmy Beiler) is sitting in a chair in a lab. In front of him, there is a metal and glass device with a panel on the side. Jimmy glances at his watch.

Cut to scene of Adam walking out of an airport. He gets in a taxi.

Adam: Proto Bioengineering.

Cut to scene of Jimmy in the lab. Adam walks in the door.

Jimmy and Adam (in unison): Hey!

Jimmy: How’s it goin’! You got the bones?

Adam puts his briefcase on the table and opens it. There are four bones inside.

Adam (pointing to two bones): Those are Centrosaurus apertus.

Jimmy: Excellent.

Adam: And these are Albertosaurus sarcophagus.

Jimmy (picking up the Centrosaurus bones): Great. Good choices. I'll show you the DNAPDs.

Adam: What's that stand for?

Jimmy: DNA Preserving Device.

Adam and Jimmy walk over to a table that has two metal and glass devices on it. Jimmy opens the glass window on one of the devices and carefully puts the bones in it. He closes the device again and holds down a small switch on the side. A small stream of clear liquid begins to fill the inside of the machine up.

Jimmy: This is a chemical we developed that dissolves rock, but leaves anything else intact.

Adam: Amazing.

The Centrosaurus bones are submerged in the liquid.

Jimmy (while he fixes a microscope arm and lens to both of the devices): Now we do the Albertosaurus bones.

Adam hands the Albertosaurus bones to Jimmy. Jimmy puts them in the other device and fills it up with liquid.

Jimmy: Now we wait. Let me buy you a coffee. There's a Tim Hortons dowstairs.

Adam: Just what I need.

Jimmy and Adam walk out of the room. Jimmy closes the door and locks it.

Cut to scene of Adam sitting at a table in the Tim Hortons store. Jimmy brings two mugs of coffee over to the table and sits down.

Adam: Thanks.

Jimmy: So right now, we're trying to figure out a method of getting the marrow cells out of the bone without having to dissolve the bone.

Adam: What a waste to dissolve 'em...

Jimmy: That's exactly why we're trying to figure out how not to dissolve it. But the good news is that we only need a tiny bit of bone, so we can find more about dinosaurs that we don't have much fossil evidence for. And it doesn't matter how little bone we have; the DNAPDs can preserve and clone even the smallest amounts of DNA.


Adam: What are you going to do with all these dinosaurs?

Jimmy: We think we're just going to put them in caged environments and let people see 'em.

Adam: Cool... what about pterosaurs or crocodiles or plesiosaurs or something? Are you gonna get DNA from them?

Jimmy: Oh, defenitely crocodiles. We're not sure about pterosaurs or sea reptiles, though, 'cause we need a close living relative to fertilize. The closest for pterosaurs would be either birds or crocodiles, because they're archosaurs... but that seems like kind of a far cry.

Adam: So are you using birds for fertilization?

Jimmy: Yep.

Adam: There'll be so many things we find out about dinosaurs - there are so many dinosaurs that don't have much fossil evidence - Deinocheirus, Therizinosaurus...

Jimmy (nodding): Well, the bones are probably ready now. Let's go check on them.

Cut to scene of the lab. Adam and Jimmy walk in and over to the DNAPDs. There is sand submerged in the liquid, and a tiny amount of stringy white matter floating on top.

Jimmy: That - has dinosaur DNA.

Adam: Unbelievable...

A woman (Nelly Herzog) in a lab coat walks into the lab.

Jimmy: Hey Nel.

Nelly: Hey. You found any DNA yet?

Jimmy: Sure did. Adam, this is Nelly; Nelly, this is Adam.

Adam (shaking Nelly's hand): Pleased to meet you.

Nelly: You too.

Jimmy: Adam brought Centrosaurus and Albertosaurus fossils. We've got the marrow debris out already.

Jimmy moves a small arm on one of the DNAPDs. It moves a syringe inside the device and slowly sucks the white matter out.

Adam: I never thought this day would come...

Cut to scene of conference at the University of Halifax. Jimmy is giving a speech, and Adam and Nelly are in the audience.

Jimmy: This new technology will allow us to discover what we can't know from dinosaur fossils. We will be able to answer question such as: Were Ceratopsians' frills coloured? What did Spinosaurus use its sail for? What did Deinocheirus look like?

Man in audience: So, which dinosaurs are you going to create?

Jimmy: As many as we can. Not all at once, though. Any more questions?

Woman in audience: Have you considered the risk of bringing back a species that consisted of some of the most dangerous creatures to have lived? It's similar to the study of viruses; they do escape occasionally in some ways.

Jimmy: Dinosaurs don't pose as much of a threat as viruses. Viruses wipe out millions of people; dinosaurs couldn't do nearly that much damage. Plus, dinosaurs are much easier to contain. Movies like Jurassic Park make us think otherwise, but Hollywood does anything to create a good story.


Jimmy: This will be one of the most incredible turning points in scientific history, and I'm glad you are interested. Thanks to all of you for coming to this lecture.

Cut to scene of Jimmy and Adam in the lab. They are sitting at a table that has many cardboard boxes on it. Each box is labelled "FRAGILE." Adam gets a knife out from his pocket and opens one of the boxes. He looks inside and picks out a note.

Adam: "Abelisaurus comahuensis vertebrae. Amargasaurus cazaui skull fragment. Giganotosaurus carolinii vertebra. Saltasaurus loricatus tibia fragment." Nice. This must be from Argentina.

Jimmy: Yep. Dr. Coria sent these.

Adam: Hey Jimmy...

Jimmy: Yeah?

Adam: Do you think that all this is such a good idea?

Jimmy: It's not like viruses or anything. We can see dinosaurs. We know where they are. They're not going to escape easily.

Adam: Yeah... I s'pose.

Jimmy (reading a note from a box): "Spinosaurus aegyptiacus vertebra fragment." Awesome. "Suchomimus tenerensis tarsus. Aegyptosaurus baharijensis skull fragment. Deltadromeus agilis vertebra." Nice batch!

Cut to scene of Nelly in her car, parked outside of the Proto building. She is talking on a cell phone.

Nelly: Should be ready in about a week or maybe less. Yeah. Sure thing. Bye.

Nelly turns the phone off and puts it in the car's glove compartment. She gets out of her car and walks toward the building.

Fade into scene of the Proto building. Text that reads "1 week later" appears on the screen.

Cut to scene of the lab. Adam, Jimmy, and Brett (Adam's teenage son) are looking in at the embryo chamber.

Brett: So do you have any pterosaurs?

Adam: Not sure if we can. Pterosaurs don't have any very similar living relatives to fertilize.

Brett: How long will it take the dinosaurs to grow, d'you think?

Jimmy: Probably about 15 to 20 years. It might take more for some of them.

Adam: Jimmy, Brett and I are going to go buy some lunch. You wanna come?

Jimmy: Yeah, sure. As long as you let me pay for it.

Brett: Man, I feel like all I want to do is look at the embryos - but they're not gonna do anything.

Adam (from the doorway): C'mon Brett. You didn't have breakfast. The least you can do is eat lunch.

Brett (prying his eyes slowly away from the embryo chamber): Coming...

Jimmy takes off his lab coat and hangs it up next to the door. Adam, Brett, and him walk out the door. Jimmy locks the door behind them. They walk away.


Nelly walks up to the door. She unlocks it quietly and goes inside.

Cut to scene of Adam, Jimmy, and Brett at a table in the Tim Hortons store.

Brett: Hey, d'you think it would be possible to tame a dinosaur? Like one of the smaller ones?

Adam (guffawing): What, you want one as a pet?

Brett: I'm just wondering if it would be possible. Like Hypsilophodon or some safe dinosaur like that.

Adam: Y'know, humans have never lived with nonavian dinosaurs before. We have no idea what they act like. We're separated by 65 million years - so how can we know what will happen?

Brett: I just think that if birds can be tamed and used as pets, maybe some dinosaurs can be too.

Adam: Ah... good point. But we can't train a Giganotosaurus or something, so yeah, maybe Microceratops or some hysilophodont.

Nelly walks swiftly by with her backpack.

Jimmy: Hey Nelly.

Nelly doesn't answer. She walks out the door.

Jimmy: Okay... she hasn't been acting very cheerful.

Cut to scene of outside Jimmy's house at night. Jimmy is inside, lying awake in his bed. He gets a queer look on his face and gets out of his bed.

Cut to scene of Jimmy walking inside the Proto building. The only person there is a woman cleaning tables at the Tim Hortons store.

Woman: Dr. Beiler! Why are you here now? It's past midnight.

Jimmy: Hopefully I won't have to tell you.

Jimmy walks to the door to the lab. He is about to unlock it when he realizes that it is already unlocked.

Jimmy (slowly turning the doorknob): Oh, no... no no no...

Jimmy walks inside. He glances at the embryo chamber.

Cut to scene of Adam in his bed. The phone rings. Adam wakes up with an irritated expression.

Adam (groaning): What? Who is it?

Jimmy (on the other line, panicked): Adam, you have to come to the lab, now.

Adam: What? Why now?

Jimmy: Just come. Now.

Jimmy hangs up.

Adam sighs and gets out of bed. He goes into Brett's bedroom. Brett is reading with a flashlight.

Adam: Brett, I've gotta go to the university. Jimmy gave me a call, it sounds like he's desperate.

Brett (frowning): Okay...

Cut to scene of Adam walking into the Proto building.

Woman: Adam! Jimmy just came in here half an hour ago. Why are you here too?

Adam (sighing): I dunno. Jimmy called me.

Cut to scene of Adam walking into the lab.

Adam: What d...

Jimmy (panicked): Adam, someone took the embryos.

Adam: What? I thought you were the only one who had access to the chamber.

Jimmy: I am! I left my lab coat in here with my ID card!

Adam: But you locked the door to the lab.

Jimmy: Yes! But I'm not the only one who has a key to this room!

Adam: Who else does?

Jimmy: Yvonne, Gil, Aaron and Nelly. Yvonne and Aaron are on their honeymoon, and Gil didn't come in yesterday. Y'know when Nelly walked out with her backpack? She had the embryos.

Adam: Okay, first thing you have to do is calm down. Then we'll go to Nelly's place and ask her what she did with the embryos.

Jimmy: I'm going to kill her...

Adam: Come on. It's not that bad. She probably was going to research them or something.

Jimmy: She could have just done that here!

Adam frowns. He walks over to the embryo chamber and walks in the open door.

Adam: Jimmy, there are still a few embryos left.

Jimmy: Which ones?

Adam: Psittacosaurus, Leaellynasaura, Les...

Adam pauses. He looks at the whole embryo rack.

Jimmy: Les what?

Adam: Les... othos..

Jimmy: Lesothosaurus?

Adam: Yeah... but... think about those.

Jimmy (impatiently): What about them?

Adam: All the embryos that are gone are things like Acrocanthosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Mapusaurus, Jobaria, Majungasaurus, Pentaceratops... notice any difference from Psittacosaurus, Lesothosaurus, and Leaellynasaura?

Jimmy looks at Adam with a disturbed look.

Cut to scene of an island (Île Sombre). The text "16 years later" appears on the screen.

Cut to scene with the camera in the water, looking at the surface. The form of a ship slowly moves away from the shore.

Cut to scene of Adam and Jimmy inside Brett's house, drinking coffee. Brett and his wife, (Gail Stelfox) are drinking coffee with him.

Adam: Now, Gail, I'm sorry you haven't been allowed to see the dinosaurs, but we're opening the Dinosauretum to the public the day after tomorrow.

Gail: Wow! So you've got a Carnotaurus and an Iguanodon, Brett told me about those, but what were the others?

Jimmy: Tenontosaurus, Suchomimus, and Procompsognathus. We haven't made very many in the hopes that the Coast Guard might find the missing embryos.

Cut to scene of a medium-sized yacht in the middle of the ocean. Inside, a man is scrubbing the inner hull.

Cut to scene of outside the yacht. In the distance, there is the huge, dark shape of a ship coming closer to the yacht.

Cut back to scene of the man. He stops scrubbing and listens carefully. He hears a distant, steady splashing sound. He gets up and walks up to the deck. The ship is close to the yacht, and heading straight for it.

Man: Holy Christ!

The man runs to the steering wheel. He turns the key and pulls a lever. The engine roars, but the yacht doesn't move.

Man: Come on...

The ship hits the back of the yacht and sends it spinning. The man falls down.

Man : OH MY GOD!

The yachy slows down and the man gets up and looks at the ship.

Man (angrily, as the ship moves away): Ain't there nobody drivin' that thing?

A tremendous roar echoes from another ship behind the yacht. The man spins around with his arms shaking. A helicopter flies off the ship. The ship keeps going straight and runs over a buoy. The buoy makes a loud ding, which is immediately cut off when it is shoved underwater.

Man (stunned, as the ship passes by): What the crap was that?

Cut to scene of Adam and Jimmy walking away from Brett and Gail's house.

Adam: Hey, I'm gonna head back to the lab. The Yaverlandia eggs should hatch today.

Jimmy: Sorry, I gotta get back home. Caren wants me to fix the van.

Adam: Alright, I'll see ya tomorrow.

Cut to scene of a watchtower at the Halifax Naval Base. Rain is pouring down outside. A man is inside, playing solitaire on his computer. A window pops up on his computer, which shows a rader screen with a green dot coming closer to the Naval Base. The green dot is labelled "UNIDENTIFIED VESSEL".

Man: Unidentified vessel, please state your purpose.

Nothing happens.

Man: Unidentified vessel, you are not permitted to sail in these waters. Please turn around at once.

Still, nothing happens. The man looks out the window and sees the ship heading straight for the Base.

Man: Reduce your speed at once! Turn port 180 degrees! Reduce your speed!

The ship comes closer to the shore.

Man: Oh god.

The man presses a button on his radio.

Man: Captain, we have an unidentified vessel on a collision course with the base, I repeat, there is a ship HEADED FOR THE B...

The ship smashes into the shore, destroying a building. It slides up a bit and stops.

Man (heading down the watchtower): Holy crap.

The man comes out a door at the base of the tower and looks at the ship. The ship has a huge, black tarp-like covering supported by many metal poles. The man slowly backs away as a growl echoes from the ship.

Cut to scene of Adam in his house. He is talking on the phone with Jimmy.

Jimmy: Yeah, the Carnotaurus just got some kind of disease. I looks like just a flu or something. Not too serious.

Adam: Okay. I'll be right over.

Adam hangs up the phone.

Cut to scene of Adam driving his car. He comes to an intersection where people are running and cars are racing away from the left.

Adam: Now what's goin' on here?

Adam turns a corner around the edge of a building.

Adam (startled): OH MY GOD!

At another intersection two blocks away, a huge, beige-and-black dinosaur (Deltadromeus agilis) has torn the top off a car and is engulfing the driver. Adam stares, dumbfounded, at the creature. The Deltadromeus turns its head toward Adam and lets out a roar. Adam quickly turns the car around and heads back where he came from. The Deltadromeus runs after him. Adam spins the car around a corner and gets out. He runs inside a building (which has a glass door and a glass wall in front) and gets behind a desk.

Woman at desk (irritated): What are you doin'?

Adam (in a hushed voice): Get down! Now!

The woman gets out of her chair and kneels down. She and Adam peer over the top of the desk. The Deltadromeus runs in front of the building and stares at Adam's car. It clamps its jaws around the roof and tears part of it off.

Woman (suddenly trembling): What in God's name is that thing?

Adam: Keep quiet!

The Deltadromeus looks inside the building. It gently sniffs the glass, then turns its head and walks away. Adam breathes a sigh of relief. The woman is shaking terribly.

Woman: What the heck was that?

Adam: A dinosaur...


Adam: No! We didn't make any dinosaurs like that one!


Adam picks up a phone on the desk and dials a number.

Adam: Jimmy! Jimmy, you there?

Jimmy: Yeah - is this Adam?

Adam : Where are you now?

Jimmy: I'm at the lab. Is something wrong? You sound pani...

Adam: For God's sake, Jimmy, don't go outside.

Jimmy: What? Why?

A large grey dinosaur (Acrocanthosaurus atokensis) walks by the building that Adam is in. The woman whimpers and quickly gets down behind the desk again.

Adam: I've seen two dinosaurs loose in the city now. One chased me and the other I just saw.


Adam: No - one was a really big beige-coloured carnivore, and the other looked like an Acrocanthosaurus.

Jimmy: Where are they from?

Adam: Don't ask me! All I know is...

A man runs into the building and races up a staircase. An Achillobator giganticus smashes through the door and looks around. Adam grabs the woman and they get down under the desk. The Achillobator snorts and jogs up the stairway.

Adam (in a hushed voice): Come on. We have to get outta here.

Adam and the woman quietly slink out of the building and into Adam's car.

Adam: I'm going to try to get to the university. Do you need to go anywhere else?

Woman: I don't know what to do! If these things are all over, then where do I go?

A Tyrannotitan chubutensis smashes through the corner of the building and looks at Adam's car.


Adam stomps his foot on the gas pedal. The car zips away just as the Tyrannotitan snaps its jaws behind them.

Adam: Proto it is!

Cut to scene of Adam driving to the entrance of Proto.

Woman: My name's Melissa, by the way.

Adam: Mine's Adam. C'mon, let's get inside.

Adam and Melissa run into the building. Jimmy runs up to them.

Jimmy: Where are the dinosaurs you saw?

Adam: I don't know! I wasn't tracking them!

A Majungasaurus crenatissimus walks by the entrance to Proto and looks in.

Jimmy: Oh my g...

Adam: Don't move.

The Majungasaurus swings its head through the glass entrance. The glass shatters and smashes onto the floor.

Adam: RUN!

Adam, Jimmy, and Melissa run into a hallway and into a lab. They all peek carefully out the door. The Majungasaurus is looking straight down the hall at them. It snarls. A moment after, a man runs out onto the balcony that overlooks the entrance area. The Majungasaurus looks up at him.


A Troodon formosus leaps out from the doorway that Blake came from. Blake is looking at it and backs closer to the edge of balcony. The Majungasaurus lifts its head up to where Blake is and snaps at him. Blake whips around as the balcony cracks and tilts down. Blake falls down but catches himself before sliding towards the Majungasaurus. The Troodon looks at him and hisses, but slowly backs away from the slanting balcony.


Blake gets on his feet and takes three quick steps to his left when the Majungasaurus strikes at him again and pulls the balcony down further. Blake falls down. The Majungasaurus leaps up and bites Blake's foot as the balcony tips down and hits the floor, crumbling. The Troodon runs back into the doorway as Blake is engulfed by the Majungasaurus.

Melissa: OH MY GOD - OH MY GOD!

Adam: Quiet!

The Majungasaurus glances toward Adam, Jimmy, and Melissa. It then turns and walks back out the entrance.

Adam: Where's the phone? I need to call Brett.

Jimmy: Over there.

Adam walks over to the phone and picks it up. He dials a number and waits for an answer.

Adam: No answer.

Adam redials and listens again.

Adam: Still nothing. Not good.

Adam walks out the door and slowly looks out the end of the hallway. There are no dinosaurs in sight.

Adam: I have to go to Brett's house to see if everything's okay. You guys come with me.

Cut to scene of Adam, Jimmy, and Melissa driving up to Brett's house. A chunk of the roof is caved in.

Adam: Oh my god - BRETT! ARE YOU OKAY?

Jimmy: The car's not here, Adam. They're gone.

A siren echoes across the city.

Distant voice: Evacuate the city immediately.

Melissa: We gotta get outta here.

Adam looks around with a disturbed look.

Adam: Let's drive over to my house. It's only about a block away. We'll get some previsions.

Jimmy: Where do we go then?

Adam: Away from here.

Cut to scene of Adam, Jimmy, and Melissa outside Adam's house. Adam is putting two suitcases in the back of his van (he is leaving his car because the roof is torn off).

Adam: Melissa, is your house anywhere near? We could drop by and you could get what you need.

Melissa: It's a ways away - I suppose we mi...

A loud roar comes from nearby.

Adam: Too late - we gotta go.

Jimmy, Adam, and Melissa get in the van. They drive away.

Jimmy: Stop by my house there. I need to get Caren.

Adam: Jimmy, I'm not sure we have time - she'll know when to leave.

Jimmy: Ah, the car is gone. She left - good.

Cut to scene of a stopped mass of traffic outside the city. It is raining. Adam's van is in the traffic.

Jimmy: Nelly must be behind this. Why else would she steal those embryos?

Adam: Why would she unleash them though?

Melissa: RICK!

Adam: What? Who?

Melissa slides open the van door and runs outside. A man in a truck gets out and walks over to Melissa and hugs her.

Jimmy: Well, that's one less person we have to worry about.

Cut to scene of Adam slowly driving the van through the traffic. Jimmy is snoozing in the passenger seat. Adam looks into the forest to the side of the road.

Adam (shaking Jimmy with his hand): Wake up.

Jimmy: What?

Adam: Look in the forest. See anything odd?

Jimmy squints.

A pack of eight Tyrannotitans bursts from the forest.

Adam: OH GEEZ...

All the cars jerk forward in an attempt to go faster. The Tyrannotitans stomp through the traffic, flipping and biting cars.

Jimmy: Go in the ditch!

Adam drives the van into the ditch and speeds up. Many other vehicles do the same, giving the cars on the road more room to drive faster, so they do. A Tyrannotitan bites a car and tosses it. It lands on another car. Vehicles begin crashing and piling up.

Adam (swerving out of the way of a car rolling off the road): WHOA!

Jimmy: One's on our tail!

A Tyrannotitan is running behind the van with its jaws open.

Adam: I can't go fast enough on the grass!

The Tyrannotitan strikes at the back of the van, which lifts up and falls down momentarily. The back bumper falls off. The van slides sideways and rolls two times before coming to rest, upside down, on the trunk of a tree. Adam is unconcious. Jimmy has his hands on the roof. He manages to undo his seatbelt and kneel down on the roof.

Jimmy (groaning, shaking Adam's shoulder): Adam. Adam! You okay?

The van is lifted up off the ground a small amount and then dropped. The roof get crunched down a bit.

Jimmy: OUCH!

The van gets lifted up again and moved over to the road. It gets dropped on its side on top of a pile of destroyed vehicles.

Jimmy (as the van is crushed into the wreckage): Adam, COME ON...

The van shakes a bit and the Tyrannotitan walks away.

Jimmy: Adam!

Adam (groaning): Oh god - what happened?

Jimmy: You okay? Anything broken?

Adam: I'm okay. Just dizzy. Are they gone?

Jimmy: They're still walking around a ways away. Some of them are leaving. Just stay quiet.

Adam sighs.

Cut to scene of the Halifax Naval Base. Inside, a general (Tyrone Neilson) is sitting at a desk. A man (Frederic Altman) walks into his office.

Altman: General Neilson, we're getting news that these ships are landing all over the world. Military bases are being overwhelmed; there are too many dinosaurs attacking.

Neilson: Come on! Can't we manage this?

Altman: The dinosaurs are saturated in the cities. We can't just bomb an entire city.

Neilson (frowning): Dang, this is a problem.

A Parvicursor remotus hops in the doorway of the office. Altman looks at it and jumps back, startled. The Parvicursor looks at the Altman and squeaks.

Neilson: Go! Get out!

The Parvicursor jumps backwards, makes a humming noise, and runs away.

Neilson (irritated): My god, these things are bloody everywhere!

Cut to scene of a hilltop overlooking a large part of Halifax. There is rain pouring down and lightning flashing now and then. A huge black three-toed foot crunches down on the hilltop.

Cut to scene of Altman walking out of a doorway and onto the roof of one of the navy buildings. He looks down as an Eobrontosaurus yahnahpin walks by.

Altman (taking a rifle off his back): Oh man...

Altman carefully aims the rifle at the Eobrontosaurus's head, but pauses for a moment. Altman lets out a long sigh and puts the rifle on his back again. The Eobrontosaurus slowly walks out of sight. Altman has a very distressed look on his face. He looks up at the hillside far off in the distance. There is the outline of a Spinosaurus aegyptiacus on the horizon. It lifts its head up and lets out a massive roar that echoes across the city.

Cut to scene of Adam and Jimmy walking in the ditch beside a road. There are no vehicles in sight. Adam has a backpack on.

Jimmy: Do you really think Nelly did this?

Adam: Well, it was probably her. Unless some other company found out how to extract DNA from fossils.

Jimmy: Why would she do something like this though? She really doesn't seem like that kind of person.

Adam: You know as much as I do. What I'm really curious about is where she could have been hiding the dinosaurs.

Jimmy: Maybe Tierra del Fuego - a lot of the time it's got cloud cover, so the satellites can't see it.

Adam: Nah, that's too close to the mainland. People would have found out.

Jimmy: Ascension Island.

Adam: Maybe. But the radio said the dinosaurs were spreading all over the world, I don't think Ascension Island's big enough to keep that many dinosaurs. But Nelly might have used more than one island, too.

Jimmy: Man, if this mess ever gets cleaned up, nobody's going to want us to keep the Dinosauretum open.


Adam: I hope Brett found a safe place.

Cut to scene of Neilson at his desk. Altman runs into Neilson's office.

Altman: Sir, we have to leave now. The building's under attack.

Neilson: We'll take a chopper. Get some guns together.

Altman: Right away, sir.

Neilson gets up from his desk and walks out of his office. There are a few people running around. Roars and crashes are coming from one part of the building. Neilson runs down a hallway.

Cut to scene of Brett and Gail pulling up to a hotel at night.

Brett: We'll stay here for the night. They might have the city cleared out by then, who knows.

Gail: But ships are coming in everywhere...

Brett: Hopefully, not many came in around Halifax.

Eek! I have writer's block. An idea: Have them be attacked by a pack of deinonychus.

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