The title of the comic

Orbit is a fantasy/action comic series written by Chloe Lee Saunders. It was originally going to be a whole long story stuck together, but Chloe couldn't feel that willing to give up so easy. It is unclear when the inspiration for the story came, or where it came from.

Recent WorkEdit

A sketch of the main character was shown to some women from Wallara Industries in Victoria, Australia. They simply said it was "better than any kid can draw". The sketch was taken back and soon became part of Chloe's future work, so it is quite possible it might also become a cartoon.


The story tells of Hannah Winnoh, a fifteen year old girl who dreams of nothing more than a better life. With the bullying keeping her from getting good grades at school, and her parents constantly making out, she just cannot take it anymore. Then one day she saves an imp named Gint from a nasty explosion, and gets injured in the blast. She ends up gaining the ability to throw glowing blue orbs from her hands, and to sense danger nearby when her bad eye hurts. Hannah then decides to use these powers to save the world from evil black spirits roaming all over town, while at the same time dealing with keeping her new powers a secret.


  • Chloe based Hannah's lousy life at the beginning off hers, only her parents didn't make out, her divorced dad always swore in public.
  • Imps are supposed to all have four fingers, but Chloe has constantly been known to accidentally draw Gint with five fingered hands, and crosses many drawings out because of that.
  • Chloe always imagined herself as Orbit before writing the comics. In fact, Orbit is her username on many sites. When it's not that, it's trearoos.


Hannah's two identities

Hannah(left) and her alter ego Orbit(right).

Hannah Winnoh is the main character of Orbit. She is a shy fifteen year old girl who posses a strange power; the ability to shoot orbs of light. Hannah has two friends, and soon gains a third throughout the story.


Hannah wears a white shoulderless tank top, although sometimes the brown bands near her shoulders appear to move like shirt sleeves. She starts off with two blue eyes, until the accident, which turns one eye slightly blue. Hannah wears a grey skirt and big brown boots. As Orbit, she wears a half blue-half yellow tight suit with a skirt and a brown belt. Her boots are yellow, while her left glove is yellow and her right glove is blue. She wears a yellow hairband, and a blue eyemask.


  • Lizzie is one of Hannah's two best friends. She's the kind that tries to give positive advice whenever Hannah has a problem. So in a way, Lizzie is probably the most helpful.
  • When it comes to telling jokes, Shin Han is no exception. Everytime something goes wrong, Shin turns it into a joke. Shin is probably the most useless of the group.
  • Gint is like a guide throughout Hannah's whole adventure. However, he does enjoy acting like a kid, which makes Hannah's job a whole lot harder.

Hidden InfoEdit

  • Hannah's hairstyle is based off Rachel Cammer's hair in Chloe's earlier anime story, trearoos.
  • Hannah went through many designs for many years until just a few years ago.

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