A small work written at about 4AM alongside my sister for my mother's birthday cardUser:Serprex 01:46, 8 November 2007 (UTC)

ONCE upon A TIME!!!~!!!!! is how this story begins!! But yes*-clears throa-t* IT all started when---- NO NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!! one day I was walkin down the street lookin for somethin to eat—NO NEXT beginning!!

YOU see the reason I cannot come up with a beginning is cause....I GOT OOMPA-LOOMPAS IN MY BRAIN!!!!!!!! theY’re always in my heaD....EVEN WHEN IM IN BED!!!OR DEAD!!!! they eat my brains!!!! I cant get them out..I cant get them out!!!!!!

One is named tommy,
one is named joe
One is named betty
one is named boe!!!!!
Then there’s bobby, and JIM JIMMY JIM JIM!!!!!!
The worst is Curt, he likes to hurt........
MY BRAIN!!!!!!!

So this is the middle..the middle of the book


OH YAAAA...IT’S A STORY!!!! A SHORT STORY!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!! oompa loompa dummidi doop!!! we’ve got a cheery pocket for u!!!

So eat it!!!!!!!!
BUT don’t eat my brain, not like the oompa loompas do!!!!
!!!The True Story!!!
I awoke one morning with my ears in revolting pain, I yelled “OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!”My left ear hurt the most. Then I saw it...An oompa-loompa was diving into my eye, another up my nose, one said with a voice that crackled as low as evil in my ear“I’m Curt! I love to hate you!” I jumped out of bed, but too late Curt had burrowed through my ear and into my BRAIN! I felt a chomp and a thrashing headache, but I had already lost my colour perception, I saw like a dog saw!!! The others wiped their own little rooms in my brain, then I felt the disco music vibrate through my spine and the poor rhythm of their pattering feet, like rain to a fire, I collapsed to the floor.
I awoke in a pale pink room and a light bulb asked me in a voice as low as evil “I’m going to get you, I already have you!” and then something wobbled towards me and said, with a voice as soft as a brick“If you implode, do you think you’ll explode? I’m Boby!” I yelled “Where am I?” but a little alien dudette said “Would you like some brain pie? I’m Boe! ” I yelled “How am I in myself?!?!?!?!?!?!?” I was shoved into a balloon immediately, and squeezed tightly, I finally imploded and.... BOOM!!!!!!!

I had exploded, I woke up wondering what I would eat in the street... I was now my own parasite...

The End?

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