Authors of this story are openly seeking contributions to this work.
Feel free to add to edit to your heart's content. Just try to follow the vein of the story and make sure you understand the author's intention by having properly read existing content. For major changes, please discuss them. Thank you. See Collaborative fiction.

Recycling the idea of One-word-at-a-time, there's now One paragraph at a time. The idea is that each author writes a single paragraph before writing anything else. Unlike One-word-at-a-time, there's no need to link to wikipedia... For instance, author A writes paragraph 1, author B writes paragraph 2 and then author A or any other author can resume the story.

Suggested guidelines (feel free to modify):

  • What we will make here is for new stories. Of course you can try the concept in your existing stories. But try to add new content in here.
  • The idea is that the story will be a collaboration project with no plot in mind. So, don't discuss the plot with other authors anywhere. The story is self-contained, so everything you need to know about the story must be in the story itself... no talk pages or IRC. This suggestion could be ignored once the story has gone past the initial stage.
  • Read and try to understand completely the current paragraphs. Only then you begin thinking how to add to it, following the plot you see in there. Try not to make some drastic changes, try to follow the flow of it so the final creation is readable as a single story instead of a sum of parts. Think systemically.
  • The length of the paragraph is common sense. Don't extend so much neither write a very short paragraph. Each author must have the same opportunity, in length.
  • Try not to change other paragraphs. Only modify yours.
  • The first paragraphs will set the mood for the story; if it's science fiction, mystery, etc. Although elements from other genres could be added, obviously.

Let's start!

Stories that have been written according to the rules for One-paragraph-at-a-timeEdit

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