Warning!!! this page is not for collaborators, but for readers, as I want still to build my own story and do my own works.


Here are the characters, as more began appearing, I will being updated this article, but enjoy the current content.


  • Langstrat: is the protagonist of the novel, in order to survive the wild and deserted planet he came in too, he will began to narrate the mission of a the Krassio warrior Lagart.


  • ELLA: she is the co-protagonist of the story, but the details of this character are still to be shown in the story,

because if readers see this, I don't want to ruin something important on the plot.

Technologies inside the storyEdit


Humans are closer and closer of creating a positronic brain self aware and capable of regretting humans orders, we can see it on video games and on other software, I will also will not be impressed what people have created so far in government, military, science, and they don't want to show us yet.

Alas, this story contains an AI, which is a character of importance in the story, humans will certainly create this virtual and probably robotic beings for them to serve us, but eventually, what we will be creating is just another completely species, and as Isaac Asimov tell us in his famous numerous narrations of I robot; Will there a day when robots could reach substitution of mankind? It is possible to lost control over creation?

Space craftEdit

Eventually, this is a futurist novel, Mankind has reached space and technology to even live on it, demonstrating again our great adaptability, this Novel shows a 200 years in the future, and we are capable of entering hyperspace, though our protagonists fly on a transporter, military, with little weaponry, you will probably as yourself about the kind of pods human created, eventually on a transporter, carrying important VIPs and specially on times of Civil War between ourselves, even Transporters need sometimes evacuation, don't they?

The Pod our two characters enter, could perfectly fit supplies, weapons and other tools for Langstrat hobbies, it probably was not a escape pod anymore, this one is bigger, considering that Transporters need larger safe-boats to carry numerous people at a time, so this kind of technology prepared for everything, though we were blessed to imagine such things, capable of doing such remarkable things with out great intelligence, it is this, our minds, and what we decide to retrieve; memories, data, learnings etc...

Advanced toolsEdit

Inside the story, we find several tools used by our main character, such as laser driller, well, isn't laser more powerful than steel? when we manage to control it, we will be able to do many more things, for both good or destruction.

The gun rifle is an important tool for every marine in the Human colonies, this is why Langstrat carries his own (memory of the Eugenic wars) to face whatever danger is found in that planet, though that place looks deserted of wild life forms, humans never trust of what is knew, are we?

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