Strange biologyEdit

Langstrat and Ella walked for hours in the forest, watching always of not going to far from the pod, searching for any life-forms, but the white flora of the planet did not let see anything, everything was white, Langstrat found some irregularities in some plants, Ella later explained them, but it seemed that the plant was moving, Ella said there was nothing to worry about, they kept the search for nearly an hour after. Before the Oxygen almost ran out for the O2.

They returned to the pod, and used the rest of the oxygen to return into high altitude, where the oxygen was, they entered, closed the hatch, rapidly started the engines, and began the ascension, higher, higher, moments after the pod was again floating thanks to the antigravity engines, which used gravity as propulsion; the pod looked differently with the engines online, looked like a small transport shuttle, with a circle at the hatch, the pod was driven by sensors and small cameras that showed the pilot where to move, Langstrat moved to another location after filling the pod with air, there was no wind, and there was no need to it, but Langstrat began to feel hot, so he moved little upper to feel the cold of space a little more, Ella on the other hand, studied the different signatures taken of the flora, she was really interested on the results, she made some new archives at the pod's log, and made some scientific notations, conclusions, and then showed it to Rev.

"Look at these" said Ella showing some readings into the screen to Langstrat, "The signatures from the rocks and plants are not either old nor young, they just, remain as they are"

Langstrat didn't understand very well what Ella said, but he kept quiet while Ella's explanation, "After running some tests with my simulators, I have reached one conclusion..." she said, but he was trying to understand, that Rev didn't pay to much attention to the last sentence.

"Ah... yes sorry Ella" excused Langstrat, "I was reading your studies, what did you said?" Ella repeated, and he asked then what her conclusion was.
"Well, my conclusion is that, both rocks and plants, even the ground, is artificial"

Langstrat was surprised to hear that, or probably not, first the strange ambience of the planet, the atmosphere, and now Ella says that everything in this planet is artificial, false?

"Somehow" continued the AI, "I cannot explain, the readings show the flora and rocks to be real, but if I hadn't checked the age of them, I would have not realized that everything in this place was not natural"

Langstrat could have his rifle to shot over his head right now, now they would not know if the fruits over there were gonna be safe to eat unless Langstrat tested one, but that was too dangerous, the supplies were almost finished, so he began thinking on living longer sparing some food, but that was difficult, besides, he was also tired of trying escaping a certain death, but all this stuff of the M-class planet worth it, and Rev was well aware of all that.

Ella also was just too frustrated, she could not, as the readings said, accomplish the survival of her master, and she was really messed up about the flora, and the rocks and everything to with it, she wanted to search for more, she was really optimistic, but looking his master's eyes was just to... to sad for her.

Memories of the pastEdit

Langstrat kept the window and the hatch opened, there was no air, no cold, and sometimes hot, he could not waste his time in shooting to that dense dust that floated over the surface, it was impossible, the only thing he had is a computer not very well used by Ella in his opinion, and some paper, so he decided to write a little book, and record it into the machine, like that he could leave some recording text and memories in the Pod's log.

He looked at some memories he had during the Eugenic wars, and began writing...

"I remember when my platoon was given the mission of taking out a small colony, our drop ship landed some km far from it, so we gotta a long walk in our path, but it was fun, those guys of the Terranova empire indeed were a pain in the ass, they had just taken out to many of my friends, even people a barely get to know, I remember that guy from the Alexander colony, Sullivan, I think he was called, we met at the bar of it, the Republic sent my platoon to free it from the Combine, the part of the megacolony was already taken by our marines, and the other half was on enemy's hands."

He paused, checked the hour, and watch over Ella, she was still studying the results of the scanning, he continued:

"We get to know each other very well, but I think it was because we were drunk, our former successful landing over Alexander made us really happy, like it was the end of the war... Anyway, at the following dawn we were ordered to proceed our advance, that guy was killed in a sec, he was not a rookie, he looked like a real veteran, like me...
I think that experience help you in something, but I really don't think that it could help you a lot, in war, one shot well directed, its the end of your life. However, that time at the Terranova colony, certainly was a hell of difficult mission, most of my platoon ended irecoygnizable, or dead, just me, the only one lucky enough to be the one of the last shot, the one that ended the last enemy marine, I sometimes think of the lucky I am, all this, the 'portal' and all that stuff about this M-class planet, I think I'm gonna call this place Rev... Nothing of my experience have been such a comfort for my self, than this moments."

He continued the writings about the war, until he finally arrived at the part that he kidnap this ship, just before the use of super-weapons by the Republic and the other factions, he took a non-ally ship to a non-explored space, and then he finds himself here.

Landing on the surface... againEdit

Ella certainly needed some more samples to be sure, even if the proofs were sufficient evidence of artificial life, she implored to Langstrat to descend again into the surface, he was writing at that moment, but he agreed, as his notes were a little confusing already, as he began with the wrong words and with wrong moments, he again landed on the surface after filling the pod with O2.

He moved first the pod into another direction, Ella wanted to scan some peaks and mountain particles for unknowing reasons, he moved some kilometers North, and then south, still the poles of that strange and mysterious planet were different to any seen yet.

The flora was still white besides of the distance, as though by Ella and Langstrat, and to find a mountain turned to be really difficult, as the only thing they saw were forests and forests, deserts and deserts, but no mountains, still the antigravity was working well, and the most feared thing was something changed radically, like the atmosphere, though this one was believed to be not too dense, or the gravity, but there was plenty even if it would diminish.

"I think I see something, it looks like a peak, ITS A MOUNTAIN! said Ella, as she was reading the sensors.
"In which direction?" Asked Rev, as he was ready to change course, he was just tired of everything.
"Seven km north east" said Ella, "it would take us fifteen minutes to reach it at this speed"

Langstrat moved the pod towards that direction, he instantly was hoping to be something; last try of everything, better be something worthing all this, the pod changed course and accelerated its speed, controlled by Langstrat, the engines moved again and after that, they were on course.

Ella just could not wait to see what was out there, just as the first time, she could scan the flora, as well as some rocks, but this time, the excitement was because of hoping that something could be there. Something of value, something that could let Langstrat live more years, and maybe allow him to live his entire life granted on this Universe.

The Pod continued moving and traveling across the white planet, which was not cold. The two kept for the next following fifteen minutes watching at panel cameras and and sensors. At the beginning it was difficult for Langstrat to manouver with a different control panel, besides, back in the ship, Ella was the pilot, and Langstrat the passenger; enjoying life at a point of almost doing reading and writing. No, this time Langstrat wanted to make decisions and discover problems for his own, probably accelerating his dead to a certain limit.

After fifteen minutes, and as Ella calculated, the pod arrived at the lonely peak that lied on the plain surface of the planet, though the structure of it was really strange: almost looking as volcano, without no lava, and really high as mountain, color dark grey and when Langstrat moved closer, some drawings seemed to be made, what this meant?

"Here you got your mountain" said Lanstrat, Ella appeared on the Holographic device and saw the peak, she expressed a surprised face, Langstrat almost laugh, "So I will land on that plain rock down below, its that right?"
"Yes it seems safe" said Ella watching still the mountain.

The pod then moved toward that plain spotted by Rev, and landed. Langsrat put on his space marine suit again and, by watching those marks,symbols and drawings on the Mountain's wall, he decided to carry his rifle and weapons again, and so picked up the where Ella shows herself, and got out of the pod, there was no wind again, no cold, but the refrigeration system of the space suit made Langstrat not having any hot at all.

The color of the Mountain was, as said before, dark grey, but when Langstrat got closer, the pigmentation of it seemed to be changed into black, the drawings were shining, like if somehow the mountain was alive, Ella seemed interested in this, and for that she asked Langstrat to get a small sample for her, Langstrat moved toward one of the mountain's walls, and the got out his knife, he tried to remove a piece of the mountain, but the material was not rock, it was worked metal, as he could not removed a piece, even with his rifle and laser drill, Ella concluded that the metal was a new type of armor never discovered by the human scientists, though, she was also angry of not being able of getting a sample.

Langstrat looked at the environment of the mountain, it was shining like the pump of a heart, on-off, on-off. He then asked to Ella what could be in the peak of the Mountain.

"Probably a big hole, but nothing more" said Ella very concerned.
"Why we don't explore the inside of this 'structure' instead of sitting here crying?" said Langstrat.

Ella shock her head, accepting the idea, Langstrat moved then to the pod, with Ella at his hand, and started the engines, the oxygen would be probably be at the peak, so there won't be any problems to refuel the oxygen, and there was plenty of gravity. And so the two continued their journey in that white non-cold planet, moving the pod upwards, up up and up, then they could see the peak few minutes later, they watched through the cameras the inside, it was dark, and there was no lightning in the pod but a small and not potent light in the front, they would need to get closer of something in order to watch it clearly.

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