The Space anomaly, seems endless

Rev moved left, moved right, travelled many distances, but that blasted object was still there, Ella was just recovering from her little emotional break out, Langstrat just was always in the controls, saying the same words, "Come on, Come on". Ella looked rapidly to the energy source, it was about to be depleted.
"Rev stop!" yelled Ella, "The energy is almost depleted!"
"NO!"replied Langstrat "I can do this, I can get us out of this!"
"Stop it now!" begged Ella, "You are gonna kill us both!"

Langstrat was totally out of control, moving the pod right, left, up and down, but the object was still there, Ella was just repeating over and over again, the distance between the pod and the object, "REV! 500 m for impact, better do something!" Langstrat was not paying any attention to his companion, The pod's energy was being wasted all day on trying to avoid it, in front of them, it was a huge shape,green and pretty enormous. Langstrat spent two days trying to find the border of that green shape, that also didn't allow Rev any comfortable sleep due to its green shining, Ella could not calculate its size and the pod's energy was just to wasted because of it.

"I'm sick of this!" said Langstrat angrily, "There is no way we can pass it!" , he left the controls and went sit down, Ella just watch him how he expressed his anger.

The days passed on, and both Langstrat and Ella agreed to deactivate the pod to a better usage of the energy, Langstrat consumed slowly the food, having it last longer, but its still ran out, Ella and Langstrat suddenly had a crazy idea,

"Rev" said Ella to Langstrat, they called themselves by their names, "What if..."
"If look at the possibility of go through that green shape?" completed Langstrat, "Yeah I also though about it" He paused, thinking on a optimistic way, "well maybe its just nothing, a rare of the space or just some space anomaly", but suddenly he smashed his head with the wall; What he was thinking? That was an unexplored anomaly, did not worthy the trust.
"Probably" said Ella.
"But probably not" completed Langstrat.

The two looked at the window, that green shining shape covered all the picture, nothing was but green, shining and sounding anomaly, after that they looked themselves: What possibility they could have out there in the first place? Langstrat was really tired of fighting to survive, at the first time it was fear, but now it was just a wish of some alien powerful battlecruiser to end his journey.

Langstrat began feeling that it was the best for him having perished on the Eugenic Wars back to earth than being completely without any help, only knowledge, that was really frustrating, Ella was such a company, but still she wasn't the kind of company Rev wishes her to be.

"Whatever, I made my decision Ella, we are going trough it" said Langstrat after making a long breath.

Ella agreed, though she did not say a thing, Langstrat moved toward the controls, looked at the energy readings; 15 % of energy left, he looked at the green shining shape, and tried to see any black at the horizons, finally he moved the pod into it.

"450 m for Impact" said Ella, Langstrat continued, "400 m, 350 m, 300 m..." the voice of Ella changed of volume at any distance she said.

Langstrat began to ask forgiveness in silence, as he began remembering every memory, every moment of his life, he was excited and sad at the same time, he felt really warm in that coldly pod, the moment was just to emotive to hear the sweet female voice of his companion saying "Impact in 3, 2 , 1".

The light was brighter than ever before, Langstrat didn't see a thing, he closed his eyes, avoiding by instinct getting blind, but what could that matter? it was a certain death now. Suddenly the ex-marine was feeling strangely, he was falling asleep, his eyes were closing and everything was slower, he tried to say desperately to Ella to take command of the pod, but then everything was black and Langstrat lost consciousness.

What the...Paradise?Edit

"Rev! wake up" Ella was just in front of the pod, projecting her holographic appearance on a screen. "Wake up Langstrat, I don't want to lose you!" Langstrat was forced to open his eyes, that sweet voice was persistent.Rev was really surprised to see the hatch open, and the windows, he first scared; What the hell is all this? though, he looked at Ella, she smiling at him, making fun.

"We are truly lucky marine" said Ella with sarcasm, "lucky that that anomaly was actually a portal, leading to this place"
"Where are we?" asked Lansgtrat amazed, his eyes opened rapidly.
"See for yourself sir" answered Ella, with the same sarcasm, she couldn't wait for the expression Langstrat made, he looked at her, and she made a big yes with her head, "It seems that this particular portal led us to the M planet.
"Cannot believe this!" yelled Langstrat, that planet was supposed to be a cold planet and... AIN'T FEEL ANY COLD!"
"Well, I'm afraid I cannot explain that Rev" said sadly the AI, "the Image did showed a frozen planet, but the climate is quite different, it seems that its composition makes it look white like a frozen planet, its flora, the grass, earth everything, a pretty disguised planet".

Langstrat moved toward the hatch, "Are we... AAAAAH!" screamed, as he realized they were floating, "How do you explain this ELLA!"

"That sir" answered Ella, "Are the anti-gravitational engines, I leaded the pod using them, the gravity of this planet is the double of how it should be watching its mass and volume, a real mystery, the anti gravitational engines work hydraulically, so we cannot worry about falling, we have energy to kill!"
"Ella, that expression is normally used when you ask for the hour" said Langstrat correcting to Ella's sentence, "but this is amazing, its just like the submarines I have read about!"

This was quite a mystery, how they could get so quickly to their destination? But most important, what was doing some sort of portal at 15 parsecs away of the destination? and in the middle of no where, no stars close?

"I really though that this was gonna be my certain dea..." he paused and an important question came to his mind; I'm breathing? he turned to the controls and moved to the oxygen compartment, it was full, the life support was working good, "Wait... this is perfect planet then, if its covered by a normal breathable oxygen, why we don't descend to surface?"
"That is the problem sir..." answered Ella, "The oxygen is just at 3000 ft of altitude, the surface and the down below the atmosphere could kill you in just a matter of seconds, its just not dense enough"
"This is really amazing, and what about the space, I read that pilots just crashed because of wanting to break some altitude record, but the oxygen finished at an specific altitude, if we are above 3000 ft from the surface, just uh..." he looked at the panel showing altitude, the continued, "at 8510 ft exactly, how the lack of oxygen is not killing me right now? I'm sure is not about the dense of the atmosphere? and wait!" he stopped, something did not smelt good for him: A planet with not to much density, still having oxygen, flora and probably wild life. "How is this possible?"
"I don't know sir, I will have to do a full scan of the surface to be sure, but with you, well it gets complicated" said Ella with no regard.
"How flattering Ella" said Langstrat with some anger on his voice, "Do you really want to scan this planet?"

Ella did not wasted any second to answer that dumb question for a normal AI, she obviously said yes with the expression her face made, another emotion was shown on Ella: Admiration, she admire this enigmatic planet and wants to solve the mystery.

"All right Ella, I'll help you" said Langstrat moving towards a compartment.
"But how do you plan to help me, you don't have any special suit to..." Ella stopped when she looked Langstrat showing his space military suit, Rev could not hold the laugh when he saw Ella just looking at him.

Ella just didn't had anything to say, Langstrat put on his old regular suit, the light armor of a normal infantry suit back on earth, and putting it made Langstrat to remember his missions in the Eugenic Wars, before it and in its currency.

"Well, shall we go?"

Ella turned off the screen panel and moved to her mobile device, and said to Rev that she was ready.

Langstrat moved the ship down and down, it took some minutes to reach the surface, before it, Rev closed all the windows and the hatch door, the ship keep falling slowly, deep and deep into the planet, there was no fog, how could it be on a lesser density as on earth? The Ship landed, and the hatch was opened, there was no cold, a normal temperature, as regulation of Space marines and corporals site, the lander must secure the area in case of ambush, or hostile territory, well, probably there was no ambush, but there was a hostile territory, Langstrat pointed his rifle towards any direction, securing the pod, and walked away with Ella in the device, with him was a scanner, capable of scanning temperature, Planetary mass, scan flora, and wild life if possible, though this last was not believed by either the ex-marine or the AI, they got not to far of the pod and began their exploration and scanning.

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