Oblivion Volume One Edit

John Kent is standing on the edge of a cliff, After a long time standing there he walks off the cliff.

and lands on 1 billion bottles of Booze

John Finds A Book After drinking all the booze

he opens the book and more bottles of booze spring out

The title of the book was called

How not to get drunk

he read the book

Step 1) get drunk

Step 2) get undrunk

Step 3) get more drunk

Then John walked into the book he finds a waterfall of booze wich was going upwards not downwards the he sees a war between tea and coffie then anoter war between milk and cream then a massive biscuit rolls in a solves the wars then suddenly a giant biscuit eats the sky John destroys the biscuit by crushing it but more biscuits came this time they where on the ground a front line of biscuits all diffrent types the only thing stoping the biscuits from killing John was that John was inside a spider hole armed with a the new

raiped fire AP/AA/AT cannon and a flag of britan

the biscuits lined up for one mass attack the biscuits ran towards John

Wave after wave soon John was over-welmed by the amout of biscuits

he was low on ammo and low on food then suddenly out of nowhere a helicoppter shot down meny biscuits but then was shot down by the biscuits AA cannons John kent was worried he was low on ammo and food he decied to leve and run to higher ground before the next wave he decided to take the tatted british flag and his canteen of booze then he saw a mountan

the neon sky lit his way to his landmark he finaly reached his landmark only to find his enemy (The motherbiscuit) was close behind John dug a hole deeper and deeper to find a chest he opened it and steped inside to find sunny skies,countryside and a house there was no-one in the house, he made himself at home only to find that there was no moden stuff inside there where three rooms a small bedroom a mian sitting room and a small WC. the house was very cosy and fully furnished perfect for John

Then john saw a hole in the floor he jumped down the hole only to wind up inside a moden pub john was faceing the barman John turned around, the pub seemed dead every-one was there but they was'nt moveing nor where thet talking john sat down at a table and asked a guy

John: "where am i"

Guy: "nowhere"

John: "what do you mean nowhere?"

Guy: "nowhere"

then the guy put a gun to john's head in fact the whole pub pointed guns towards john

john stood up and backed slowly towards the door he steped out side and walked away then every-one in the pub fired at the door john was very confused no-one was moveing or speeking it was like time frozzen aroud him

Then john fell down a open manhole and ended up in a corrupt police state ruled by a oppressive dictator who tracked his people with microchips, had a world central bank at his knees and use propaganda and fear to control his people eventuly this lead to riots and clashes with goverment police

when john arrived a riot had already kicked off john ran to a ruined house and took cover under some rubble

Meanwile in the real world the book that john stept into was destroyed john was trapped forever inside sureal worlds of nothing

Anyway john saw 30 freedom fighters flee only to be shot dead then john saw a rpg lieing next to him he picked it up loaded it and aimed at a goverment police car and fired this gave john the vitial seconds needed to steal a driveaway John did'nt know it but he was being followed by a phantom helicopter/black helicopter when john reached the countryside the helicopter opened fire John zig-zaged his car 30 minutes later the helicopter ran out of ammo and pulled away a speeker in the car told john to leave the car and run becuse the car will crash and kill him john just ignored it and kept on driveing eventey the car crashed trowing john out of his seat and sending him one final time to another place

John was in a white room a person appered no-one knew who it was, then it spoke

It: "john"

John: "what?"

It: "you did it"

John: "did what?"

It: "your alive"

John: "no im not im dead....wait...hang alive"

It: "well john time to send you back-"

John: "wait"

It: "what is it?"

John:"what happed to the book"

It: "the book was destroyed...all this was never ment to be when you fell off that cliff you where saposed to have die"

John: "but how?....why was the book destroyed?"

It: "you will find out"

John: "When?"

It: "Only time will tell"

John: "Just one last thing"

It: "Go on"

John: "if i did die i whoud end up here right?"

It: "no...remeber this is not an afterlife this is another world like all the other worlds you have visted"

John: "Oh...well inthat case bye"

It: "what do you mean bye you still got the rest of your life to go...remeber live your life dont waste it.....your not immortal....Well time to sened you back see ya"

The figure sent john back but sent him to the wrong place john was now on a floating island with loads of other islands and no gravity "Oh my God...what do i do?"

then ray mears came out of no-where

"need some help?"


ray showed him how to savive in 5 days john and ray where both doing grate only one problem how to get back to earth then they saw a blue beam create a portal in the sky only one problem how to get to the beam ray got from on island to the next by pushing himself off the islands john done the same they soon got there john read the manual to oparate it but the chances of him geting home was 1 in 50000 chance there where that meney worlds

John jumped into the beam only to be teleported to a room, he was lieing on a bed it was 13:54 john woke up went downstairs only to find that he was public enemy 1,2 and 3 and there where riots at cyberspace control he got dressed his frend frank knocked on the door and asked him if he wanted to join the riots john wanted to get out of the country, frank segested loads of options, they eventuley got to the option of useing the sewers, they foud a manhole at the back of john's house, and climed down the ladder only to find that there was a drone waiting for them it gave them a 5 second warning to come peacefuly of it will open fire frank ran at it only to be killed john ran only to have a brush with death he found a ladder and climed up to find rioters prepering for a mass attack one of the rioters got up and screemed foward they ran forward all guns blazzing only to end up dead john looted there bodies and used them as sheilds just to get back alive john ran to a ruined house he took cover from snipers luck for him he was in a blind-spot and they where reloading john ran to a Bügattie Vagon got in a hot-wired the car after a minute of hot-wireing he finialy done it he put his foot down and speeded down the road a helicopter was fireing at him he put his car into reverse and whiped out a rpg and shot it down only one problem 3 Eurofighter Typoons where closing in and fast john bailed out of the car into some thick grass on the side of the country road the Bügattie Vagon was well out of john veiw and he did'nt hear the Eurofighter's anymore he was safe....well not completly safe becuse they searched the area later that night.

They eventuly found john face-down in a shallow river john woke up inside a capsule he had forgeten what had happed before there where 3 men in the room talking the capsule john was in was soundproof then one of the men pushed a botton in the side of the wall which activated 30 super computers john was sent to a virtal world he was on top of a speeding train he found a hach opened it and sat down inside the train he got off the next station and saw a guy holding a breifcase he showed john all his personal infomation john did'nt blevie him at first until he saw riots on the TV john was stunned how can one man be right about his life johns life was now a breifcase then john was trown back into reality where one of the men before decared nuclear war john was felt a shudder down the back of his spine he was sent ten years into the future

The date was 13th of march 2036 He was in a fallout bunker he was critcaly wounded the milatery where there they took him to another fallout bunker they healed his wounds gave him food and drink and housed him and took care of him until the 20th of june 2040

John woke up to find them all dead, john grabed a MP5 and went up the ladder

When he got to the top he saw storms and bilzards all around him he dug a foxhole with his beare hands and used rusty iron sheets for the roof and took cover from the blizards and storms

Then john saw a legion just lineing up to attack him they lined up john was ready they ran but john was no mach he was captured and held prisoner in a barracks wile he was there he have the task of cleaning armor,washing clothes and other unplasant tasks he was woken up at 5am and went to sleep at 11 pm he was forced to work no-stop for that period he was allowed a 10 minute lunch and then it was back to work

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