The Oath of a Summoner is compiled of short stories that revolve around the dead and the living. To each story there is a hidden meaning and to each meaning there is truth. This is the Summary of each chapter, but the meanings you find yourself

Chapter 1Edit

A recorded encounter of a soldier with Sodiligen by an army lieutenant enlisted in the 12th battlement after having been retrieved from war.

Chapter 2Edit

Heaven is truly hidden, but it isn't hidden to everyone. As heaven is said to be a holy place where nothing bad goes on, that isn't the truth. Heaven is earth, which is hard to understand considering we thought the skies were the heavens. The truth is that heaven is here, but not. It is around us, yet far away. Sometimes, when the timing is right, humans may wander into heaven, and sometimes some demons tend to wander in. These are talking about those times and the last two stories talk about life in heaven.

Chapter 3Edit

Hell is believed to be a giant pot of brimstone and magma, but it is different. It is everlasting darkness in which creatures are engulfed. If one were to wander Hell long enough, he would come across a great place of light, but it is not a place of peace and of heaven. It is the Palace of Satan, the fallen star. Instead of a large demon stirring a giant pot, he is a man very much like you. Satan is not a simple, pety man though. He is the prince of Hell, the fallen angel. The one who dare oppose god and has fallen. Satan was a man who would eliminate mankind. Sometimes when the gates of Hell are opened, mankind tends to wander in, but they never come out. These stories covers what life is in Hell and is talking about what happens to those who wander through the gates of hell.

Chapter 4Edit

Earth is believed to be just the lonely planet in the Milky way, but it isn't. As you've read so far, you know there is a Heaven and a Hell, but what about earth? Earth is discovered to be what is called the gate between worlds. Being this, it is open to Heaven, Hell, and the Myst. These tales are about the encounters humans had with the supernatural and what it is like with demons in the world of earth.

Chapter 5Edit

A child finds a wounded soldier who bears an amulet of gold, and takes the gold as treasure to his mother, the witch of Ayrn. When she receives the amulet, she feels an immense energy coming from the amulet, and feels inclined to release whatever is sealed inside. She performs a ritual, only to release a devil from inside, who romps about the house, and eventually eats both the witch and the child before being sealed back in the amulet.

Chapter 6Edit

A mariner is ship-wrecked upon a crag in the middle of the Korlisaw Strait, having been swept away by a massive tidal wave. The story is a documentation of the three days he spent on the crag and what occurred while waiting for a ship to sail by.

Chapter 7Edit

An opposition party in the political system of the town of Weresthlan begins composing an assassination plot, only to fail to do so because of their intellectual inadequacies. The members are left disparate and give up, having been disproven only by a small child over their whole of theory.

Chapter 8Edit

The Stars So Bright Fell And Died In The Night Sky

Stablemaster of old Hammel-town encounters spirits in the dead of night, learning of the imbalance of the natural world, and how it has to be righted. He runs out in the night, seeking a sorcerer to tell to.

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