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First, the abridged eleven and a half pages of illegible notes:

How much will physical recording affect the experience? Oink. They're going to Hell. Ugly shirt. Pretty brown guy


Striked ballot

Politics is small talk

Hot ass jeans


Guy made eye contact with me. Right with me right down there

How nice you're...

You mis...?

With like guy a lot of passages

Hand on right ear

This is shorthand. Write that

Cars: black blue gold green black black black

Story - Trip - About some guy writing in her notebook ...? Nobody can read it either

Pulled last pylon

I can't read that

I can kind of

122.7. That's important

Things scared hippo. Tonight scarves a hippo. Scare a hippo guy oh

Woman on foot. Birds on bumps on a log

I have to go on to buy my train

Valid tomorrow?

The lines long will you hold my coffee? If you walk in circles

Little girl: Did you bring the iPad? / No, did you want me to? I brought the iPhone

All that

511. Look out the window

Not put movies on the iPhone. Can we do that?


214 Cross Avenue. Sports burger. Phones Heyyah. Tickets for billets. 20$. May have to return. Ticket at Union station are those too small hid mommy know you were hearing loser boy

Any ears that don't have a hat put your skirt shirt down

This whole line

Go back to

I can get a lot done with a couple months

We will get a seat

Don't let that probability start to influence you

Only freezing right here. It's not cold. Arrararargh

Bought brocoli rockstar

I think so you are so close to the door I'm really hungry I'm cumming

Me for they

All alone in a crowded train

Doors are now closing. I haven't been on here for so long. Clarkson

gasp She has sunglasses

Why can't it be about me?

I could write this about you but it'd be more interesting if you don't

I hate socks and sandals

& & & & & & & &

Got into the smoking sparkle: I don't like new eye brows

Staring she doesn't notice me. Crossarm?

I can taste Goldschläger in my snot

Really? Really. Oh my god. Oh my god. Ah shitty. Ah this is shit

As talking

God hopes not

No: I feel like I should

It's funny because it's standard

I don't remember HAHA

Ow I hit my head

You guys were laughing

I see people as a joke

Clarkson this station stop: Clarkson

Smart ass absolute dumb ass

Let's reach upstairs

No longer fun

Like regular people

Doors closing. Stand clear of the stairs. Stand clear

He never made eye contact with me

Ugly people: fun eh?

Nice enough

Sunglasses and beach glam

Saturday not Tuesday

Scribbles so I don't have

I said so

Port Credit. Stand clear of the door please. Doors are closing

My neck hurts

I don't have 250 words to say about that guy. He isn't even looking at me. He doesn't care about me. How am I suppose to write 250 words going about how this guy is some other guy when it's clear in 44 words?

Ticket check. Aren't you glad I made you go back? Wrong side. Thanks

Where are we? I didn't here

Mimeco next

Pin head

Checked twice

Oh... oh. Ask her

It'd be nice to have someone who'd write down everything I say

Mimeco next station stop. Mimeco

Ryan Pitt is a teat. Who is Ryan Pitt? Brad Pitt. I hate him so much

In the face

Exhibition. Next station stop: Exhibition

She's reading: Where Demons Fear to Tread

It's gonna be home. She's sleepy already. Um...

& then

Time really yeah yeah

So what's mom's plan?

My other. They're summer. Summer time

Sleep on my shoulder

In her head

Exhibition. Station stop. Exhibition

On I hear

Union station. Next station stop

I don't know what they're there. Up every week

I think I'd have a heart attack if I did this again

Guy refused

You don't see it

5/6. Please keep in mind crossing the tracks is dangerous & illegal. Go Leafs go

This about the city:

I found drinks. Strawberry shake. Nestea. A cold coffee. Mixed some coke and punch found by each other. Bottom of a coke

X files. That's later. First we're walking around walking around and wondering where's where and what's what. I'm wanting French Vanilla and she's wanting to figure out where Chinatown is so we can get go pieces and we're walking and I'm think what's this or that this or that. A thought: In all this, I can't remember every single ad. Every single pretty face on a square. All these people walking. It took too long to break from the crowd. Bubble tea was too expensive. Everywhere's going nowhere. Take out forty I won't spend. Go to work and walk through a puddle with wet feet and don't roll down those rolled down pant legs because that's that and this'll be this. That's not what I'm talking about. Leave and find strawberry shake. It was hard to get in but I'll show you the way out. There's poor busking and cotton candy. The sandwich gets tossed and there goes half my two toonies. There's line ups for photos. Photo's are being taken in front of simple lights and clowns. Finding random coffees and stuff and exhibits and crowds. Crashing them in when going to go. Asian food bought primarily for chicken. Stop in at smoke screens and ice cream. They say thank you I say you're welcome. Banana boat. Climb up. Climb down. Girate to rotate.Wait around. For once not in a crowd. Could I take a piss? Won't til I'm home. I want a soda. Get me a soda. He has a soda. Train's here. I want a soda. Oh my god we're going to miss the train. I got a soda and we didn't miss the train. Twenty minutes to go see the fires start so we didn't go because we'd seen a pile of paper tubes and some guy showing his stuff on the way back and line ups into alleys that are usually empty enough to mug people in. An ambulance is on the way. Jump on the back and jump. He's playing possum. Mix to drink because she's thirsty and the dragon mall didn't have go pieces. Walking the wrong way. Walking the right way. There's pretty people all around. Also ugly. Gates to stop cars but people never stop. The night of cutting off cars. We know people who would fit this scene. I want to go there. I want to go here. No there. Or there. Where? There. There's a bird flying. It's spacey this year. She's a little tipsy. Don't go in the bathroom she's in there. I don't like them

You could randomly cast a smokescreen and abduct scotfree. Cast a tractor beam and enjoy the show

Also there's lasers in the sky