Hundreds of years in the future where the descendants of the human colonists were stranded in another galalxy and forced to adapt to survive. In this new galaxy they named Novum Aurora in one of their ancient languages meaning New Dawn, creating new civilizations and empires to conqour the stars, forming alliances and new enemies. The story begins on a planet that would one day rise to become one of the greatest empires in the galaxy, from unifing the world to bringing the lost human siblings together to face many challenges in the distant future.

Races Edit

  • Humans
    • Kimeran
    • Chaduran
  • Brekashu
  • Akree
  • Wraith
  • Val Kitarui

Nations Edit

  • Chenuan Empire
  • Val Kitauri Dominion
  • Wraith Empire
  • Akree Hive
  • Brekashu Collective
  • Holy Kimera Republic

Characters Edit

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