The Private Interests SyndromeEdit


Before I continue, let me tell you what was happening at the moment with the other people I talked about. Mary, for example, was starting her career, a guy she knew wanted to make a horror movie called "The attack of the tasteless creatures of Yor!", and put her in the cast as the leading actress, and since she was getting four hundred dollars just for screaming and fainting all the time, Mary didn't care the movie was stupid.

Jenny was still being regularly seen in various bars throughout the town, only now, quite a bit more people wanted to talk to her, since she was the second richest girl in town. Unfortunately, she hadn't found a guy yet that wanted to stay with her even while pregnant.

The...guy in charge of area 51 was busy trying to develop devices that created hurricanes. The UN made a law or two that prohibits changing the weather with military intents, but apparently he didn't get the memo. Hugh Flackman had been forgotten and no one even went to his home now. White and Black were still trying to find the sources of the increasing flood of UFO photographs and videos sent to various TV stations.

Klayton was getting even more followers that felt compelled to follow a life of denial of the mundane properties, privation and poverty while discussing existentialist matters. Oh, and he bought this original painting by some Leonardo guy. Billy Bob Jens decided that smiting Klayton was harder than he thought, so he started a smear campaign.

Gary Mann started watching more TV and reading more books (Including: "They float among us" and "My alien hybrid baby and me"). He even watched the entire one hour documentary in Discovery Channel about Notroswellville. The focus being the alien sexual encounters related by witnesses. An known ufologist gave an interview, explaining everything about how the aliens were probably trying to infiltrate human society slowly by creating hybrids...Yes, like the superman movie.

Of course it is a dumb idea, because, if, for example, you fucked a cow, you wouldn't have cow-human hybrids, would you? Nope. Because your DNAs are different, therefore, if aliens even had anything loosely alike DNA, theirs would be completely different from ours, which would make interspecies breeding impossible, unless a rare case of similar enough DNA happens and something like a mule gets produced. And besides, it would be much easier and cost effective to just blow our cities up.


But anyway, what matter to us now, is that the mayor was very satisfied with the sudden gush of money from the tourists' pockets to the town's coffers. He was very satisfied indeed, cause now he didn't need to use a greater fraction of the town's income for his own personal matters.

In fact, the income of the town with taxes and tourism had practically doubled. And all(although he didn't know)thanks to his daughter. What he did know is that if the reports of UFO sightings stopped, that river of money would stop running through the town.

This is, of course, one of the reasons why the mayor paid Jack Thurman to make as many fake videos of alien space ships as possible...well, the other is to have a little fun at one TV station that accused him of being corrupt (They were completely wrong, of course).

And now, the mayor had an important decision to make. A group of french investors wanted to build an UFO themed theme-park in the fields near Notroswellville. If he acquiesced, some shops in the town would lose their supply of agricultural goods and the farmers would join the ranks of unemployed within the town.

But the town would probably get much more money in taxes and tourism, which meant he wouldn't need to raise the fraction of the income he used for his own benefit, and still be able to buy that nice Ferrari. And since he cared so much about the population of the town, the mayor's heart was torn apart when he gave the green light for the project.


But the french investors never got around as to decide which farm they would buy. Until, one day in which Hugh Flackman...yes, that one. Got out of his home, only to hear his son screaming at the fields. Hugh ran towards the sound, and when he reached there, he found his son yelling: "Those fucking rabbits!".

Apparently, someone had cut down a big chunk of his crops. The devastation was too big for simple rabbits (as if rabbits eat corn), so Hugh assumed someone had done that during the night. And he didn't assume wrong. Some smugglers had come in the middle of the night and stole as much corn as they could, one day before the harvesting. But coincidentally, the part they cut down looked like three big circles in the fields.

Obviously, the investor were impressed. First, a UFO falls on the guy's farm, and then, three big circles appear on his crops, circles that were, obviously, made by aliens from outer space. It is not a surprise that the french investors decided to buy Hugh's farm shortly after.

Hugh though, didn't decide if he wanted to sell his farm, so he asked for the investors to wait for a day, while he decided. Now, imagine his surprise when, the next morning, almost all the farms had circles in their crops. These ones, of course, not made by some smugglers, but by the farmers themselves, that had decided faster than Hugh to sell their farms, and at a lower price, which caused Hugh and his farm to plunge into obscurity again.


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