The Parking Lot SyndromeEdit


"Where in hell is that man? I bet Jane wrote the time wrong! She loves to do this to me. This time I'll fire her for sure! Oh I..."

"Are you the journalist?"

"GOD! Where the hell did you...Why did you jump me?"

"I did not jump you."

"Yes you did."

"No, I did not."

"Yes. You did."

"No, I...look, do you want to hear the story?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I just am not used to be jumped on by guys in empty parking lots."

"I did no...*shrug* I liked Michael better."

"Well, he's dead and I'm all you got right now. Now go and tell the story. *Turns the recorder on*"

"Well...It all started in a small town in New Mexico called..."

"Wait. New Mexico? This won't be about UFOs, will it?"

"As a matter of fact...yes."

"Aw no man. I don't do UFOs."

"What you mean 'I don't do UFOs'? You work in the Boston Instigator!"

"But I will work in the New York times one of these days and I don't want UFO stories to drag me down. Don't get me wrong. I do governmental conspiracies, foreign conspiracies, policemen conspiracies, healthcare conspiracies, people that married with the big foot, werewolves and astrologers. But I don't do UFOs."

"What in...for God's...look, you'll hear this story. If you want to publish it, do it, otherwise, don't. It's not like you have anything better to do anyway."

"*Sigh*...go on."

"It all started in a small town in New Mexico called..."

"Wait, what's your name?"

"It's not important."

"Well, I gotta call you something, I can't call you 'The guy I met in the parking lot', can I?"

"Well...make up something."

"I'm not very creative, that's why I became a journalist."

"Well...Ahnn...uhh...a name, a name...let's me...what was the name of that movie...? Oh yes. 'The nymphomaniac zombie from Venus'."

"'The nymphomaniac zombie from Venus'?"


"Are you serious?"

"Look...just shut up and listen to the story. I'll give you something later."

"*sigh* alright."

"It all started in a small in a small town in New Mexico called Notroswellville."


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