Northdale Middle School Terror (AKA: NMS Terror, George A. Romero's NMS Terror & George A. Romero's Northdale Middle School) is the premiere zombie splatter film in the NMS series and was released in 2006. The film is directed, written and produced by George A. Romero & Rob Zombie; starring Erik Frillery as Derek Marcus Collins, Cassy Mely as herself.

Plot Edit

The films story line begins with a man in the 1940s talking to man whom is not talking, but looking, the strange man kills the man talking to him, soon in 2006, Derek is scheduled with a meeting with his parents and the vice principal, after the meeting, meanwhile, Washingtonian student, John Nailburs is taken to a base under the White House, and is turned into a zombie by Trioxin, revealing his father gave the command to turn his own son into a zombie, they let him go, and he bites off a soldier's ear, and he is contained, they said that don't know how to kill it, they then contain them, overnight, Josh breaks free and heads upstairs, he soon finds his father putting his under a couch, bites a bit of his finger, but he has fast reflects, the next night, the president awakens, and kills several soldiers and soon they all turn into zombies, soon, the zombie outbreak spreads from Washington to Minnesota, and the NMS school lets a bunch of soldiers in, and starting a bloody rampage, soon only fifteen students survived, eleven police officers and the vice principal survived, soon they go into the Math class, and a dead teacher cut in half, bites Det. Plankers, and bites deeper and blood are starts to spraying out, soon, he cut off his leg, and kills the teacher, them he killed by a bunch of zombies, soonn more zombies storm in, and Chief Stotleton is ripped apart by the zombies, another police officer is killed by getting his throat slit, they then hide on the roof of the school, revealing that they are surrounded by zombies, and there is no escape, then a man comes with a hardcore war vehicle comes, and saves the survivors, soon takes them to the nearby mall, Northtown mall,they then are surrounded by the Military and have a mall to live in with more then seventy people, Josh then breaks in, and kills a civilian, the next morning, the civilian comes back to life, and kills almost everyone, except for thirty others and many soldiers, the soldiers then find out on how to kill the zombies, they shoot them in the head, but if they found that out earlier, hope would still be alive, but a soldier said "All Hope Is Gone!", then they are bombed by Russians, the zombies then get inside the mall, killing everyone except for Derek, Cassy, Jonas Merrill, Curtis Marie and Jake Tyler, soon the zombies kill Curtis and Jake, soon the zombies are being shot down by a .50 calibur machine gun that was by Derek, soon a very gory battle scene, soon the zombie threat is done, but Jonas was bitten, he is then killed. Josh is then revealed to be the only surviving zombie. The films credits show newsreels about a even bigger raid, and the military are dealing with it, soon Josh appears and kills everyone, soon as the after-scene-credits start, Josh is seen killing a bunch of homeless people, and they are coming back to life.

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