"Ugh, I am so sick and tired of this place".

Philip looked over to his clock and concluded that he needed to sleep a lot more, but there is no way he can keep sleeping with so much noise right outside his apartment.
One solution would be to go to bed earlier, but he gave that up so long time ago since he can't concentrate during the day anyway, which might have something to do with the same noise.
No, he concluded that the best solution would be to move out of this dump and get one of those fancy apartments in one of the many skyscrapers that are around, but those cost a lot of money.

And money, money is something everyone needs but no one has, so everyone gets stuck in the lower quarters annoying everyone else.
Well, everyone does not include those who are living in the skyscrapers, but they are mostly employed to one of the mega corporations and most people do not have that luxury.
But for Philip things have been showing great improvement since some time; he is making a name for himself in the "security specialist" scene and even managed to get noticed by a higher-up in one of the mega corps.

They needed some things to be done and so they offered Philip a contract, do nine jobs for us and we will get you a apartment in one of our skyscrapers - including furniture.
Philip, amazed at the opportunity, jumped on this and signed the contracts right away, unfortunately he forgot to read the fine print, something he would come to regret later on.
The first six jobs were standards jobs, delete some sensitive data from corporation X, steal some data from corporation Y... the general stuff that he expected to be doing, in fact it was so standard that he even got slightly bored with doing it.

Now, Philip managed to complete that sixth job only five hours ago, it took a long final night but he finally cracked the last defensive barrier and copied the data so he could send it out.
This did mean that he went to bed even later then normal, and as he feared he was awoken far too early for his liking, but with all the noise that woke him in the first place there was no way he was going to fall asleep again.
So Philip dragged his sleepy self out of bed and stumbled to his computer, turning the screen on and checking for any new messages.

Somewhat amazed, he discovered that his contact at the mega corp had already responded and congratulated him on his success, stating that it came at the perfect moment.
He continued to explain that the next job would be a bit different from the previous six jobs.
Philip continued reading and became quite unsure on this next job, realizing it carried a lot more risk then the previous jobs he did.

Now, Philip decided to seek contact with the mega corp, seeing if he could get a different job that was less risky.
But, this is the part where Philip regrets that he didn't read the fine print, as his contact showed it to him and pointed out that he had to either do the job or lose all the work he had done.
Now, Philip was not happy with this, not at all, but looking at the work he had already done he decided that it would set him back too much to not do it, so he accepted it.

Now, I bet you want to know what made Philip feel so unsure, seeing how he used to steal information from mega corps for a living.
To explain this, we need to give some information on the current state of the society.
Some time ago, no one knew exactly how many years ago, there was a big economic collapse, one much bigger than any that came before it.
In this big event, a lot of institutions went under, including entire governments.

But the big corporations decided that they would not suffer the same fate, so they sought contact with other big corporations.
And this is how the mega corps came to be, different big corporations merged into mega corps, these were so big that they could fill towns with just the employees they had.

But the mega corps faced a new problem, looter and even professional criminals.
Since the government collapsed, they could not rely on the police, in fact, most of police stations broke up and the few that were still working were busy with protecting their own station most of the time.
Facing this dilemma, the mega corps decided to approach the different street gangs that were around, they proposed that they would give the gang members weapons and train them if they would protect the mega corps against other gangs and criminals of different kinds.

With all this happening there was a group of three mega corps that were situated close to each other.
They all took a good look what was happening and decided that it would probably work better if they were to combine their forces, since they didn't directly compete with each other anyway.
This lead them to hiring one gang to protect three mega corps; this meant that one gang had a lot of weapons and money all of a sudden, which in turn made them grow at a enormous rate.

Now this seventh job involved Philip to get a list of elders and captains of the enormous gang.
In itself it might not sound like a more daunting task than it is to infiltrate a mega corp, but for some reasons, many speculate the massive usage of designer drugs within gangs; gangs are more paranoid than mega corps and thus, much harder to infiltrate.
And then, there are also the members within those gangs who have gone insane through all the drugs abuse they did, and while mega corps could do scary things to you, it is nothing that these insane people can think of.

Any sane person would probably stop here, since the risk would be considered too big for many, but Philip decided to do it anyway, one can only guess how heavy the idea of losing his work must weigh on his shoulders.
So, Philip starts searching around the mega corp servers he has access to, looking to see what he can learn about the gang and its servers.
It takes a few days, but Philip learns quite a bit about the gang and its system so he dives into those.
Unfortunately, he learns that the gang keeps all the sensitive data on an intranet that is completely cut off from the internet.

Now this makes things worse, Philip needs to actually get out there in person and walk in their base so he can get the data.
Understandable, he contacts his contact at the mega corp he works for once more, explaining the situation and again, asking if there really is no other job he can do.
But the mega corp does not move an inch and repeats that he has to do the job, or lose everything he did for them.

Again, Philip looks at his options and just quitting is still not an acceptable option to him, so he starts preparing to go there in person.
He looks at the clothing they wear, the colors they use, the way they act, secret handshakes, anything that can help him.
It takes Philip another week but then, he finally feels confident enough that he can act like one of them.

After changing clothes to look like one of them, Philip starts traveling to the gang base.
He manages to get there without running into problems, and he even manages to look like one of them so that he can slip in without making people suspicious.
Once inside, Philip walks around for a while, looking around the place and even admiring the many murals and graffiti that is all over the walls and ceiling to honor fallen members and to mark big events.

After some time, Philip manages to find the computer section of the base where he should be able to use a computer to retrieve the files he needs.
He has the luck that he spots an empty computer in a corner when he walks in so that he does not have to stand around and search for a computer.
After he sits down and has the computer running he inserts a small chip without anyone noticing and start working his magic on the intranet.

Several people were eying him for a while but lucky none of them decided to do anything with it, so he managed to do what he wanted without too much problems.
On the intranet itself, he managed to find the data he wanted pretty quickly, and he started copying it to the chip he entered into the computer he was working on.
After it was done, he quickly removed the chip and hid it on his body and started cleaning up his tracks.

Now, I guess you would expect Philip to get caught but somehow he actually managed to make it out the front door with the data on him, something which would amaze a lot of people.
But in all the excitement, he forgot to change his clothes while he was traveling back to his home.
And then Philip's luck ran out and he was spotted by a group of members from a different gang, whom in turn thought he belonged to the other gang.
You won't run into a gang member walking around alone soon so they knew right away that they had to capture him, and so they started running towards Philip.

Philip was wondering why they were running in his general direction, until he realized that he still looked like a gang member.
So in a desperate bid to get away Philip ran across the street so he could disappear in an alley and hopefully lose them.
But, to everyone's horror, just before he made it to the other side he was hit by a car that came speeding around the corner.

Philip was not dead, but everyone could clearly see that he wouldn't live much longer.
The gang members finally reached him to see his condition and they also recognized that there wasn't anything anyone could do.
They did spot a small chip next to his body, and when they picked it up Philip uttered his last words.

"I just wanted to try the good life".

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