Nightmare of Four Warriors

(Omi and Chase are in a Xiaolin Showdown for the Nightmare Scepter, Omi wagers the Golden Tiger Claws and Chase wagers the Flute of Vorocha, the game is Destroy the rocks to reveal the Scepter. So far Chase is making mincemeat out of Omi, since Chase has the Flute to break the rocks with the screeching sound it produces, and Omi is getting sore hands.)

Kimiko: Come on, Omi. Just think they're Raimundo on training courses!

Raimundo: I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.

Clay: Yah gotta give the lizard credit; he's chopping those rocks down like a world-champion melon masher smashing melons.

(Raimundo and Kimiko stared at him and continued cheering.)

Chase: What's wrong? The showdown too much? You can always surrender...

Omi: Think again, Chase Young. I will not surrender the Nightmare Scepter to the likes of you.

Chase: Have it your way! Flute of Vorocha!

(He destroyed the mass amount of rocks with the screeching sound of the Flute, but still nothing. Omi continued to smash through his pile, only to massage his hands.)

Chase: Flute of Vorocha!

(He destroyed another massive pile and there it was, the Nightmare Scepter. Chase made a run for the Shen Gong Wu but Omi was not out yet.)

Omi: Golden Tiger Claws!

(He slashed a portal in mid-air and hopped inside it. Chase knew where he was going and timed his exit carefully.)

Chase: Flute of Vorocha!

(Omi's portal opened and was inches away from the Nightmare Scepter, but he closed his ears to cover the screeching sounds of the Flute at full blast. Chase then approached the Scepter.)

Kimiko: Come on, Omi! Get up!

Raimundo: It's right in front of you, dude!

Clay: Come on, partner!

(But it was too late; Chase had grabbed the Scepter, ending the showdown. The others were going to tend to him.)

Omi: Oh, how my failure gets me up.

Clay: Get you down, partner.

Kimiko: its okay, you were doing well until Chase got to you.

Raimundo: Yeah, it's not as if the Nightmare Scepter could rule the world, could it?

(They all hopped onto Dojo, but as they were flying off, Chase remained where he was with Wuya.)

Chase: The young monk grows weak at the sight of his friends at danger.

Wuya: What do you mean? I didn't see the cheese ball say anything of his friends. Nor did I hear it.

Chase: When I used the Flute of Vorocha, I used it so only Omi could hear its true sound, the sound of his dying friends.

Wuya: And everyone else could hear screeching, right?

Chase: Yes. This will be the young one's most challenging times.

Wuya: You have a plan? Huh, huh?

Chase: At the moment, no. But be patient, I will have a plan momentarily.

(Back at the Temple, The Warriors were training with each other; Kimiko was facing Clay, while Raimundo faced a down Omi.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(Kimiko let out a burst of fire that blinded everyone on its sight.)

Raimundo: Whoa, girl. You burn like the sun.

Kimiko: Sorry, guys.

(Then Dojo rushed in.)

Clay: What's the rush, Dojo? A new Wu.

Dojo: Sorry, cowpoke, not this time. Master Fung has an announcement to make. Come quick.

(The Warriors gathered together. Master Fung was about to start but he noticed Omi was still down.)

Master Fung: Is anything the matter, young monk?

Clay: The little partner's still down after getting his butt handed to him by Chase in a showdown.

Master Fung: Ah, but young Omi. Chase Young is a master of darkness and evil; he is potentially far stronger than you. So it is not all rain clouds and thunderstorms if you lose to him.

Kimiko: Yeah, I only scraped those victories against him.

Omi: I predict you are correct.

Master Fung: Now, I will be going on an important trip for the next week. All Masters or higher must attend with their dragons. I'm afraid I cannot take you and cannot tell you what the trip is all about.

Raimundo: Did you say for the next week?

Master Fung: Certainly, Raimundo. Why?

(Clay, Raimundo and Kimiko exchanged glances.)

Kimiko: Er... how will we know if a new Shen Gong Wu is active without Dojo?

Master Fung: I assure you, Kimiko. No Shen Gong Wu will reveal itself during this time. While I am gone, here is the list of chores you must do.

(He pulled out a long list of chores they needed to do.)

Raimundo: Ouch.

Omi: What about meal times? We can't do all that while starving.

Clay: Well ah can roast us up a mighty fine breakfast.

Raimundo: I can make lunch.

Kimiko: Dinner's up to me.

Raimundo: Omi can help yah.

Master Fung: Now that that is out of the road, I must depart immediately. Farewell, until next week.

Dojo: You guys be good now, yah hear!

(He re-sized and carried Master Fung across the mountains. When they were gone, Clay, Raimundo and Kimiko gave a huge cheer.)

Omi: Why is everyone so happy of Master Fung's departure?

Kimiko: I'll tell yah, it's Halloween in two days.

Omi: Halloween? What is so hallowed about an een?

Raimundo: No, it's a holiday. It's a time when spooooky ghost stuff, becomes fun.

Clay: Bobbing for apples, jack-o-lantern making and mah favorite, ghost stories.

Omi: Sounds exciting. Although you may want to teach me a couple of things about Hallowed Een games.

Clay: All that an' many more'll come to yah on thirty first of October, partner.

(At dinner, Kimiko and Omi were dressed in an apron and chefs hat and served up a whole selection of foods to eat.)

Kimiko: Bon appetite.

Raimundo: Whoa, we should mark you to make dinner all the time.

Kimiko: Okay, we should start planning on this small party.

Clay: Yeah, party of four'll be a lot fun.

Raimundo: Okay, first we play bobbing for apples that'll be fun.

(Kimiko marked it down on her PDA.)

Kimiko: Next, we go for a jack-o-lantern carving competition.

Clay: And we round off the day with a few (spooky-like.) Ghost story competition.

(Omi yelped and hid under the table.)

Kimiko: (Supportively.) Calm down, Omi.

Raimundo: Yeah, you can't chicken out on us now. This'll be the first Halloween you'll be getting with us.

Clay: Yeah, we did have other Halloweens but Master Fung was pre-occupied with training.

Kimiko: So enjoy it, while it lasts.

Omi: For my friends, I will have to say yes.

(But while they were discussing they're plans. Chase Young's crows was watching, and Chase seen the conversation.)

Wuya: Ah, Halloween. What's Halloween without me?

Chase: Did you detect the fear in Omi's voice just there?

Wuya: Yes, hmph, obviously the boy's a coward at a little Halloween parties.

Chase: And I have something that will turn his fears into reality.

Wuya: What, what? Spill it, man!

Chase: All will be revealed in two days.

Wuya: How come everything is always two days?

(The morning of the big event, Clay served up stalks of bacon, toast and sausages. He was also wearing an apron saying "Kiss the cowboy")

Clay: Enjoy the meals, partners.

Kimiko: Omi, you've been very quiet these past days. Are you okay?

Omi: Oh yes, Kimiko. I could not feel better.

Raimundo: Hey cheer up, Omi. It's Halloween, what can happen?

Clay: Yer, the ghouls here are all just fake and make-believe, like fairies.

Omi: You are right. I shall show my true bravery colors tonight.

Raimundo: You don't need courage in Halloween, dude.

Kimiko: But before we celebrate we better do these stalk load of chores.

Raimundo: Master Fung still away?

(Clay caught on at what he was meaning.)

Clay: Oh yes, partner. Ah believe so.

(Kimiko also caught on.)

Kimiko: It'll take us half the time to do it.

Omi: What are you all talking about?

Raimundo: Sigh we’re planning to use Shen Gong Wu to help us clean up.

Omi: Ohoho. That is a most ingenious idea. Shall we start now?

Clay: Maght as well.

(They went outside the vault, but when Raimundo was about to open the doors. He merely banged into it.)

Clay: Hey, what's up?

(Raimundo peered through the doors.)

Raimundo: Sigh Yup, he's locked it.

(They all gave a sigh.)

Kimiko: Now we're going to have to do it the old fashioned way.

Omi: The old fashioned way? I do not see any problems with fashion that is old.

Raimundo: She means we're gonna have to do the chores without any Wu.

(Omi let out a loud scream at that. Chase Young was yet again watching in his Lair, trying desperately to ignore Wuya.)

Wuya: Oh how I love Halloween, don't you Chase? Because I do.

Chase: Be quiet a moment. It appears the monks have discovered something.

Wuya: Candy apples?

Chase: Sigh No! That Master Fung locked their Shen Gong Wu doors. Meaning they'll be incapable of using Shen Gong Wu during this time.

Wuya: WHAT, then how are we meant to get it, if it's locked?

Chase: Wuya, you're an evil Heylin Witch, use your initiative. Yet I fear those magical gadgets may interfere with the plans.

Wuya: So when do we start!

Chase: Tonight, after their celebrations.

(That night, Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay had got together.)

Kimiko: Okay, it's bobbing for apples. Clay, you know what to do.

Clay: Sure do, little lady. Wudai Crater Earth!

(He made a giant hole in the ground.)

Kimiko: Omi, care to fill that hole with water?

Omi: Why of course, Kimiko. Wudai Neptune Water!

(He filled up the hole with water.)

Omi: Now what?

(Raimundo had brought a huge barrel of apples and loaded them inside the water.)

Raimundo: The aim of the game is to go underwater and try and bite an apple.

Clay: It was originally meant to be in a bowl or a barrel. But a hole is mighty fine too.

Omi: This Hallowed Een does not seem that bad after all.

(Omi jumped in, and rose from underwater trying to get an apple.)

Raimundo: Save some for me, little man!

(Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay all jumped in trying to bite an apple. Omi then caught an apple, then Raimundo.)

Raimundo: 1-1-0-0. Keep up.

(It was a frenzy of diving up and trying to bite the apples. When it was all over, they counted how much apples they got.)

Kimiko: I got 18.

Clay: 23 fer me.

Omi: I am counting 25.

Raimundo: Er... not as good as mine. 45. (Showing them a huge pile of apples.)

Kimiko: Oh you think you're so smart. Then try eating them!

Raimundo: My pleasure o' girl of fire. Wudai Star Wind!

(He lifted all the apples, and blow them all into his mouth. Omi, Kimiko and Clay stood there gob smacked. When he had finished he let out a tremendous burp and went to Kimiko.)

Raimundo: Happy enough?

Kimiko: Oh, you may have one the battle. But the wars yet to begin!

Omi: What war?

Clay: Oh it'll be a war in the Jack-o-lantern carving.

(Yet again Chase was watching.)

Wuya: Oh oh, Jack-o-lanterns. I love that game.

Chase: Sigh

(The Warriors brought out a table and four pumpkins.)

Omi: What is required in this...mischievous game?

Kimiko: Follow my lead.

(Kimiko took out a knife and started doing stuff on it. Omi couldn't tell.)

Omi: What is she doing?

Clay: You'll see, little buckaroo.

(When Kimiko was finished, Omi gave a small yelp, as the Jack-o-lantern was a shape of a skeleton and was too scary for Omi.)

Kimiko: Calm down, Omi. Look it's just a lantern. Sorta like the Sun Chi Lantern, only a pumpkin and not a Wu.

Omi: Sorry for that. I shall begin my Jack-a-lantern

(Clay had carved his in a shape of a cowboy, with a ten gallon hat for a lid. Raimundo had carved his in the shape of Omi, even with the nine dots on his head. They could not help to laugh, even Omi.)

Omi: Oh very good competition, but your eyes will bedazzle when you see mine.

(Omi had carved his in the shape of Jack Spicer, even with the goggles and freaky hair style. Everyone was chocking with laughter.)

Clay: Ah think the little partner's won.

(Omi gave a big smile, and over at Chase's Lair. Even Wuya was killing herself laughing, and Chase couldn't help to have a little snigger.)

Clay: Now for the grand finale.

Raimundo and Kimiko: Ghost stories.

(Omi quivered and all of them sat on the ground, to listen to Raimundo's story. Already half way and Omi was literally clutching Kimiko's robes in fright.)

Raimundo: (Slow and scary) Then, the fearless explorers didn't realize that the blood sucking vampire was right next to them. The foul beast grabbed the short one and SUCKED its blood out leaving him for dead in the middle of the cold dark corridor, only to be devoured by his pet vampire bats!


Clay: Omi, Omi. It's all fake.

Omi: T...t...too s...s...scary.

Raimundo: What! But this is just half way past it; the scary stuff hasn't started yet.

(Omi sat all the way through the frightening story literally hugging Kimiko in fright.)

Raimundo: And although the fearless explorers discovered the beast's weakness to expose it to sunlight, you could still hear the vampire's mooning call in the dead of night. The end.

(Kimiko and Clay clapped at the climax and Raimundo took his place beside Omi and Clay.)

Omi: it over?

Clay: Well Rai's stories finished, now fer mah story.

(Clay had tooken Raimundo's place in the story-teller's seat. And yet again, half way past, Omi was cuddling in with both Raimundo and Kimiko in fear.)

Clay: And then, Billy was running down the endless forest, separated from his friends, running from the beast. He hid behind a tree, luminated bah the moonlight's eternal glow. When he sunk in the tree's trunk, that's when he seen it. The caretaker's face, but it wasn't the old wrinkled face like it was, but it was in fact, partners...a werewolf's!

(Omi let out a huge yelp again and immediately resumed listening to the story right up to the end, clutching both Raimundo and Kimiko.)

Clay: Then with one final attempt, he loaded the shotgun with silver bullets and shot the werewolf down before it devoured Tom. And with that they departed, never to return to Wolf Valley.

(Raimundo and Kimiko clapped. While Omi remained immobile.)

Kimiko: Okay, it's my turn. Prepare to be scared out of your skin.

Omi: I do not want to be scared out of my skin!

Kimiko: Don't worry, Omi. I'm sure you won’t get scared.

(Half way past Kimiko's story, trying to keep it as unscary as possible, Omi was nonetheless scared.)

Kimiko: And then, when the gang had taken camp in the pyramid, away from the haunting mummy, they felt rumbling, like a drum. Then out of nowhere came an entire army of zombies, coming from the ground and eating two members of the gang.

Raimundo: Ooooh, that's some creepy stuff there, Kimiko. Huh.

(They all stared at Omi who was now shaking in fear.)

Clay: Um, little partner? Are you okay?

Omi: Fine...fine. I could not feel better in Kimiko's terrific tale.

Kimiko: Yah sure, Omi? Because some people back home still find this story scary.

Omi: Of course. Please continue your very spooky story, if you please.

Kimiko: All right, but stop me if it gets too scary for yah.

(She continued the rest of the story; even Raimundo and Clay were a bit spooked. But there fear combined didn't match up to Omi's.)

Kimiko: Then when Mike spoke the ancient ritual text, the mummy became weakened and Joey took the ancient dagger and stabbed the mummy in the heart, killing it, along with all the zombies. The end.

(Raimundo and Clay clapped like mad, Raimundo even gave a whistle. Then Kimiko checked the time on her PDA.)

Kimiko: Wow, is it really one o' clock? We only started at nine.

Clay: Quite spooky how time flies when you're having fun.

Raimundo: Yawn Well... time's not the only one that's flying. I'm flying off to bed.

Kimiko: Wait, check out Omi.

(They noticed Omi was still in the same position as before.)

Raimundo: Yo, bro. Snap out of it.

Clay: Reckon the little buckaroo needs his sleep; it ain't healthy for a little guy ter stay up this late.

Raimundo: Okay, Omi. Up yah get.

(Raimundo hoisted Omi onto his shoulders and carried him to his bed, and put the covers over him.)

Clay: Poor little tyke.

Kimiko: Hope he doesn't have nightmares.

Raimundo: Yawn Well good night, guys. See yah in the morning.

(Then back at Chase's Lair, Chase got up from his throne.)

Chase: The time is now. Wuya! We must leave immediately! Wuya!

(But Wuya was cowering away in a corner.)

Wuya: Kimiko's story scared the pants off of me.

Chase: You won't have any pants left, if you don't hurry up!

(While everyone was sleeping, Omi was shaking and rolling in his sleep. He was having a nightmare from the others' stories. Then in the shadows, Chase Young was watching. Then all of a sudden Omi awoke with a loud scream and dashed right to Kimiko's room.)

Omi: Kimiko, Kimiko. Wake up.

Kimiko: Yawn What's wrong, Omi?

Omi: The monsters in your tale, they are here, here in this temple.

Kimiko: Awwww. You had a nightmare. I knew we overdid it, but not this much.

(Then both of them heard a crash and then a yelp, the voice was Clay.)

Omi and Kimiko: Clay!

(Kimiko slipped her slippers on and ran to Clay's bed, but he was nowhere in sight.)

Omi: Clay, if this is a practical joke, I AM SCARED NOW!

Kimiko: Hm, could be a Raimundo prank.

(They went over to Raimundo's room, but he was sleeping like a baby.)

Omi: It could not have been him, as he is sleeping like a stump.

Kimiko: Sleeping like a log, Omi. And Raimundo could be pretending to sleep.

(They then heard Raimundo talking.)

Raimundo: Ugh... Wudai Neptune...Fire. Ugh... My mistake... Wudai Crater...Water.

(Omi and Kimiko looked at each other.)

Omi and Kimiko: He's asleep.

Kimiko: Er... Raimundo?

Raimundo: Wha'...wha'. Omi? Kimiko? Yawn What's for breakfast?

Kimiko: It's not morning yet. Clay's missing.

Raimundo: Knowing him, he's probably on a midnight snack, my guesses he's getting a double triple cowboy ham sandwich. If yah see him, tell him to clean his mess up.


Raimundo: What? What? Oh okay, but if this is a false alarm, I’m getting an extra hour in bed.

(They explored the kitchen, but it was exactly the way it was left when they cleaned it.)

Raimundo: Okay, Clay's not here. Got any suggestions where he is?

Omi: Maybe the monsters got him!

Kimiko: (Supportively.) Omi, the monsters in our stories weren't real. There just as real as the tooth fairy.

Omi: The tooth fairies not real!

Raimundo: Hey guys, check this out.

(He lead Omi and Kimiko outside and on the ground was three sharp looking claw marks.)

Kimiko: How did that get there? We're the only ones in this entire place, and we haven't separated in a long time.

Raimundo: (Cowardly.) I...i...I believe the thing that makes that claw marks...IS STILL HERE!

(He pointed to the roof, and both Omi and Kimiko were shocked to see a huge dog-like animal. Raimundo knew what it was, a werewolf. They all dashed towards the kitchen and barricaded the doors.)

Kimiko: How... is this possible?

Omi: You said werewolves weren't real.

Kimiko: They aren't. Someone must be playing a joke.

Raimundo: I don't think it's the same person! Look!

(A bat flew into the window and morphed into an evil looking man with red eyes and long pointy teeth.)

Kimiko and Raimundo: VAMPIRE!

(The three ran towards their rooms and hid in Raimundo's wardrobe.)

Raimundo: A werewolf is one thing, but a vampire!

Kimiko: Wait, Omi, you said you had a nightmare didn't you?

Omi: I believe so.

Kimiko: What else did you see besides werewolves and vampires?

Omi: I also saw...

(But the ground beneath them started shaking and it burst through Raimundo's wardrobe to reveal zombies.)

Raimundo: ZOMBIES! Come on get out.

(They burst out of the wardrobe only to encounter when leaving, another zombie except with bandages all over it. A mummy. Leaving the three of them cornered between a mummy and a bunch of zombies.)

Omi: What do we do!

Kimiko: Oh I think I know one.

(She did a sign to Raimundo and Omi, mainly stroking her chin. Raimundo knew what that meant.)

Raimundo: Don't think that'll work, Kim. Why not try...

(He too did a sign which he did a thumbs-up and raised his eyebrows.)

Kimiko: That could work, but we don't have any weapons, just ourselves and our pajamas.

Raimundo: True.

Kimiko: Ah. Why not...

(She put on a cuddly face and blinked three times.)

Raimundo: Yeah, that could work.

Omi: What can?

Raimundo: Wudai Triangle Crossfire, that's what.

Omi: But we can only use it once in 24 hours. We should only use it in emergencies.

Kimiko: I think this qualifies as an emergency.

All: Wudai Triangle Crossfire!

(Raimundo lifted Omi and Kimiko each with one hand while Omi and Kimiko held their hands together to form a triangle shape.)

Raimundo: Ready!

Omi and Kimiko: Yeah!

All: FIRE!

(A red, blue and white glow appeared within the formation and fired a triangular beam at the mummy and zombies. When it was all cleared the zombies had huge chunks of themselves cut off and the mummy's bandages were all burnt. Omi ran like mad past them all, with Raimundo and Kimiko running ahead. They stopped outside.)

Omi: That was the first time ever we did that.

Raimundo: Yeah, but that should buy us some time.

Kimiko: Okay, we got four big undead creeps roaming all over the Temple.

Raimundo: Yeah, so what now?

Omi: You were questioning me about the dream. Would that have something to do with it?

Kimiko: Wait. Oh, wait. No, I think I’ve got it.

Raimundo: What is it?

Kimiko: But first we need to get to the Shen Gong Wu Scroll.

(Kimiko was about to run but fell to the ground with a clatter.)

Omi: What's wrong?

Kimiko: I think Wudai Triangle Crossfire, tired me out.

Raimundo: Well come on. We have to get to the Scroll fast!

(He hoisted Kimiko onto his shoulders while Kimiko was bright red. He lifted Omi and used his wind powers to glide over to the direction of the Scroll. When they arrived, they immediately skimmed and scanned the Scroll.)

Kimiko: I found it. Here's the problem.

Omi: The Nightmare Scepter?

Kimiko: Read it.

Omi: Whoever is in possession of this Shen Gong Wu can see into ones dream, and possibly bring them to life.

Raimundo: Oh dear.

Kimiko: That's right. And guess who has the Nightmare Scepter?

Raimundo: Chase Young.

Omi: But what is the purpose of his plot?

Kimiko: Dunno, but whatever he's planning, he's got Clay right in the midst of it all.

Raimundo: So what now? No Shen Gong Wu, no elemental Shen Gong Wu, no Wudai Weapons, Kimiko's tired out, and we're in the middle of our pajamas and slippers. What have we got?

(They heard a howl and a crash.)

Kimiko: Four ghouls ready to make us like them!

(They ran outside with Kimiko getting helped by Omi and Raimundo, to find that the ghouls have found them. Raimundo was waiting for Omi to say his lines.)

Raimundo: (Whispering.) Omi, your lines are, stop fearsome ghouls, or suffer a humiliating defeat. Any time you're ready kid.

Kimiko: No good, Rai. He's frozen solid.

Raimundo: Looks like I’m on my own. Haaah! Wudai Star Wind!

(He jumped up and blew all the ghouls to a wall, all the zombies fell into tiny pieces, but the zombies merely reattached their lost limbs. And the werewolf only shook off its pain, and then the werewolf ran past Raimundo going for the petrified Omi.)

Raimundo: Omi! Don't let it bite you!

(But Omi stood there trembling while the werewolf was running to him. The werewolf then jumped up, Omi flinched and covered himself. And the werewolf had prepared his teeth for his tender skin.)

(Omi stood there frozen, waiting for the werewolf to sink it's fangs into his skin, but he looked up to see the werewolf in mid-air getting lifted up by Kimiko.)

Kimiko: Don't you dare hurt Omi!

Omi: Kimiko, I thought you were tired out.

Kimiko: I'm not tired out to save my friends.

(Kimiko then kicked the werewolf to a wall, and then she repeatedly kicked the wolf in the stomach countless times. And with one final kick, she blew the werewolf past the walls. She then moved on to the zombies which were on the move for her. But then Raimundo interfered, fighting both the vampire and the zombies.)

Raimundo: Got your back!

(He punched a zombie's head clean off. But it yet again walked over and put the decapitated head back to its rightful place.)

Kimiko: How can we stop the undead?

(But then the mummy made it's move by using it's bandages to bind Raimundo and Kimiko's arms together.)

Omi: No!

(The vampire intervened Omi.)

Vampire: (Transylvanian accent.) Do not move, young one. Your blood is fresh; you wouldn't want to waste it.

Omi: Please release them, blood sucking fiend.

Vampire: We will, once you surrender yourself to our master.

Raimundo and Kimiko: No, don't do it.

Vampire: I can obviously tell you are planning to say no. Then so be it.

(He snapped his fingers and the werewolf got back up. And was about to go for Kimiko and Raimundo.)

Omi: No, wait. Alright. I surrender.

Vampire: Very good.

(The mummy then binded Omi up and the zombies carried the three captive Warriors to the Training grounds. Omi could see Chase and Wuya standing at the entrance, and on one of the walls was Clay tied to it. The zombies then tied Raimundo and Kimiko to the wall, but they left Omi be.)

Omi: Are you not capturing me?

Chase: Hehehe, I decided to make this interesting. I challenge you Omi to a small contest. Defeat all four ghouls and you can get your friends back.

Clay: Hey don't do it little partner. Those things are way outta your league.

Omi: I accept your challenge. But what if I lose?

Chase: Then we are free to take your Shen Gong Wu.

All: WHAT!

Chase: You can always back down.

Omi: No, I will fight your fiends.

(Omi nervously took his place in the vast space the Temple had, with all four ghouls ready to attack.)

Omi's thoughts: Clay has a point, they are undefeatable. And my friends are counting on me to defeat them. But how?

(And without warning, the four ghouls rushed at Omi. He blocked the vampire and the zombie’s attacks. The mummy tried to bind up Omi, but he jumped back and avoided it. Then the werewolf was about to bite Omi's shoulder, but he grabbed onto his jaw and kicked it away.)

Omi: I only hope this idea works. Wudai Neptune Ice Tornado!

(He span in a tornado and thick icicles blasted out and hit all the ghouls, stabbing them right through the bodies.)

Raimundo: Way to go, Omi!

Clay: That's what I call a hole in one!

Wuya: Hmph, some idea this turned out to be. The ghouls are now shish kabob.

Chase: I wouldn't place down my money when the horse is in first place.

(Wuya and the Warriors looked at him indifferently.)

Chase: Sigh I can obviously tell you’re a bunch of simpletons. The ghouls are not dead. Look!

(Chase was right; the werewolf merely removed its icicles and howled to the moon. The others did the same.)

Raimundo: No way!

Omi: How can this be possible? That was my ultimate attack! These fiends appear to have no weaknesses.

Omi's thoughts: Wait! All the monsters have weaknesses. Oh, but I was too afraid to listen. Okay, Omi think. What are vampires most vulnerable to? Wait!

(He thought of Raimundo's story, when he said that the weakness of vampires were sunlight.)

Omi's thoughts: SUNLIGHT that is it! But sunrise does not start for another four hours, and I will not last that long.

(He jumped up and knocked a zombie down and then punched the mummy in the side of the head. Still thinking, he tried to think of a way to make the sun rise faster, but then, he realized he didn't need the sun, but Kimiko. As he remembers in his memories.)

Raimundo memory: Whoa, girl. You burn like the sun.

Omi: Kimiko! Lend me your powers of fire! Hurry!

Kimiko: What! Okay, Wudai Mars Fire!

(Through her tied up self, she fired a ball of fire at Omi, but Chase Young caught it and threw it up in the air.)

Chase: You must fight this battle alone.

Omi: Hah! Thank you, Chase Young. You have done my plan for me!

Chase: What!

(The ball of fire exploded in mid-air, Omi covered his eyes. And then the vampire started to melt, and it slowly turned into vapor. It took a few seconds for the others to realize what Omi done.)

Raimundo: HE DID IT!

Kimiko: Haha! I knew you can do it!

Chase: Don't get your hopes up; you still have three more ghouls to face.

Raimundo: Okay, Omi's obviously finding they're weak spots, but what's a mummy's? Kimiko you told the story, what is it?

Kimiko: Read ancient Egyptian text and stab it with a holy dagger.

Clay: I highly doubt the little partner can read ancient Egyptian text.

Raimundo: And I don't see a holy dagger in sight.

Kimiko: Well, we all know if he beats the mummy, he beats the zombies. Omi! Beat the mummy to beat the zombies!

Raimundo: But we dunno the mummy's weakness.

Omi: No need to. Oh mummy, try tangling me up, if you dare.

(The mummy wrapped Omi's arms up.)

Kimiko: What's he doing!

Clay: My guess, a suicide attempt.

Omi: Do not count you're chickens before they hatch. Tornado Strike!

(He span continuously, and so did the mummy. And as he was spinning the mummy's bandages were getting transferred to him. When it was finally over, all that was left from the mummy was the skull that was covered in bandages. And Omi simply removed the bandages from himself, and watched al the zombies fall down like dominoes.)

Kimiko: (Whispering.) Whoa, he did it! (Shouting.) He actually did it!

Clay: Way ter go, partner!

Omi: But we are not in the jungle just yet.

Raimundo: That's we are not out of the woods yet, Omi.

Omi: Yes, because we still have the worst ghoul of all.

(The werewolf howled in front of Omi.)

Kimiko: Clay, you told the story of the werewolf, what's it's weakness?

Clay: Silver, little lady. But we got less silver than a dried up silver mine.

Raimundo: Hold on, the werewolf get's it's power from the full moon, right?

Clay: Reckon so.

Raimundo: What if Omi were to block out the moon?

Kimiko: I guess it'll be vulnerable. Yah hear that, Omi? Block out the moonlight.

Omi: And how do you think I should do that!

Clay: Yup, we're stumped.

Raimundo: If we had Shen Gong Wu maybe it would help.

(But then by Chase, Wuya was gone. But then a portal opened. She was using the Golden Tiger Claws. And when she emerged, she was holding a dozen Shen Gong Wu, including the Cloud of Zeus.)

Kimiko: She has the Cloud of Zeus!

Clay: Just the bronco we're looking for.

(Omi then jumped up and kicked Wuya in the head, making her scatter the Shen Gong Wu, Omi then grabbed the Cloud of Zeus.)

Omi: Cloud of Zeus!

(He made giant lumps of clouds obscure the full moon's glow, and the werewolf was beginning to weaken.)

Raimundo: Omi, it's weakened! Finish it now!

Omi: Wudai Neptune Ice!

(He conjured large chunks of icicles that pierced the werewolf in many parts, and with one final howl, it turned into dust. Chase's mouth was left hanging open.)

Clay: Way ter kick butt, little partner!

(Chase then waved a hand at the ropes that bound the others and it released them. But then he took the Golden Tiger Claws and the stolen Shen gong Wu.)

Omi: Where do you think you are going!

Chase: Our efforts won't go un-noticed, so we're taking these Shen gong Wu.

Raimundo: Over my dead body!

(He jumped up and was about to strike, but Chase merely showed him the Sapphire Dragon and Emperor Scorpion, and wagged his finger. Which made him back off.)

Chase: But, here's a little souvenir for your impressive victory.

(He threw to them the Nightmare Scepter. And then used the Golden Tiger Claws to teleport him and Wuya back to their Lair. The others went to congratulate Omi.)

Raimundo: Ya did good, Omi.

Omi: I know, but we lost a lot of Shen Gong Wu.

Kimiko: That's okay, Omi. Least we're all safe now. And you've conquered your fears as well.

Omi: Thank you, Kimiko.

Raimundo: And besides, Master Fung would probably say: (Impersonating Master Fung.) There are no lessons of victory, but a thousand in defeat. The Shen gong Wu is merely a flotsam after the dark storm.

(Kimiko giggled at Raimundo's impersonation. 5 days later. Master Fung had returned and had punished the Warriors for the Shen Gong Wu stolen. They were in the middle of the Training Hall, scrubbing the floors, everyone mad at Raimundo.)

Raimundo: What? He's mostly like that! Usually he doesn't give a hoot when Shen Gong Wu are stolen.

Clay: Yeah, and now we got ourselves a ton load of chores ter do now.

(Then Master Fung walked in.)

Master Fung: And when you are done with the Training Hall, you three (Pointing at Raimundo, Omi and Kimiko.) can clean your rooms.

Raimundo: Clean our rooms? Since when are you so interested in our rooms?

Master Fung: Since you used Wudai Triangle Crossfire in it.

(Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo smacked their heads, while Clay was killing himself in laughter.)

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