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Somewhere in the world, an Independent Antiterrorist called The Valar interrogates an infamous violent and anarchic terrorist called The Specter, The Valar has to gain some vital information about Specter's faction before both AIU (Anti-terrorist International Unit) and other terrorists factions can take advantage of both weakness.

A computer countdown appears at the screen, two men sat on a small table, each one facing the other. The countdown shows: four days until enemy arrival

Log OneEdit

Valar Day 1, 10 hours, Morning, Interrogation with Unknown guy Alias Specter.

Valar So Specter, ready to begin our little session?

Specter With you literal man? always.

Valar You better be, I will ask you some questions about...

Specter Why in recordings you have always to do that?

Valar Costume, I get used to.

Specter Doesn't memory is to brilliant to memorize? Aren't scientists arguing that mind is the best computer ever created?

Valar Yet, we are not perfect.

Specter Oh, really?

Valar We can perfect ourselves, but not reach perfection.

Specter Oh Valar, I really enjoy our conversations, don't you hear yourself?

Valar I know what I said.

Specter There is a better way to say it: ehem... We always seek perfection, but we'll never reach it.

Luthien Valar, you are not here to talk about perfection, time is precious.

Valar Right beautiful, so let's start with question numeber 1.

Specter Show me what you got babe.

Valar From which faction are you?

Specter Hahahaha, you don't know, after all these years being both sides of the coin you and me?

Valar Forgive my naiveness Specter, but we cannot relate you with any existing faction, or organization.

Specter What is the difference between Creation and a Son?

Valar Don't you laugh at me!

Specter Ops, sorry, The Valar is a Seeerious man don't you?

Valar (I so want to punch him on the face) I am, sorry if I'm not in the mood for one of your endless philosophy speeches.

Specter And I though you were the literalist man.

Valar You so get frustrated that I win to you in every argument of this topic, you want to drive me mad?

Specter I'm reaching my goal, because each time I'm getting to know better what mad is about HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Valar Good luck with that Specter, so next question: I know of several threats against world leaders across the globe, I know that any Terrorists always seek your council, if you don't kill them first or drive them mad, so I know that you have vital information on this.

Specter Oh come on Valar, you know me better than that, you know that I will never be part of something so ordinary, that everyone does it, with or without my council.

Valar So I am right about that.

Specter Friends get to know each other through time Valar, don't you think?

Valar You really are crazy... you think we are friends?

Specter Friends always advise each other, making them to avoid terrible mistakes, this is the same thing, in a very, violent point of view...

Valar So, you really didn't wanted to do all that stuff about killing, exploding entire islands, nuking Hong Kong, reducing half of global population?

Specter UPS got me again Valar.

Valar Being Literal isn't working with you I see...

Specter Got me again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Valar This will be a long week... Well Specter, that will be all.

Specter What, leaving already?

Valar Gotta talk with my sidekick of other matters...

Specter Better matters than me uh?

Valar Well, we are not getting any progress for now, I will just reduce your food portion and wait until tomorrow, someone like you should not have any problem.

Specter Like I said before, show me what you got.

Valar So be it... END OF RECORDING.

The Screen goes off by voice command and Valar leaves, he starts to talk with Luthien about the other matters Valar said.

In this page you will understand more the surrounding universe of Night Scene's story, this is a page for readers, enjoy!


This story has less than five characters.

Main CharactersEdit

  • The Valar: Is the Protagonist of the story, and the interrogator of Specter, his worst enemy.
  • The Specter: Worst enemy of Valar and the antagonist of the story, he is interrogated by Valar.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Luthien: Is the Sidekick and medic of Valar, probably the only other member of Tolkien.
  • Lieutenant Baxter: Supervisor of the AIU military unit, this character only comes out at the end.
  • Vostrikov: A terrorist from another faction than that of Specter, this character only comes out at the end.

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