Nicholas John Raynier (Born January 9, 1950, in Los Angeles, California) is an American vocalist from Lost Land, IDeKay, Scream!, Residence of Evil, and Level of Fear and is formerly of Residence of Evil and released over twenty-five albums since 1970. Since about 2002, Raynier's fans have started periodic online petitions to have Raynier and some of his bandmates inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with no success.

Personal life Edit

Raynier is the son of Dick Raynier, an engineer at the Boeing Company's manufacturing facility in Seal Beach, California. Nick was a huge fan of legendary guitarist Duane Eddy as well as the Beach Boys. In 1965, he began a garage band with some neighborhood buddies which became the nucleus of Lost Land.

With the help of Nick's father, the teens performed for the next two summers near the then-brand-new University of California-Irvine (UCI), where the elder Raynier became an engineering professor.

Nick began attending UCI in the fall of 1969. In the fall of 1971, Nick decided to go on an around-the-world surfing tour to "follow the sun". He got as far as Miami, Florida and ended up meeting his future wife there as well as forming the band for which he is now best known, IDeKay.

While in Miami, Raynier met future Punk Hall of Fame guitarist Jeff Ashley at a party at the University of Miami. Drummer Ruben Gutierrez, the oldest son of the Ashley family maid, joined almost immediately and IDeKay was formed.

Raynier began dating Ruben's younger sister Marina (who later became an accomplished jazz vocalist in her own right) not long afterward; the pair married in 1975 and had two children: Arturo "Artie" Raynier, who became an accomplished drummer, songwriter and guitarist; and Charlie, who became the lead singer of IDeKay upon the band's revival in 2006.

Raynier and his wife Marina have been outspoken advocates of anti-poverty initiatives around the world.


Studio albumsEdit

  1. Control - 1973 from Residence of Evil
  2. Nights of Blood - 1973 from Level of Fear
  3. Lost Land - 1975 from Lost Land
  4. Home - 1975 from IDeKay
  5. Homelands - 1978 from Residence of Evil
  6. The Lost World of Life - 1978 from IDeKay
  7. Loose - 1982 from Scream!
  8. What the Fuck? - 1982 from Lost Land
  9. Level of Fear - 1982 from Level of Fear
  10. Conquistadores - 1983 from IDeKay
  11. Dark Stuff - 1984 from Death Ace (guest)
  12. Decimation - 1986 from Lambs (guest)
  13. Heartland Hell - 1986 from Lost Land
  14. African - 1987 from IDeKay
  15. Soon... - 1988 from IDeKay
  16. The End is Near - 1993 from Residence of Evil
  17. Dying Flesh - 1994 from Level of Fear
  18. Challenger - 1995 from Level of Fear
  19. Hope for the Bitches - 1995 from Lost Land
  20. No - 1999 from Residence of Evil (last album with Residence of Evil)
  21. Nightmares & Dreams - 2000 from Level of Fear
  22. Destroy it All - 2002 from Scream!
  23. Hellfire - 2005 from Scream!
  24. Captain Redfire - 2006 from Level of Fear
  25. Almost Dead - 2008 from Scream!
  26. Deadline - 2009 from Level of Fear

Solo albumsEdit

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