Supraterra map

Earth: Different ages prior to 1000 A.D and before 7000 B.C

Along all the earth a blinding light travels, and surrounding villages and cities through history, these cities are lost, from earth, but for them a journey has started

all the cities and tribes, Are taken From Earth In eurasia,Africa,America and Oceania. transported to a whole New world in which they will thrive after their arrival in the New World We'll call "Supraterra" (from the latin words Supra -above terra -earth)

this world has its own caractherisitics, weather and Gravity though Similar to those on earth


as you can see in the Phisical map above the planet has several deserts and other types of geological formations

it has 6 major Continents, it has a diameter of 12.000 (rounded obviously) the planet is instead of ours a bunch of landmasses separated from each other by sea and oceans



  1. Eurachia -Red : Similar to OTL Europe
  2. Atalantia -Yellow: Similar to OTL africa with a Forest
  3. Hiperboreos -Purple: similar to OTL a Big Greenland
  4. Mesopotamia -Green: Similar to OTL Northern america
  5. Serica-light G Similar To OTL ASIA Smaller and separated
  6. Australica - Pink: Similar To OTL australia Equivalent to Southamerica


with Several Mountain formations and Several Valley's, its the third biggest Continent in the planet with about 21,126km2 similar to Otl europe is the Natal place for the most powerful Civilizations in the planet its one of the most rich continents for its cultural and mineral resources since its earlier moments it held great Civilizations


Being the smallest continent with barely 17,828 km2 is yet much more richer than most due to the Petroleum deposits in the Several deserts of the continent and with their gold Mines in the zones of of the mountains


with most of its climate being similar to the southern britain and northern France, Its the Second Smallest continent with 18,305 and the one with the highest temperature in the northern Hemisphere, despite this harsh environment in most of the northern territories of the Continent its aswell one of the most rich in history and culture due to the mixing of the several civilizations in its territories, and its contrasts within itself, aswell for being one with a water source much more cleaner and easy to access to in its entirety than most of the the other continents aswell as being the easiest way to access to the transneptunian trade road in the ocean, with this it has remained until earlier times as the most important trading region of the world helding most of the spices and foods of the known western world and most of the knowledge of the civilized world, it has been barely populated by the Keltoi, or celts, and the Verunni ( mix of Vandals and irish Gaelics) and the Ephtalites in most of its terrains until late 7th Century AAM (Ab Adventus Mundi, since the arrival) when the Roman Republic begun the Exploration and later Colonization of the Hiperboreae Insula and even after the arrival of the Roman, most of this cultures Remained either, Romanized or Fleeing northern into the Continent, after the fall of the Roman Empire in 14th Century after several hordes invasion into the Continental empire, the empire shattered into small pieces that were either under provincial based control or Barbarian control, while this the Imperivm Romanvm Hiperboreae (Hiperboreum Roman Empire) remained until mid 17th Century when it was shattered after a civil war and Ephtalite,Keltoi, and Anglii Intrusions on the Eastern Provinces, which Formed the Empire's in a small period of time and then falled in the Hands of Gallicans, Francii and Anglii Kingdoms, with the Imperium Romanii Hiperborium Occidens remaining in the west and most of the south eastern Terrains

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