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The Novelas/Fiction wiki is where you can submit works, collaborate on works, and comment on others' works. You can read our collection, edit any story and project here, and work with other writers, whether it be Fantasy, SciFi, FanFic, or Conworld. Your contributions still belong to you legally under Multiple Licensing.

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What's New (Add an item)

  • New lengths assigned for Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories, with new Long Stories list
  • Many new stories from the Basilicus wikia are in!
  • Revised Sitenotice, with easier to reach, wider search bar
  • Many new active stories, mostly from new User:Ex Machina
  • Edittools section introduced, allowing easy insert of non-standard characters

Featured Article: One-word-at-a-time

Help! Someone stole Carrots, the favorite killer app for Windows 95, and sold illegal copies all over Asia. Bill Gates responded with a system set to eradicate the organic menace Ian Chesterton freed. However, Steve Jobs exploded because iPods began before bugs could find the cause of terrorists. Suddenly Brian, the once and future King who ruled the Maya Lenca Principality airship, Hyper-Jumped into the fire of Mordor, whistling dixie land tunes. Balloons left dangerous gumball dispensers spiraling. Oscar's cascading Klingons went toddling into Assistant Language Teachers, whose banality smells like team spirit poop. Spam viruses nanotechnology blowing C class cruisers into evil cyberspace Meanwhile, cybernetic toys were flying around a bush. They weren't doing harm to the bush creatures, however; instead, the monkey who started jumping recklessly on Fire-eyed pillbugs did. The bush was hurt, but alive.

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These are the longest stories we have. See our collection: (Stories) (Scripts) (Poems) (Interactives)

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Completed ScriptsEdit

Everything you write here can be not only freely copied, but freely altered. See Novelas:General disclaimer for a layman's version of the GFDL, the exceptions to the rule, and frequently asked questions (a must see for aspiring publishers).

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