this story is set on the aftermath of a doomsday in which the world was nearly destroyed

GX-UCS 1980

The FallEdit

The beginning of the Worlds collapse occured in 1985 when a Small asteroid hit the north atlantic causing tsunamis reaching northern and western europe and the american seabord, soon most of europe is in crisis as the nations lays in ruins. with this the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein starts his wars sooner Soon gainning all of Kuwait as there wasn't much concern in the region during the period.It also wages war against Iran Yielding a Victory although at a great cost, By 1989 he has conquered in small wars parts of Syria,Iran and all of Kuwait, forming what he refers to as the NeoBabilonian empire. the west continues its downfall as the asteroid hit cause a Pseudo-nuclear winter that ended with the collapse of the agricultural structure on the world.

After the downfall of the Kuwaiti nation and Syrian and Irani regions the Islamic nations set there differences a side
It is this what claims our victory for now With the Upcoming collapse of the western nation internal division, in many nations crisis comes closer and closer, the forcefull withdrawal of all non essencial military forces outside their relative countries returning to keep the nations stable and to decrease the spending of the nations outside.
Although the actions prove successfull to some extent, In France, England, Spain an d West Germany some states prove secessionist, Such as Brittany, the Basque Country and Lorraine while in britain there's a certain strength its by 1991 when the things end up in the same way,  Cornualles, wales, scotland and northern ireland declare independence as well as the Falklands islands, although this one as a dominion of britain.In america there where sighs of the upcoming crysis in alaska and central usa, territories that culturarally represent their own, and no longer see a point on remaining on the us

however the world still continues thriving as the damage weren't as severe as they could had been

although alot of things changed such as

  1. Iraqi Wars
  2. 2nd Greek-Turkish War
  3. 1st Balkanic War
  4. 2nd American Civil War
  5. Caucasian Uprising

Middle AgesEdit

UCS-NMD 2500

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